Free by 40 in Switzerland – Book Review

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I just finished reading Free by 40 in Switzerland, a book about financial independence, in Switzerland, by fellow blogger Mr. Mustachian Post, alias Marc Pittet. Mr. MP was kind enough to send me a version that I could review before the release date. So I can have this review ready now that the book is available!

Free by 40 in Switzerland will go over how to retire by the age of 40 in Switzerland. It covers how to reduce your expenses, increase your income, and invest your savings. And all this is directly tied to Switzerland.

It should not matter much, but I have to say that I have read the French version. But the English version should be similar, and both are available for sale now (the German version will arrive later).

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The 4 Stages of Wealth

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During your financial life, you will go through several stages of wealth. Maybe you have already crossed several of them, or maybe you are at the first stage of wealth.

Regardless of where you are, it is important to know what is ahead and prepare for your future stages of wealth. There are many things you can do to prepare your future financial stages.

In this article, I will talk about the 4 main stages of wealth and what you can do to live better through all of them.

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Interview of Beat Bühlmann – CEO of finpension

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Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Beat Bühlmann, the CEO of finpension. I hope you will like this interview as much as the other interviews I have made in the past on this blog.

finpension is the company behind the best vested benefits account in Switzerland: valuepension. And they recently launched their third pillar offer: finpension 3a. And finpension 3a looks amazing.

All these products are fully digital and are focusing on low costs and high investment in stocks. This is exactly what I recommend on this blog. So I quite like their offers!

Several of my readers asked that I interview the CEO of finpension to learn more from him. So, let’s hear what Beat Bühlmann, CEO of finpension, has to say!

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CSX Review 2020 – Digital Bank account by Credit Suisse

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CSX is a new digital bank account by Credit Suisse. They have just started this new offer in 2020. And this account is much cheaper than the standard Credit Suisse accounts. The CSX bank account can even be free if used correctly.

Interestingly, even large Swiss banks are jumping on the digital bank account wagon. This is a good trend if that allows people to pay lower fees for their bank accounts.

In this article, I will review the CSX bank account in-depth and compare CSX with other digital bank accounts.

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Broker Bankruptcy: What happens to your investments?

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When you plan on living on your investments, you need to consider the safety of these investments. Some of them will be in your retirement accounts. But the bulk of your investments will be in your broker account.

So, what happens if your broker goes bankrupt? Are we going to lose everything?

In this article, we will see in detail what happens to our securities if a broker goes bankrupt.

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Diversification is important – Free lunch in Investing

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Diversification is often called the only free lunch in investing. It is a great way to reduce the volatility of a portfolio and sometimes increase its returns. You want to avoid having all your eggs in one basket. So, instead, you are going to use many baskets.

The idea of diversification is mostly to invest in many companies and many countries. But there are other forms of diversification that we are going to see in this article. And we are also going to discuss the limits of diversification.

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Swiss Deposit Insurance – When a Bank Bankrupts

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We have talked a lot about Swiss Banks on this blog. But we have not yet talked in detail as to what happens to your money if one Swiss Bank defaults (bankrupts).

In that case, there is a special deposit insurance for the customers of the failed bank. Even though Swiss banks are reputed very safe, they are not infallible. It is essential for customers what would happen to their bank account balance if their bank goes bankrupt.

In this article, we will cover this deposit insurance in all its details and see what people can do about that.

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Finpension 3a Review: Is it the new best third pillar?

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Finpension just started their third pillar offer: Finpension 3a. And it is extremely interesting.

Finpension is already behind valuepension, the best vested benefits (second pillar) account available in Switzerland. So, it is great that they now start to offer a third pillar account.

So, let’s review Finpension 3a in detail.

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Should you have a home bias in your portfolio in 2020?

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Many people use a home bias in their investing portfolio. These investors are allocating a large portion of their portfolio to domestic stocks. And this portion is not based on the size of their local stock market. But not every investor agrees on that strategy. And some people do not know what a home bias is.

So, in this article, I want to answer the question of whether investors should have a home bias in their portfolio. We are also going to look at existing research on the subject.

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Swiss Investors Will Lose Access to US-Domiciled ETFs in 2022

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Since the beginning of 2019, Swiss investors cannot buy Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) domiciled in the United States from my previous broker, DEGIRO. This event is terrible news for Swiss investors.

This problem is due to new regulations that will come into play. These regulations have already affected all European investors since 2018. But Switzerland was not affected before. We are going to see what changed. These issues are based on several European and Swiss laws. These laws are sad news for European investors and Swiss investors. I am not a legal expert at all. So this is only my interpretation of these laws. If I am wrong or I missed something, please let me know!

Normally, this should only come into effect in January 2022. But DEGIRO decided to implement this earlier, effectively cutting Swiss Investors from the best ETFs available. I have now switched to Interactive Brokers.

In this post, we are going to see why this is happening. And we are also going to see what are the different options for us. There are several possible solutions to this issue. But none of them is perfect, as we will see.

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