August 2022 Update – An expensive month


August 2022 was a good month with many events for us. We also had many things to organize and take care of. While good, it was a tiring month.

Financially, it was significantly more expensive than usual because of one considerable expense. But we still managed to save about a third of our income, which is excellent.

So, let’s delve into the details of what happened in August 2022.

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July 2022 -Another hot month


July 2022 was a pretty standard month for us, at least on the financial side. It was once again a scorching month, too hot for me.

But we still managed to see friends and family and have an excellent time. Financially, we are back to a standard month and saved about 50% of our income.

So, let’s see in detail what happened to us during the hot month of July 2022.

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June 2022 – Taxes and heat


I can summarise June 2022 in two extremes: heat and taxes.

It has been too hot this month. I do not handle heat well, so it has been hard for me, especially adding on top of sleep deprivation.

As for taxes, as I expected, we did not pay enough last year. Our income increased significantly but not the prepayment. So, we are left with more than 10K taxes from last year. I was a bit surprised by the amount. I was expecting less than that.

Aside from these two points, I would say it has been a routine month. So, let’s see in detail what happened.

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May 2022 – Another month goes by


May 2022 was a good month. We had a nice time in the lovely weather. The first half of the month almost felt like summer. I even started wishing for colder temperatures (which I got in the second half of the month).

Financially, it was a good month for our savings rate. However, it was a bad month for our net worth because of the wild stock market. Even though we saved a considerable amount of money, our net worth decreased compared to last month.

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April 2022 – A good month


April 2022 was a good month. We had a few pleasant events with our friends and family. It was not very eventful, but we had time to work on a few late things, which is excellent since we have very little free time these days.

On the financial side, it was a great month with regular earnings and relatively low expenses. So, we managed to save a sizeable portion of our income again.

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March 2022 – Splurging the bonus


March 2022 was a good month, with a few pleasant events and nice weather. There were no huge events this month. And especially, there were no significant issues, which is nice. There was a great balance between events and time at home.

Financially, March 2022 was an excellent month. I have received my bonus and had no taxes to pay. On the other hand, we splurged a little on the bonus, but we still saved a lot of money this month.

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February 2022 – A good month


February was a better month than January. We did not have to deal with COVID again. And we managed to do a few things again with friends and family.

Overall, not much happened this month.

Financially, it was quite a good month. We had a good income and a few extra expenses, but nothing too expensive. So we managed to save a substantial portion of our income.

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How much we spent in 2021 – Full Expense Report


I keep track of all my expenses. And monthly, I publish an update with my expenses on this blog. But once a year, I also do a complete analysis of my costs for the past year. It helps me put things in perspective. And it also gives me an idea of where my expenses are going for an entire year.

It is an essential part of the way I manage my money. I do not have a budget, but I track all our expenses. And seeing expenses summed for an entire year help us realize how much we spend in some categories.

So, let’s see the expenses of The Poor Swiss family for 2021. Compared to our previous years, this is now for a family of 3!

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January 2022 – A poor start of the year


January 2022 did not start as well as we would have liked. We went back in quarantine after contact with somebody that turned out COVID positive, and Mrs. The Poor Swiss and Baby Poor Swiss had dome symptoms. But everybody is fine now!

We had to cancel plenty of things and refuse help when we would have needed it. This month was definitely not good for morale.

From a financial point of view, it was a great month with standard expenses and high income.

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2022 Goals and 2021 Goals Review


At the end of each year, I review my goals and plan the following year. And to keep me accountable, I publish them on this blog and follow them month after month.

I will do a single article for the review and the new goals this year. I think it is more digestible that way.

So, in this article, I will review my 2021 goals and their progress, what went well, and what did not go well. And then, I am going to show and explain my 2022 goals.

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