January 2023 – A good start of the year

January 2023 was a good standard month to start the year. It was quiet, which is what we needed. And financially, it was quite good.

2023 Goals and 2022 Goals Review

Our 2023 goals are ready for the new year and we are reviewing our 2022 goals as well. Come see what we plan for 2023.

December 2022 – Glad it is over

December 2022 was a bad month overall for several reasons, but it was financially okay financially with a decent savings rate.

November 2022 – A normal month?

November 2022 turned out to be more expensive than expected, with large health bills and a food budget out of control! Find out what happened!

October 2022 – A weird month

October 2022 was mixed month, with many days being sick, large expenses, short nights, a nice trips, few nice events, ...

Fifth year of blogging – Summary

The blog is now five years old! Here is a summary of this fifth with French translation and decreasing traffic!

September 2022 – An eventful and expensive month

September 2022 was eventful, tiring and expensive. There was one major event for our son and several minor events, skyrocketing our expenses.

August 2022 Update – An expensive month

August 2022 was a very tiring yet good month. We spent significantly more than usual and had to organize many things.

July 2022 -Another hot month

July 2022 was a pretty standard month, although very hot. We saved half of our income and had a good time overall!

June 2022 – Taxes and heat

In June 2022, we could not save any money because we had to pay a ton of taxes and notary fees.

May 2022 – Another month goes by

May 2022 was a good month, but with many small expenses. We managed to save a large portion of our income.

April 2022 – A good month

April 2022 was a good month, with pleasant events with friends and family. The finances were great, with more than 70% of our income saved!