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April 2024 – Another expensive month

April 2024 was an expensive month, with high taxes, but we still managed to save a little of our income.

March 2024 – A weird month

March 2024 was a good financial month, with high savings and relatively low expenses. We did not do much except for usual Easter celebrations.

February 2024 – A very cheap month

February 2024 was a very cheap month with very good savings. We managed to save a very significant portion of our income.

How much we spent in 2023 – Full Expense Report

Here is exactly how much our family of three spent in 2023, every expense included! Learn from our good categories and from our bad ones!

January 2024 – A good start of the year

2024 Goals and 2023 Goals Review

We review our 2023 goals and discuss our new 2024 goals. Look at everything that happened during 2023 and our plan for 2024.

December 2023 – Expensive but nice

In December 2023, we spent a lot of money, mostly because of replacing our boiler. But it was a nice December month!

November 2023 – A rainy month

November 2023 was quite average but with a lot of rain. Not much change but financially it was a good month.

October 2023 – New heat pump boiler

In October 2023, we spent more reasonably than during previous months. Here is all that happened to us during this month.

Sixth year of blogging – Summary

The blog is now six years old. Read about everything that happened during this sixth year of blogging.

September 2023 – Finally colder but more expensive

September 2023 was finally a colder month (a great thing!). We spent too much on food and "only" saved 29% of our income as a result.

August 2023 – Too hot

The worst part about August 2023 was the extreme heat, I am glad it is over! Here is all that happened to us during this hot month!