Mr and Mrs The Poor Swiss
Mr and Mrs The Poor Swiss

I’m a 30 years computer scientist, living in Switzerland. I’ve just finished my doctorate in Computer Science. I’m learning about personal finance and investing and trying to improve my finance and especially my savings rate.

I started The Poor Swiss in October 2017. The blog is still young and so is my journey to Financial Independence.

Journey to Financial Independence

My goal is to become financially independent. I don’t have a set year in mind, but I’d like to be financially independent before the age of 50. Ideally, before ;)

Every month, I’ll publish an update on how I’m doing financially. You can also follow my important numbers such as my net worth and my savings rate. These pages are updated every month.

What is this blog all about ?

I’m trying to communicate my experience on this site along the way to Fnancial Independence. The idea is to motivate myself to get better at managing my expenses and income. If I can help some of you along the way, it would be great as well!

I’ll try to share my thoughts and information about personal finance, budget, Switzerland, and such…

What makes this blog different ?

There are several things that may make this blog from all the other personal finance blogs.

  1. Basic situation I’m not a millionaire who already retired and had a 300K yearly income. I’m not very successful in finance or investing for that matter.
  2. Different perspective¬†I’m among the few Swiss (and European) bloggers, so I may have a different perspective.
  3. Follow the full journey This blog is starting from the early beginning of my finance path. This blog started a few months after I finished my Ph.D. so just before the real work starts.
  4. Transparency I’m going to share as most details as possible regarding my finance. You should be able to see the full story here!

I hope these traits will help make my blog interesting for my readers :)

Why the “The Poor Swiss” ?

Come on, everybody knows all people are rich in Switzerland…

Not really! But, if you look at net worth per capita, income per capita, Switzerland is always in the TOP 10. However, we are also in the TOP 10 of the most expensive countries in the world. And Zurich is considered the most expensive city in the world. Switzerland is also one of the countries where it is the most difficult to possess your own house. It’s also a country where many people don’t get medical treatment because they can’t afford it. The main problem is that there is a huge number of wealthy people in Switzerland, because we don’t pay a lot of taxes. This completely skews the averages. Don’t get me wrong, I love this country! However, compared to the image that most people have of Swiss people, I’m a poor swiss.


I’m not a financial advisor and not nearly an expert in investing. What I share here is my experience, not financial advices. This website is here for entertainment purpose only. What I share on this is not to be taken as financial advice. I’m not responsible, nor reliable, for any money loss or suffering one would face after reading from this blog.