True Wealth 3a Review 2022: Pros & Cons

True Wealth is a Swiss Robo-advisor that allows high customization, aggressive investing, and low fees. In November 2022, True Wealth introduced support for third pillars.

Since they are an excellent Robo-advisor, I also want to check out their third pillar offer.

In this review, I will analyze the True Wealth 3a offer in detail. We will examine its fees, investment strategies, and pros and cons.

By the end of this review, you will know whether you should use True Wealth 3a.

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October 2022 – A weird month

October 2022 was a weird month with many different things. The three of us were sick for almost two weeks at the beginning of the month. We also had some family and friends events.

On top of that, we also went on a short trip which was the first for our son. And finally, we started the first significant renovation work on our house. Given that investment, we did not save any money this month.

So, let’s delve into the detail of this month.

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What should you do with a life insurance 3a?

Recently, I have talked about life insurance 3a policies and how bad they were. We have established that they have almost only disadvantages compared to an invested 3a.

So, people should not take new life insurance 3a. But what should you do if you already have one?

There are a few options about what to do with life insurance 3a. We will explore them all in this article and compare them. By the end of this article, you should know what to do about your life insurance 3a.

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The Trap of Life Insurance Third Pillar

For your third pillar, you can choose between an account at a third pillar provider or a life insurance policy. Many people (often advisors) recommend using a life insurance policy.

However, in practice, these third pillars have many disadvantages. There is no reason to use a life insurance 3a for your third pillar.

In this article, I detail the differences between a third pillar with a bank or an independent provider and a life insurance third pillar (life insurance 3a).

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Fifth year of blogging – Summary

The Poor Swiss is now five years old! It is hard to believe that it has been so long already.

The fifth year of blogging is likely the one I did the less work on the blog. It coincides with my son’s first year, with very low energy and very little sleep and time.

Considering the amount of work I did, the blog did rather well. It is still worse than a few years ago in terms of traffic. But the quality is going up, and so is the income.

This article is a retrospective of this fifth year of blogging, and I share the numbers about this blog, what went well, and what did not go well.

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September 2022 – An eventful and expensive month

September 2022 was an eventful month with many events. The main one was the one-year birthday of our son for which we made a large party. And our son also started kindergarten.

On top of that, there were also smaller events, both at home and at work. This made it an interesting month and a very tiring and expensive one.

Let’s find out all that happened to us and our finances.

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Can you retire with cash instead of bonds?

This last decade, bonds have performed poorly, especially in Europe. So, many people wonder why they should have bonds in their portfolios.

I have never owned bonds. But I still like the idea of having safe assets in my portfolio. But bonds being what they are, what do we have left? Cash is still a safe asset, even safer than bonds. However, the returns are pretty bad.

Can you retire with a portfolio of stocks and cash? Let’s find out! In this article, I redo the results of the Trinity Study, using cash instead of bonds. The results are pretty surprising!

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Spending less will not make you rich

I want to touch on an important subject today, something called the biggest lie of personal finance. You will often read success stories from people getting rich by tracking their expenses and having a budget or doing some simple things.

However, these stories often miss some critical context. In practice, you will not get rich simply by spending less. You may save more money, but this is quickly limited, especially in such an expensive country as Switzerland.

So, I want to discuss the problems with this biggest lie in personal finance.

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IBKR Global Trader Review – Simple stock trading

Many people believe that Interactive Brokers is too complicated for them to trade. So, they choose an inferior platform instead.

Well, Interactive Brokers is not that complicated, and it just became even simpler! Interactive Brokers recently introduced a new mobile app, IBKR Global Trader.

Interactive Brokers designed the IBKR Global Trader to simplify trading and reduce friction. So, in this review, we see what this new app is about and whether it holds its promises.

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