How many years until you can retire?

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If you plan to retire early, it is important to know when you will be able to retire. We have already covered a lot of simple math about Financial Independence. But we have not yet covered how to know how long it will take you to retire (or to become Financially Independent).

In this article, we are going to cover the simple math behind Financial Independence and find out how long you will need before you can early!

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Selma 3a Review – Robo-Advisor Third Pillar

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Choosing a great third pillar is very important. You will invest in this account for many years in the future. Recently, there has been a trend for Robo-Advisors. So, now there are also Robo-Advisors third pillars.

I have already talked about Selma, the Robo-Advisor. But now, I want to talk about their third pillar offer. In late 2019, Selma introduced their third pillar offer.

If you already have an account with Selma or if you like Robo-Advisors, this could be interesting for you!

So, how does theĀ  Selma 3a account compare with the other third pillars available in Switzerland’ Let’s find out!

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Frankly 3a Review: A good new third pillar from ZKB

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Frankly is a third pillar account offered by Zurcher Kantonal Bank (ZKB). It is an interesting third pillar because it allows you to invest heavily in stocks. And on top of that, the fees are quite low.

It is good to see that there are more and more alternatives for good third pillar accounts in Switzerland.

So, let’s see what exactly is Frankly and how good it is!

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How Much Will You Spend in Retirement?

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If you want to reach Financial Independence and be able to retire, you need to know how much you are going to spend while retired. If you are retiring next year, it is straightforward to know how much you are going to spend. However, if you are going to retire in a long time, it is not trivial to estimate how much you will spend in retirement.

I have already talked about the different ways tor each Financial IndependenceĀ (FI). Regardless of which way you choose to reach FI, you will need an accurate estimation of your retirement expenses. Without this, you will not be able to know how much of the road remains.

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Should you contribute to your third pillar in 2020?

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The third pillar of retirement of Switzerland is entirely optional. Your contributions will be locked until retirement. But you will get a significant tax cut from your contributions.

So, should you contribute to your third pillar every year? Before, it was obvious to me. I have always contributed as much as I could into my third pillar. But recently, several people have asked me if they should invest the maximum every year.

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VIAC vs valuepension: Best vested benefits accounts in 2020?

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People that are between jobs in Switzerland transfer their second pillar to a vested benefits account. It is essential to choose the best vested benefits account.

There are many vested benefits account providers in Switzerland. Unfortunately, there are not many great options. So, it is crucial to choose the best account for your needs.

VIAC and valuepension are the best options available for vested benefits accounts. So, let’s see which of VIAC vs valuepension you should choose!

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VIAC Vested Benefits Review: Another great retirement account

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VIAC is an excellent company that provides the best third pillar in Switzerland. And they just entered the Vested Benefits market. It means that they can also serve the second pillar for some people. It is excellent news!

VIAC Vested Benefits account offers a large allocation to stocks at a low price. On paper, it looks great. Let’s review this account in detail now.

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valuepension Review – Great vested benefits account

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Many of you asked me about an excellent vested benefits account. Until recently, I did not know any good one. But now, I came across valuepension! valuepension offers an excellent vested benefits account.

valuepension is a vested benefits account that relies on index investing! They are using low-cost index funds and allow people to invest heavily in stocks. Their vested benefits account looks like a great account that should maximize your return on the second pillar.

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Should You Contribute to Your Second Pillar in 2020?

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In Switzerland, you can make a voluntary contribution to your second pillar. These contributions come with some tax advantages since you can deduct that from your income. Therefore, you have a return equal to your marginal tax rate. And this return is almost instant.

However, the money is then blocked into the second pillar. And the returns on that blocked money have been very low in recent years. Finally, you can only withdraw the money from your second pillar if you retire, if you buy a house or if you start a company.

One question many people ask is whether they should contribute money to their second pillar or continue investing in stocks.

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Does The 4% Rule work in a low-yield environment?

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Many people are using bonds in their portfolio to make it less volatile. And many people are basing their retirement on the 4% rule. But bond yields have never been so low. So how does the 4% rule work when yields are lower?

I am going to try to answer this question in this post. I am going to simulate the chances of success with the 4% rule with different bond returns. The idea is to lower the historical interest rate to see what would have happened.

This is only a simulation of course. But given that the recent average bond returns are much lower than historical returns, it is interesting.

This is something that many people suggested. If you have bonds in your portfolio, this is an interesting question.

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