How to Choose an ETF or an Index Fund


If you have decided to invest in a precise stock market index, you must first choose the stock market index. And once you have selected an index to invest in, you will have to decide through which index fund you will invest in this index. For this, you can choose either a mutual fund or an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF). For popular indexes, there will be a wide choice of index funds replicating the performance of this index.

Even if you only choose popular funds for a precise index, it will still be challenging to decide. As you will see in this article, there are many things you can take into account when you compare two index funds. The most important remains the price, as most people know. But there are other points you can use to compare two index funds. And some of these points are not obvious.

In this guide, we will see all the things you can look at when you need to choose an index fund, whether it is a mutual fund or an Exchange Traded Fund (ETF).

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Selma vs True Wealth 2021 – Best Swiss Robo Advisor?


Robo-Advisors are a great tool to invest their money without unreasonable fees for people who are not willing to invest time in learning to invest themselves. But what Robo-Advisor should you choose?

Selma and True Wealth are two great Robo-Advisors, my two favorites. In this article, I will compare these two Robo-advisors in detail.

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How do bonds and bond funds work?


I already have covered stocks in much detail on this blog. But I did not spend enough time on bonds. While bonds are currently not very interesting in Europe because of negative interest rates, they remain an important part of asset allocation. But bonds are very different from stocks. And they have some strange characteristics.

So, I believe it is important to know how do they work. And it is essential to know how bond funds are working because they are not as simple as stock funds.

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DEGIRO vs Interactive Brokers for European Portfolio: Who is cheaper in 2021?


I already compared Interactive Brokers and DEGIRO for different cases. However, I have only considered portfolio weighted towards U.S. ETF. However, for many investors in Europe, it is currently not possible to invest in such ETFs because of PRIIPs. This set of investment regulations went into action in 2018.

Currently, Swiss investors can still invest in the U.S. ETF with IB. But this may not last. Once this changes, we will face the same issue as European investors. The alternative is to invest in European ETFs.

The two cheapest brokers in Europe are DEGIRO and Interactive Brokers. So, if you cannot invest in U.S. ETFs, should you use DEGIRO vs Interactive Brokers?

Let’s find out by comparing both using a portfolio of European ETFs. We will only compare the costs of both brokers, not the features and usability, for instance.

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What happened to GameStop in 2021?


Many of you have asked me to delve into what happened to GameStop stock. While it may be late, this will still help you understand this strange event.

In 2021, the stock of GameStop, a company on the decline, increased more than tenfold and many hedge funds lost a lot of money, driven by some individual investors.

It may have been the first time some well-organized retail investors have fought against big hedge funds and have caused big damages to them.

So, keep reading to find out what happened.

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Should you rebalance your portfolio in retirement?

Investing, Financial Independence

Many people want to know whether they should rebalance their portfolios. This is an excellent question, and it becomes essential once in retirement.

Rebalancing is the fact of selling the shares that have overperformed and then buy the stocks that underperformed. The idea is to keep your portfolio allocation to the same level.

People disagree on whether you should rebalance in retirement or not. People do not even agree on that during the accumulation phase. So we will cover this subject as well.

And since I now have a lot of data about the stock market, I figured it would be great to use. So, I am also going to simulate whether it has historically been better to rebalance or not.

The data on this article is based on more than 3.2 million simulations of withdrawal rates! So, without further ado, let’s delve into rebalancing!

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Inyova Review 2021 (Was Yova) – Pros and Cons


Inyova is a Swiss Robo-Advisor that focuses on impact investing. You may know it under the name Yova that was its previous name until June 2021.

The main idea is to invest to make the world better. So not only will you get good returns for your investment, but your money will work to improve the world.

But how does Inyova compare with other Robo-Advisor, and how much does it cost? That is what we are going to find out in this complete Yova review.

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PostFinance Bank Review 2021 – Pros & Cons


PostFinance is the bank of the Swiss Post. It is one of the largest banks in Switzerland. But is it any good?

I am going to answer this question in this article. I will look into the bank services of PostFinance in detail and see the advantages and disadvantages of this bank. They have changed many things recently with their banking packages and how they handle negative interest rates. All these changes will be included in my review.

By the end of the article, you will know whether you should use PostFinance or not.

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Financial advisors – Do not get ripped off


I have already mentioned financial advisors on this blog and my dislike of them. But I have not yet delved into the subject. It is essential to realize the dangers of financial advisors.

Most financial advisors do not have your interest at heart, but theirs! This is the main issue with financial advisors. Most are biased. And this bias can cost you a lot of money in the long term.

And there are other issues with financial advisors as well. So, in this article, we are going to delve into the problems with financial advisors.

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