Our Goals

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When I realized I was saving less and less money every month, I decided to focus on improving my personal finances. At this point, I discovered the concept of Financial Independence (FI). Before that, I had no set financial goals. I made it my main goal to become Financially Independent before the age of 50!

In order to reach my main goal, I have started to set yearly goals for my budget and other personal things. I am going to try to do that every single year. In this page, you can find out how the goals are going for the year. You can also find out the history of my goals.

I believe that having goals is very important to reach Financial Independence. It can help you stay on the right path during the entire year. Of course, you need to set good goals that motivate you. If you set goals that are too difficult, you will never be motivated to reach them. On the other hand, if you set goals that are too easy, they will be reached without having to do anything special.

Several things are very important when setting goals:

  • Goals should be ambitious. If a goal is too simple, you will not change anything to reach it and it will not help you.
  • Goals should be possible. If a goal is impossible, there is nothing you can do to reach it. It will not motivate you to reach higher
  • Goals should be measurable. You need to be able to know if a goal is reached or not. And ideally, you should be able to track progress month after month for goals.

If you have good goals, you will be more motivated to reach them! You should track your progress regularly on all your goals.

2020 Goals (as of 31/05/2020)

In 2020, I set a new set of goals. We tried to get more original and more ambitious with our set of goals this year.

Here is the current state of my 2020 Goals:

Goals as of May 2020
Goals as of May 2020

2019 Goals (as of 30/06/2019)

In 2019, I set strong new 2019 Goals. The year before, the goals were too easy and lacked originality. Moreover, some of the goals were not really well-thought. I think that my 2019 Goals are much better. This is only the second year I set clear goals for myself. But I think it is a really good exercise that everybody should do.

Since all my goals are going well, I decided to not do a mid-year review. It was not necessary. I am reviewing them month after month and that is enough for this year. I still think that an in-depth review with an action plan can be a great thing. And I am sure I will use it again in the future.

Here is the current state of my 2019 Goals:

Our Goals as of June 2019
Our Goals as of June 2019

2018 Goals

2018 is the first year I set goals, so it was a bit rough. I did not change to change any goal during the year even if some were not going to be reached. I will review my goals at the beginning of each year.

In the middle of the year, I did a mid-year review of the goals. This is a good way to assess how the goals are going to take decisions on how to improve towards completion. Finally, after the year has fully passed, I did a full review of my 2018 Goals.

Here is the final state of my 2018 Goals:

Goals as of December 2018
Goals as of December 2018