December 2020 – Moving to the new house

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December 2020 and 2020 is now behind us! And what a weird year it was. But I will reflect on this year later. Now, we can reflect on December 2020! I hope you all had a good time despite the weirdness that is going on.

In December 2020, we finally moved to our new house! This was definitely the main event of the month. And to be honest, it dwarfs the financial aspects of the month.

Our move was quite successful. We managed to get most of the moving, mounting, and unpacking in three days. We still had smaller things to do after that, but it was an efficient move.

On the money side, it was an expensive month, like every December. However, our income was good and our ordinary expenses this month were very low. So, we still ended up saving 45% of our income in December 2020!

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November 2020 – An uneventful yet expensive month

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November 2020 is over, and it was another of these 2020 months. Nothing much happened during this month because we could not see many people and several things were canceled.

At least, we are both healthy. And this was the last month before we move to the new house. We are really looking forward to that. This will keep us occupied! And this will keep our mind off this boring virus.

We still had to buy quite a few things this month for the new house. But we now have everything we need except for the summer things. We spent much more than I anticipated.

So, let’s see what happened to us in November 2020 and the state of our finances.

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October 2020 – More COVID and quarantine

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October 2020 was a weird month. The month started well with a return to almost normal in Switzerland. And we had found a new tenant for our apartment. But then, with the cold weather came a new big wave of COVID cases in Switzerland.

With this second wave, one of my family members found out he was infected a few days after we saw him. So, we had to do a 10-day quarantine again, and we actually were both infected as well. And we missed a few important social events that were planned. And the next tenant decided not to go further, so we had to start looking again.

So, it was not a great month overall.

Let’s find in detail what happened to us in October 2020.

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September 2020 – More furniture!

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It is time for my update for September 2020. It was a quiet month for us. But it was not quiet for our finances.

We continued to shop for furniture for the new house. We once again spent a lot of money on that category this month. And we also several smaller expenses that added up to our budget.

We still managed to save money this month. But we did not save nearly as much as we usually try to save.

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August 2020 – Vacations and Furnitures

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It is time for my monthly update for August 2020 already! Quite a few things happened in this month. We went for a short vacation in Davos. And we started buying some furniture for the house.

On top of that, we had many smaller expenses that quickly piled up. So, this month ended up very expensive.

While it was an expensive month, it was still a good month. We had several parties with friends, and the vacation was really good.

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July 2020 – We are buying a house!

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We have now crossed into the second part of 2020. July 2020 went fast very quickly on our side. Life in Switzerland is starting to get back to normal for most things.

The most significant event that happened to us this month is that we signed the contract for buying a house! We finally found a house that we liked, and we were able to get it! We are delighted with that.

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May 2020 – The revenge of the taxes!

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May 2020 is over! One more month that we spent at home. Restrictions have started to get eased in Switzerland. But we still spent most of the time in our apartment.

We managed to spend very little money this month. However, we now have to pay the taxes for 2019! Given my significant increase in income last year, I did not pay enough taxes in 2019! So now, it is time for the taxes to take their revenge!

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April 2020 – A month at home

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April 2020 is now over! That was one of the weirdest months of our life. We spent the entire month in our village, mostly at home. We only went out to buy groceries and help some of my relatives.

Fortunately, we have a large backyard, so we spent a lot of time outside. And Switzerland is not in full lockdown, so we still went out for walks. But we respected the two meters distance and almost did not talk to people. This is quite weird.

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March 2020 – COVID-19 comes to Europe

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These are troubled times. In March 2020, the new coronavirus, COVID-19, made it to Europe. And now, European countries are trying to fight off the virus. Some are doing a good job, but most are not faring too well.

I hope all of you are healthy and safe in these weird times! Health is the most important thing these days.

Regardless of all this madness, it is time for another monthly update, a constant in this changing world!

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