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Investing Recommendations

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If you want your money to work, you should consider investing. However, you may need a few things before you can invest.

The Best Foreign Broker

You must choose a broker if you want to invest in shares or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs). There are many brokers available. It is essential to make a good choice regarding the broker. You have two choices, either you go with the best foreign broker or with the best Swiss broker.

You should use a foreign broker to minimize fees and access the best ETFs. You will save a lot on fees.

The best broker
Interactive Brokers
No custody fees

The broker you need to buy stocks and ETFs reliably and at extremely affordable prices. Trade U.S. stocks for as little as 0.5 USD!

  • Extremely affordable
  • Wide range of investing instruments
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Interactive Brokers is the broker I am using. IB is a well-known broker from the United States, and they have an excellent reputation. Moreover, they have very cheap fees and have an incredible offer of products to invest in. If you are interested, I wrote a post about how to open an Interactive Brokers account.

The Best Swiss Broker

Foreign brokers are cheaper, but many people prefer Swiss brokers.

Best Swiss Broker
Very affordable

Everything you need to start investing in the stock market! Open an account with Swissquote and get 100 CHF in trading credits with my code MKT_THEPOORSWISS.

  • Swiss broker
  • Easy to use
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The MKT_THEPOORSWISS code is only valid for active Swiss accounts.

Swissquote is probably the best Swiss broker for most investors. They have a good reputation and are really affordable as far as Swiss brokers go. Also, they have been here for a while and are well-established. You can read my review of Swissquote for more information.

The Best broker to start investing

Great to start investing
No account management fees

Yuh is an easy and affordable way to invest in the stock market and spend money abroad.

Use my code YUHTHEPOORSWISS to get 25 CHF in trading credits!

  • Low fees for small operations
  • Fractiona trading in stocks
Use the YUHTHEPOORSWISS code Read our review
Code only for Swiss residents.

If you are just starting and want the simplest service available, Yuh may be a good fit for you. This simple investing platform (and bank account) is easy to use and only has the bare features you need to get started. And it is also cheap for small operations and allows fractional trading. You can read my review of Yuh for more information.

The Best Third Pillar

Having a good third pillar in Switzerland is very important. You will keep your third pillar for a long time, making it the perfect account to be invested in. Many third pillars are quite expensive, so, you have to be careful.

Best Third Pillar!
Finpension 3a
Very low fees

Finpension 3a is the best third pillar in Switzerland.

Use the FEYKV5 code to get a fee credit of 25 CHF*!

*(if you deposit 1000 CHF in the first 12 months)

  • Invest 99% in stocks
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I recommend Finpension 3a as the best third pillar for long-term investing. They have the best prices in Switzerland and allow you to invest up to 99% in stocks. If you want to multiply your returns on your third pillar, this is the best choice.


If you do not want to invest yourself or are not ready to do so, you can consider Robo-Advisors.

Perfect to get started
Selma Robo Advisor
Great Robo-Advisor

Invest easily with Selma: a great way to invest in the stock market without the hassle of doing it yourself.

  • Beginner-Friendly
  • Degressive Fees
Invest easily Read my review

Selma is an excellent Robo-Advisor in Switzerland. For a reasonable fee (about 0.88% per year), you will be able to invest very simply. Send your money to Selma every month, and they will invest it according to your goals. On top of that, you will also have access to your smart personal assistant. If you want to learn more, I have written a review of Selma.

Cheapest Swiss Robo-Advisor
TrueWealth Robo-Advisor
Very affordable

TrueWealth is an excellent Swiss Robo-advisor with very affordable prices, making it the best Robo-advisor for serious investors.

  • Very customizable
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By using this link, you will pay only 0.25% fees for a year!

True Wealth is the most affordable Robo-Advisor available in Switzerland. You can invest very aggressively in the stock market with great control. You can read my review of True Wealth for more information. However, they have large minimums and require some prior knowledge. So, if you are a total beginner or want to start with lower amounts, you may want to check out another one.

If you are not ready to invest alone, investing with Robo-Advisors is a good idea.

Vested Benefits Accounts

Best vested benefits account
Finpension Vested Benefits
Vey affordable

Finpension Vested Benefits is the best account in Switzerland.

Use the FEYKV5 code to get 25 CHF in your account!

  • Invest 99% in stocks
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By using the code FEYKV5, you will get an extra 25 CHF.

In some cases in Switzerland, you can transfer your retirement assets to a vested benefits account. If you are in that case, you want to use the best vested benefits account available to you. Currently, the best account is offered by Finpension Vested Benefits. You can have a large allocation to stocks and invest at very low fees!

Stock market Investing

As for investing, I believe that everyone should do his research and decide on what suits him the most. I invest only in low-cost index funds. I think this is the best option for my long-term investment profile.

Now, if you are interested in investing, I wrote a long series of posts about various subjects of investing: All about investing. If you go through the entire set of posts, you should have a much better idea of what you want to invest in.

If you want, I also wrote a post about designing your entire portfolio from scratch. Once you have decided on your portfolio or chosen an existing portfolio, you will be ready to invest some money!

For reference, you can also check out my portfolio. Do not follow it blindly! It is just an example of a portfolio.


If you are serious about investing, you will probably want to read some books about it. You can learn a lot about investing by reading books. I have read many books about investing, personal finance, and even minimalism. And I still plan to read even more books in the future.

You can find all my reviews on my Book Recommendations page.

More Recommendations

If you want more recommendations, I have a list of the services I am recommending.