Swiss Stamp Tax Duty – All you need to know

If you have been investing in Switzerland, you probably have heard about the Swiss Stamp Tax or the Swiss Stamp Duty. This Stamp Tax is a tax that is collected when you do certain transactions on the stock market.

Even though this stamp tax is really simple to understand, there is a lot of confusion about it. Therefore, I wanted to cover it in detail to dispel the confusion once and for all.

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Should you invest in gold in 2020? And how can you invest?

We have already covered many investments on this blog. But we have not yet covered gold as an investment! Most people know Gold as a metal, and a lot of people have some at home in the form of jewelry.

But not many people know that we can invest in Gold. There are several different ways of investing in Gold.

But should you invest in Gold? And how can you invest in Gold?

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April 2020 – A month at home

April 2020 is now over! That was one of the weirdest months of our life. We spent the entire month in our village, mostly at home. We only went out to buy groceries and help some of my relatives.

Fortunately, we have a large backyard, so we spent a lot of time outside. And Switzerland is not in full lockdown, so we still went out for walks. But we respected the two meters distance and almost did not talk to people. This is quite weird.

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