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The Millionaire Next Door – Book Review

My review of The Millionaire Next Door book. Learn how millionaires of the United States are living. They live below their means and plan a strict budget.

April 2018 – Birthday and new savings record

In April, I turned 30 years gold and saved a good amount of money, in a nice trend.

How to Budget – And my example

There is more than one way to manage a budget for your personal finances. Here is how I budget for my family and what you should do for yours!

The Three Pillars of Retirement in Switzerland

Learn all you need to know about the system of the three pillars, the basis of retirement in Switzerland!

March 2018 Update – Excellent month

March 2018 was a month with record savings rate, thanks to very low expenses!

February 2018 Update – Vacation and wedding

In February, we saved very little money, mostly because of some high expenses while in China.

January 2018 Update – Ph.D. and good savings

In January 2018, we saved more money than ever, thanks to low expenses and higher than average income.

Rich Dad Poor Dad – Learn how to get rich

Rich Dad Poor Dad is a book by Robert Kiyosaki about getting rich by making your money work for you. But is it great and true? Let's find out!

The Bogleheads Guide to Investing – Book Review

My review of the The bogleheads guide to investing book, by Taylor Larimore et al. This book teaches you the principle of investing through index funds.

Goals for 2018 – Reaching for FI

Find out the set of goals I have set up for myself in 2018, the first year with goals!

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – Book Review

My review of the The little book of common sense investing, by John Bogle. This book shows you the power of passive index investing.

December 2017 Update + 2018 perspectives

Update for December 2017: how much we spent and what we are doing with our investments!