If you want your money to work, you should consider investing. However, you may need a few things before you can invest.

Best Broker

If you want to invest in shares or Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs), you will need to choose a broker. There are many different brokers available.

Interactive Brokers Interactive Brokers is an outstanding broker, with extremely affordable fees! Trade U.S. security for as little as 0.5 USD! Sign up Today! Interactive Brokers

I personally recommend Interactive Brokers as a broker. They are very well-known and they have an excellent reputation. Moreover, they have very cheap fees and have an incredible offer of products to invest in. If you are interested, I wrote a post about how to open an Interactive Brokers account.

Now, if you are in Europe, there is another option for you: DEGIRO. They are an excellent Dutch broker. They are also very cheap. The main difference is that they do not offer American shares anymore. If you plan to invest in European funds, DEGIRO may be cheaper than Interactive Brokers. On the other hand, if you want to invest in American ETFs, you should go with Interactive Brokers. I also have an article about how to open a DEGIRO account.


As for investing, I believe that everyone should do his research and decide on what suits him the most. Personally, I invest only in low-cost index funds. I believe this is the best option for my long-term investment profile.

Now, if you are interested in investing, I wrote a long series of posts about various subjects of investing: All about investing. If you go through the entire set of posts, you should have a much better idea of what you want to invest in.

If you want, I also wrote a post about designing your entire portfolio from scratch. Once you will have decided on your portfolio or chosen an existing portfolio, you will be ready to invest some money!

For reference, you can also check out my portfolio. Do not follow it blindly! It is just an example of a portfolio.