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It is never too early to learn about retirement, even if you just started working. Indeed, it is very important to learn how retirement and early retirement work. We will all retire eventually, so learning about it makes sense.


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Inyova 3a Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Inyova 3a is a new third pillar with a strong sustainability focus. Find out all the pros and cons of this service and whether you should use it!

How to implement the Trinity study in 2024

A guide to implement the trinity study: The decisions from the planing phase, how to invest in the second phase and how to withdraw in the last one.

Vested benefits accounts: All you need to know!

Vested benefits come into play when you leave the pension fund system. This is where you keep the money in the meantime.

Pando 3a by Swiss Life Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Pando 3a is a new third pillar by Swiss Life, focusing on sustainability. Let's find out how good (or bad) it is and whether you should use it.

What is the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution?

The substitute occupational benefit institution plays an important role in Switzerland's retirement system, yet many people do not know about it!

What is a failsafe withdrawal rate?

A failsafe withdrawal rate is a withdrawal rate that did not fail historically. How to find them? Should we only use a failsafe withdrawal rate?

True Wealth 3a Review 2024: Pros & Cons

True Wealth 3a is a third pillar Robo-advisior. This review analyzes the True Wealth 3a offer: its fees, investment strategies, and pros and cons.

What should you do with a life insurance 3a?

Life insurance 3a is a poor investment for retirement. What should you do with an existing life insurance 3a? I compare 3 strategies to deal with it.

The Trap of Life Insurance Third Pillar

Life insurance third pillars are often recommended, but in practice, they have many issues. Here is why life insurance 3a are bad investments!

Can you retire with cash instead of bonds?

Many people plan to retire with bonds in their asset allocation. But very people think about cash? Can you use cash instead of bonds? We find out!

Early retiree in Switzerland – Dror’s Story

The story of Dror Allouche, an early retiree in Switzerland! See how he managed to retire early (at 46) in this expensive country!

Your retirement benefits after your death

Your retirement benefits are important for your retirement, but do you know what happens if you die before? Lets' find out!