April 2022 – A good month


April 2022 was a good month. We had a few pleasant events with our friends and family. It was not very eventful, but we had time to work on a few late things, which is excellent since we have very little free time these days.

On the financial side, it was a great month with regular earnings and relatively low expenses. So, we managed to save a sizeable portion of our income again.

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The costs of daycare in Switzerland

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Daycare is a large portion of the budget for many people in Switzerland. Indeed, daycare can become quite expensive quickly, especially if you have several children.

So far, we have not put our son in daycare, but we think we may do it next year. So, I wanted to delve into the costs of daycare in Switzerland.

I only talk about daycare facilities, not about day moms, nannies, or other ways to ensure people are taking care of your child. I may speak of these in another article if people are interested.

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Raiffeisen Rio Review 2022


Recently, I did a review of Raiffeisen as a bank account, and several people asked me what I thought about their Robo-advisor service. So, I researched this product.

Raiffeisen Rio is a new Robo-advisor, proposed by Raiffeisen. They are quite different in the way they invest your money.

In this review, I go into detail about the Raiffeisen Rio service. By the end of the review, you will know whether you should invest or not with Raiffeisen Rio.

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Household and Personal Liability Insurance


I have covered several types of insurance on this blog before. But there is one type of insurance that I did not cover: household and personal liability insurance.

Household insurance will cover your items in case of fire, damage, or theft. And personal liability insurance will cover damage that you will do to other persons’ items.

I talk about these together because they are generally offered together by insurance providers.

So, let’s see what these two types of insurance are.

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March 2022 – Splurging the bonus


March 2022 was a good month, with a few pleasant events and nice weather. There were no huge events this month. And especially, there were no significant issues, which is nice. There was a great balance between events and time at home.

Financially, March 2022 was an excellent month. I have received my bonus and had no taxes to pay. On the other hand, we splurged a little on the bonus, but we still saved a lot of money this month.

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UBS Bank Review 2022 – Pros & Cons


UBS is likely the most famous Swiss bank. Even many foreigners know this big bank. And it is also the biggest bank in Switzerland by market capitalization. UBS operates in many countries, not only Switzerland.

But, is it any good as a banking service? I will answer this exact question in this review.

I will look into the bank services of UBS in detail and see the advantages and disadvantages of this bank.

By the end of the article, you will know whether you should use a UBS bank account.

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Should you get legal protection insurance in 2022?


I have talked about many types of insurances so far. But I have not yet talked about legal protection insurance. This insurance is less known than the others because it is not mandatory. So not many people are using it, and many people are wondering whether they should take one or not.

So, this article will cover in detail the legal protection insurance in Switzerland and whether we should or not take one.

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February 2022 – A good month


February was a better month than January. We did not have to deal with COVID again. And we managed to do a few things again with friends and family.

Overall, not much happened this month.

Financially, it was quite a good month. We had a good income and a few extra expenses, but nothing too expensive. So we managed to save a substantial portion of our income.

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How much we spent in 2021 – Full Expense Report


I keep track of all my expenses. And monthly, I publish an update with my expenses on this blog. But once a year, I also do a complete analysis of my costs for the past year. It helps me put things in perspective. And it also gives me an idea of where my expenses are going for an entire year.

It is an essential part of the way I manage my money. I do not have a budget, but I track all our expenses. And seeing expenses summed for an entire year help us realize how much we spend in some categories.

So, let’s see the expenses of The Poor Swiss family for 2021. Compared to our previous years, this is now for a family of 3!

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