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How to Get Swiss Driving License as a Foreigner

Find out all the steps to get a driving license if you are a foreigner. The steps are different if you already have a driving license or not.

July 2018 – Getting back up to speed

In July, we started saving more money again and went on a nice trip to Orléans, in France, a very nice city.

Target Retirement Funds – Too Much Simplicity?

A Target Retirement Fund is a fund of funds that will evolve over the years until you meet retirement year. These funds prhovide very high simplicity.

7 Lazy Portfolios to keep investing simple

Found out about five more lazy portfolios. These lazy portfolios are composed of index funds and have different allocation for different classes of stocks.

The Three-Fund Portfolio Makes Investing Simple – 3 funds are enough

A Three-Fund Portfolio is a very simple, yet very efffective, way to invest. It is especially suited for beginners who do not know in what to invest.

Our trip to Orléans, France – Beautiful City

We spent a few days in Orléans, France. It is a beautiful city with nice ancient homes, a beautiful cathedral and statues. And very close Loire castles.

Exchange Traded Fund (ETF) Arbitrage – How does it work?

Arbitrage is the mechanism that is used to keep Exchange Traded Fund price synchronized the underlying stocks the ETF is representing.

5 Bad Things I Hate about Switzerland

I love Switzerland, but here are five things I hate about Switzerland. From Real Estate to Swiss banks and overpriced public transportation.

Index Replication in Details – ETFs and Mutual Funds

Index Replication is the technique used by an index fund to replicate the performance of the market. There are several variants.

June 2018 – Insurance month!

In June 2018, we did not save much money because we had to pay large bills for the health insurance.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – Best for passive investors

Use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to have a simple access to a large variety of stocks and financial instruments, on the stock market.

Mutual Funds and Index Investing

Now that we talked about stocks and bonds, it is time to talk about Mutual Funds. Find out about active funds and passive funds.