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Resources – Improve your finances

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My goal with this blog is to help you achieve your financial goals. Many people are not educated enough about money, and people in Switzerland do not talk enough about it. It is essential to learn about money so you do not have to worry about it!

For this, I have developed a few resources that can help you with your money.

Retire Early – The Simple Guide

Retire Early The Simple Guide - I wrote a bookI wrote a book about early retirement with another Swiss personal finance writer. The goal of this book is to prove all the foundations for creating your own plan towards financial independence.

Read more about Retire Early  – The Simple guide

The Cheapest Way to Manage Your Money in Switzerland

Cheapest Way Manage Your Money in SwitzerlandSwitzerland is an expensive country. There is no denying it. But that is not a reason to waste money on management fees. There are ways to manage your money for less.

To help you with that, I have written a short guide that will give you the best services to manage your money (banks, brokers, Robo-Advisors…) at the lowest costs.

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The Simple Budget Spreadsheet

The Simple Budget SpreadsheetMany people do not even track their expenses. Tracking your expenses is the best way to improve your finances. Once you start tracking your expenses, you will realize how you can spend less money and increase your savings!

To help you, I have developed a simple template in Google Sheets.

Download my free budget Google Sheets template

The Advanced Budget Spreadsheet

If you need something complete to track your expenses, I have what you need. This advanced version of my spreadsheet will let you have all your expenses in the same place and get monthly, yearly, and overall overviews of your expenses, savings, income, and savings rates.

Download my advanced Google Sheets template

Money Calculators

Example of using the FIRE calculator
Example of using the FIRE calculator

I am talking about many numbers on this blog, especially about Financial Independence. And some of these numbers are not easy to compute by yourself.

So, to help you, I have developed several calculators that will help you make decisions about your financial future.

Discover my money calculators



KPIs and Goals Spreadsheet


Every month, I track my progress and publish a summary of the results on the blog.

I track all of this (and more!) on a Google Sheets document. This spreadsheet is available for download if you are interested.

Download my KPIs and Goals Spreadsheet