Zak vs Neon: Best Swiss digital bank account in 2020?

Zak and Neon are two good Swiss Digital bank accounts. They are both entirely digital and accessible through mobile applications.

The great thing about these bank accounts is that they are significantly cheaper than conventional bank accounts. Their low prices are what make their success. And they have some attractive features.

But which one should you choose? Which of Zak vs Neon is better for you? Let’s find out!

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The stock market and the economy: They are not the same

A lot of people are currently wondering why the stock market is going up so high. Indeed, at the same time, most world economies are in trouble. But the stock market keeps going up.

While they are sometimes correlated, the stock market is not the same as the economy. It is essential to realize that the stock market and the economy are different. So, we need to go over why the stock market is not the economy.

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What is the Best Swiss Bank in 2020?

Everybody needs a bank account. Your company (or clients) will transfer your income into a bank account. And you will need to pay your bills from your bank account. Unless you live entirely off the grid and get paid in cash, you will need a bank account. But which Swiss Bank should you choose?

There are tons of different banks. After all, Switzerland is the country of banks. However, contrary to popular belief, Swiss banks are not great!

Most Swiss banks are costly and offer poor service. You can find much cheaper and better banks in other countries. Fortunately, this is starting to improve with some new banks that try to make things move in a better direction.

Let’s see which is the Best Swiss Bank in 2020! But first, let’s start with how we can choose a bank!

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Selma 3a Review – Robo-Advisor Third Pillar

Choosing a great third pillar is very important. You will invest in this account for many years in the future. Recently, there has been a trend for Robo-Advisors. So, now there are also Robo-Advisors third pillars.

I have already talked about Selma, the Robo-Advisor. But now, I want to talk about their third pillar offer. In late 2019, Selma introduced their third pillar offer.

If you already have an account with Selma or if you like Robo-Advisors, this could be interesting for you!

So, how does the  Selma 3a account compare with the other third pillars available in Switzerland’ Let’s find out!

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What should you do after a bear market?

Depending on which index you are following, the bull market is back! It is now time to reflect on the recent bear market. If your portfolio is not yet out of the red, it does not hurt to be prepared for the next bull market.

We have already discussed the things you should do during a bear market. The most important of these things is not to panic. But when the stock market recovers, there are a few more things you can do.

It is now time to think about what happened and analyze how you have acted and reacted during these times.

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The 4 Investing Levels: Control vs Fees

Investing is very important if you want to fight inflation and get returns on your saved money. But there are many ways to invest. Some of these ways are very simple, while others are complex.

But with simplicity comes higher fees. If you want the lowest price possible, you will need to get more control, and thus complexity. You will need to find the perfect balance for your needs. Not everybody will use the same investing level.

In this article, we are going to see what I call the four levels of investing. It is essential to know what the other ways of investing are. Each of these investing levels has pros and cons.

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August 2020 – Vacations and Furnitures

It is time for my monthly update for August 2020 already! Quite a few things happened in this month. We went for a short vacation in Davos. And we started buying some furniture for the house.

On top of that, we had many smaller expenses that quickly piled up. So, this month ended up very expensive.

While it was an expensive month, it was still a good month. We had several parties with friends, and the vacation was really good.

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Cheap International Transfers with Neon

Neon recently released a new and very exciting feature when they announced their partnership with TransferWise. With this partnership, international transfers with Neon will now be cheaper and faster!

Now, when you do a transfer to another country, in another currency, Neon will route the transfer through TransferWise. So, we can profit from the very banking routing system that TransferWise uses.

With this partnership, Neon is now the cheapest (and fastest!) Swiss bank for international transfers from Switzerland! It is awe-inspiring for a bank that is less than

So, let’s see what this partnership means for Neon!

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