What should you do after a bear market?

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Depending on which index you are following, the bull market is back! It is now time to reflect on the recent bear market. If your portfolio is not yet out of the red, it does not hurt to be prepared for the next bull market.

We have already discussed the things you should do during a bear market. The most important of these things is not to panic. But when the stock market recovers, there are a few more things you can do.

It is now time to think about what happened and analyze how you have acted and reacted during these times.

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The 4 Investing Levels: Control vs Fees

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Investing is very important if you want to fight inflation and get returns on your saved money. But there are many ways to invest. Some of these ways are very simple, while others are complex.

But with simplicity comes higher fees. If you want the lowest price possible, you will need to get more control, and thus complexity. You will need to find the perfect balance for your needs. Not everybody will use the same investing level.

In this article, we are going to see what I call the four levels of investing. It is essential to know what the other ways of investing are. Each of these investing levels has pros and cons.

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Path to Independence – A Swiss Book about FIRE

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I recently learned about Path To Independence, a book about FIRE, from Switzerland! There are very few interesting books from Switzerland, so when I saw a book about FIRE from Switzerland, I had to read it!

This book is about saving more money, either by spending less or by earning more. And then, the book recommends you invest the money you can save for long-term returns.

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Frankly 3a Review: A good new third pillar from ZKB

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Frankly is a third pillar account offered by Zurcher Kantonal Bank (ZKB). It is an interesting third pillar because it allows you to invest heavily in stocks. And on top of that, the fees are quite low.

It is good to see that there are more and more alternatives for good third pillar accounts in Switzerland.

So, let’s see what exactly is Frankly and how good it is!

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You should start investing early! Here’s why!

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There are many advantages to start investing early. However, many people do not start investing until late in their careers. If you start investing early, you will see many more benefits to investing.

Investing is a long-term game. The average returns are good. But you will not see instant results. You could see a few bad years as well. If you do not give it time, you will not be able to reap all the benefits of investing.

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True Wealth Review 2020 – Cheapest Robo-Advisor

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Robo-Advisors are a good way to invest when you do not want to invest directly through a broker. They will manage your money for a fee. While more expensive than DIY investing, Robo-Advisors are significantly cheaper than an advisor from a bank.

True Wealth is a leading Robo-Advisor in Switzerland. They are the firstĀ  Robo-Advisor, started already seven years. And they are also the cheapest available in Switzerland.

I have reviewed other Robo-Advisors in the past. Now is the time to review True Wealth. I will take a look in detail at their investment models, their fees, and their security.

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Zak Review 2020: Free Bank Account from Bank Cler

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Zak is a free digital Swiss bank account from Bank Cler. It is the first fully digital bank account from Switzerland. It was launched in 2018.

Since it is a digital bank account, you can use Zak from anywhere with your smartphone.

The main feature of Zak is that it is free! For all your operations in Switzerland, you will not pay anything. Being free makes Zak very attractive.

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Should you contribute to your third pillar in 2020?

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The third pillar of retirement of Switzerland is entirely optional. Your contributions will be locked until retirement. But you will get a significant tax cut from your contributions.

So, should you contribute to your third pillar every year? Before, it was obvious to me. I have always contributed as much as I could into my third pillar. But recently, several people have asked me if they should invest the maximum every year.

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Value Investing: What is it? And should you do it?

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We have not yet talked a lot about value investing on this blog. Since I have received many questions from you about this subject, I thought it would be a good time to cover value investing on this blog.

Value investing is a form of investing where investors evaluate the value of a company to find undervalued stocks in the stock market.

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