Here are some recommendations for products I use and I really like. I hope they can be of use to some of you as well.


Everybody needs a bank account! But there is no need to pay expensive fees for this account. In fact, you can have a totally free account with Neon. This is the digital account I would currently recommend to everybody. For more information, learn about the Best Swiss Banks.


There are not a lot of things you need for your investing. You will mainly need a broker. For this, I recommend Interactive Brokers. This may change if you want a European broker instead of a U.S. broker. You will also need to decide what to invest in. I have more information for you in my Investing Recommendations page.

Blog Hosting

If you want to have a blog, you will need to choose a blog hosting company. I personally recommend SiteGround for hosting your blog or website. You can read more about it in my Blog Hosting Recommendations page.

Credit Cards

I think that credit cards are a powerful tool. They allow you to get some money back on your purchases. Of course, you always have to pay the balance in full. Otherwise, you are asking for trouble! And you should be aware of the hidden costs such as foreign currency exchange. I personally use the Cumulus Mastercard and the Revolut debit card for my foreign purchases. You can read more about my credit card strategy if you want.


If you are serious about investing, you will probably want to read some books about it. You can learn a lot about investing by reading books. I have read many books about investing, personal finance and even minimalism. And I still plan to read even more books in the future. You can find all my reviews on my Book Recommendations page.

Disclosure: Some of the links on this page are affiliate links. We may receive a referral bonus if you sign through one of them. I am only recommending services I currently use and I really like.