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Investing is an essential part to building wealth. If you invest your savings in stock market or in another form of investment, you will greatly increase the speed at which your net worth increases. Below, you can find all the articles from this blog about investing. Find out about Cash, Bonds and Stocks. There are also many articles about index funds which is the instrument I am using to invest! Find out why index funds are the best way to invest right now. And also why Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are great investments.


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Recent Content

Yuh vs Swissquote 2024 – Best Broker in 2024

Yuh and Swissquote are two good Swiss brokers, with the same backend. Which should you use? Let's find out by comparing Yuh vs Swissquote!

Impact Investing Interview with Inyova

Inyova answers many questions about impact investing and sustainable investing! Learn from the most sustainable Swiss Robo-advisor.

Fractional Trading: Should you do it?

Fractional trading lets you fractions of a share on the stock market. This is a good way to start investing with small sums of money.

Margin Loans – Borrow money from your broker

A margin loan is a way to borrow money from your broker using your portfolio as collateral. How does it work? It is risky? We will find out!

Automate your investments with Interactive Brokers in 2024

Put your investments on auto-pilot with Interactive Brokers, in a very easy way, available to anyone! It's time to automate your investments!

Is indirect amortization really better for you?

In Switzerland, you can use direct or indirect amortization and banks will often recommend the latter, but are they telling the truth? We find out!

Should you use IB Fixed or Tiered pricing in 2024?

Interactive Brokers has two pricing models! Should you use Fixed or Tiered pricing? Let's compare these two pricing models to find the cheapest!

IBKR Global Trader Review 2024 – Simple stock trading

IBKR Global Trader is the new mobile application Interactive Brokers to make trading even simpler for everybody! Let's see how it fares!

Swissquote vs Interactive Brokers 2024

Swissquote and Interactive Brokers are great brokers for Swiss investors: which should you choose? We compare Swissquote vs Interactive Brokers in detail!

How do commission-free brokers make money?

Commission-free brokers do not charge any transaction fees! So, how do they make money? Is it too good to be true? We find out!

Trading 212 Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Trading 212 is a European broker with commission-free trading of stocks! Is that enough to make it good? We find out in this in-depth review.

Charles Schwab International Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Charles Schwab International is a US broker that lets you invest without transaction fees, but how good is it and shouly you use it? We find out!