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Financial Independence and Retire Early

Posts about the Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) philosophy. Being Financially Independent (FI) will let you have the choice of what you want to do in your life. Financial Independence or Financial Freedom is something a lot of people are aiming for. Find how to become FI quickly. With FIRE, if you want it is possible to retire early. Of course, it requires some effort. But it may be simpler than you think!

Recent Content

Trinity Study with world stocks in 2024

Trinity Study simulations are generally done with US stocks, but would they work with international stocks? We will find out!

6 keys to avoid the pitfalls of financial independence

Dror talks about important keys and concepts to avoid the pitfalls of financial independence. We learn from his experience with early retirement.

Early retirement and social security

How can we factor social security into early retirement scenarios? Social security may be interesting, but it needs to be well planned.

Equity Glidepaths in Retirement

Changing the stock allocation over time may be interesting in retirement. Do equity glidepaths improve your retirement success?

Happily Back to work after 1 year of retirement – Dror’s Story

After one year of retirement, Dror is going back to work and building a coaching business. We catch up and see what happened!

How to sustain your capital in retirement?

Many people want to sustain their capital in retirement. But is that even possible? We can look at historical data to find out!

Can you retire early with a Robo-advisor?

Most retirement simulations assume DIY investing and low fees, but can you also retire early with a Robo-advisor and higher fees? We will find out!

How to implement the Trinity study in 2024

A guide to implement the trinity study: The decisions from the planing phase, how to invest in the second phase and how to withdraw in the last one.

What is a failsafe withdrawal rate?

A failsafe withdrawal rate is a withdrawal rate that did not fail historically. How to find them? Should we only use a failsafe withdrawal rate?

Can you retire with cash instead of bonds?

Many people plan to retire with bonds in their asset allocation. But very people think about cash? Can you use cash instead of bonds? We find out!

Retire Early: The Simple Guide – I wrote a book

I wrote a book, Retire Early: The Simple Guide, with Thomas Walke, another Swiss blogger. Our book is about the basics of early retirement.

9 Reasons to Aim for Financial Independence

Retiring is not the only reason to aim for financial independence, it's not even the first one! Here are 7 good reasons to aim for FI!