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Investing is an essential part to building wealth. If you invest your savings in stock market or in another form of investment, you will greatly increase the speed at which your net worth increases. Below, you can find all the articles from this blog about investing. Find out about Cash, Bonds and Stocks. There are also many articles about index funds which is the instrument I am using to invest! Find out why index funds are the best way to invest right now. And also why Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are great investments.


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Recent Content

Should you use ChatGPT for your investing plan?

ChatGPT is capable of answering investing questions. So, should you rely on ChatGPT, like on a financial advisor? I asked it questions to find out.

Can you save taxes with Direct Real Estate Funds?

Direct real estate funds have some tax advantages, at least on paper. So, should you use them to save on taxes? We delve into those questions!

Saxo vs Swissquote 2024 – Which is the best Swiss broker?

Saxo and Swissquote are among the most prominent brokers in Switzerland. If you want a Swiss broker, should use Saxo vs Swissquote?

Finpension Invest Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Finpension Invest is a new Robo-advisor, by Finpension, already behind the best third pillar. So, we see how good is this new service!

What is long-term investing?

Long-term investing allows us to invest more aggressively than shorter terms. But why is that? We study many asset classes over multiple periods.

IBKR Desktop Review 2024

IBKR Desktop is the new desktop interface for trading with Interactive Brokers. I review the interface to see where it fits.

Market orders are fine in 2024

Many people are afraid of using market orders and only use limit orders. But in practice, market orders are perfectly fine in most cases.

Saxo Bank Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Saxo has significantly reduced its fees, is it good now? This in-depth review covers this broker in detail to see whether we should use it.

TradeDirect Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Review of the TradeDirect broker, introduced by the BCV. Learn all you need to know about this broker to decide whether you need it or not.

Swissquote Invest Easy Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Swissquote started a new Robo-advisor: Invest Easy. Should we use? We find out in this in-depth review, with its fees, strategy and pros and cons.

Neon vs Yuh: Best digital bank in 2024?

We must compare Neon vs Yuh, two similar Swiss digital banks with banking and investing features! We will find out which is best for your needs!

The 5 Best Short-Term Investments

Sometimes, you cannot keep your money invested for a long time. For these cases, here are the best short-term investments for your money.