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Here are some recommendations for the products I use and like. I know that many of these services can be helpful to you too!


Great Swiss Digital Bank

Neon is the best digital bank in Switzerland. And it is free!

Use the F9YMGT code to receive 10CHF for free!

Everybody needs a bank account! But there is no need to pay expensive fees for this account. You can have a free account with Neon. Neon is a good digital account I would currently recommend to everybody. To learn more, read my review of Neon.

Good Swiss Digital Bank

Zak is a good digital bank in Switzerland from Bank Cler. And it is free!

Use the JJB3HN code to receive 25CHF for free!

Some people prefer a bank that is more established than Neon. For this, Zak is a good candidate. It is also a free digital Swiss bank account, backed by Bank Cler, a large and well-established Swiss bank. For more information, read my review of Zak.

For more information on banks, learn about the Best Swiss Banks.

Blog Hosting

Best platform to start a blog

SiteGround is a great hosting provider, with very low fees. It has one of the best user ratings of all hosting providers.

If you want to have a blog, you will need to choose a blog hosting company. I recommend SiteGround for hosting your blog or website. You can read more about it on my Blog Hosting Recommendations page.

Credit Cards


Revolut offers a credit card without any fees for currency exchange. And it is entirely free!

I think that credit cards are a powerful tool. They allow you to get some money back on your purchases. Of course, you always have to pay the balance in full. Otherwise, you are asking for trouble! And you should be aware of the hidden costs such as foreign currency exchange. I use the Cumulus Mastercard and the Revolut debit card for my foreign purchases. You can read more about my credit card strategy if you want.

Another great choice for a travel card is N26. They also offer currency exchange transactions for free! And you can get some free withdrawals in Europe. N26 is a great service with a strong reputation.


N26 offers a free Euro bank account, with very low-fees foreign currency exchanges!


Best Broker for Swiss Investors
Interactive Brokers

Interactive Brokers is an outstanding broker, with extremely affordable fees! Trade U.S. security for as little as 0.5 USD!

There are not a lot of things you need for your investing. You will mainly require a broker. For this, I recommend Interactive Brokers. It may change if you want a European broker instead of a U.S. broker. You will also need to decide what to invest in.

I have more information for you on my Investing Recommendations page.



Selma is a great Swiss Robo-Advisor that will let you invest simply. It is a great way to invest in the stock market without the hassle of DIY Investing.

Robo-Advisors are a great way to invest if you are not ready (or not wanting) to invest by yourself. You will pay more in fees each year, but you will save a ton of time, and this beats not investing. You can read more about it in my review of Selma.

I have more information for you on my Investing Recommendations page.

P2P Lending

Best P2P Platform

Invest in thousands of P2P loans with Mintos, at no cost! The largest P2P Lending platform in Europe.

If you want to try P2P Lending, one of the best platforms is to start with Mintos. They have great loans with buyback guarantees and good interest rates. I have been investing with them for about a year, and I have not had any issues with them. Just do not take on too much risk and do not invest too much money. Even with a buyback guarantee, there is no investment without risks. If you want to learn more about P2P lending, I have an entire article about it.


If you are serious about investing, you will probably want to read some books about it. You can learn a lot about investing by reading books. I have read many books about investing, personal finance, and even minimalism. And I still plan to read even more books in the future.

You can find all my reviews on my Book Recommendations page.