Savings Rate

Every month, I verify the status of my budget and investments. For me, one of the most important metrics is my savings rate. The savings is simply the savings divided by the income. My goal is to have an average of at least 25% of savings rate each year. I am very likely to increase this goal soon. If you want more information, you can read how the savings rate is related to Financial Independence.

In this page, you will find the history of all my savings rate since I have kept track of it. You can also find all my monthly updates in which I share the details of my expenses for each month.

Note (March 2018): I changed the way I am accounting for my life insurance, this changes a bit my savings rates.


Here is the history of my savings rate over the entire time I have kept track of this important metric:

History of savings rate over time (December 2018)
History of savings rate over time (December 2018)

You can also see the 12 month average over time. As you can see, before I started my journey towards Financial Independence, late 2017, I was not saving a lot of my income. And worse, my savings rate was decreasing over time. After I improved my finances, I was able to greatly increase my savings rate!

2018 (39.89%)

2017 (12.92%)