January 2023 – A good start of the year

January 2023 was a good standard month to start the year. It was quiet, which is what we needed. And financially, it was quite good.

Vested benefits accounts: All you need to know!

Vested benefits come into play when you leave the pension fund system. This is where you keep the money in the meantime.

2023 Goals and 2022 Goals Review

Our 2023 goals are ready for the new year and we are reviewing our 2022 goals as well. Come see what we plan for 2023.

Pando 3a by Swiss Life Review – Pros & Cons

Pando 3a is a new third pillar by Swiss Life, focusing on sustainability. Let's find out how good (or bad) it is and whether you should use it.

December 2022 – Glad it is over

December 2022 was a bad month overall for several reasons, but it was financially okay financially with a decent savings rate.

What is the Substitute Occupational Benefit Institution?

The substitute occupational benefit institution plays an important role in Switzerland's retirement system, yet many people do not know about it!

Is indirect amortization really better for you?

In Switzerland, you can use direct or indirect amortization and banks will often recommend the latter, but are they telling the truth? Let's find out!

November 2022 – A normal month?

November 2022 turned out to be more expensive than expected, with large health bills and a food budget out of control! Find out what happened!

What is a failsafe withdrawal rate?

A failsafe withdrawal rate is a withdrawal rate that did not fail historically. How to find them? Should we only use a failsafe withdrawal? Let's find out!

Should you use IB Fixed or Tiered pricing in 2023?

Interactive Brokers has two pricing models! Should you use Fixed or Tiered pricing? Let's compare these two pricing models to find the cheapest!

True Wealth 3a Review 2023: Pros & Cons

True Wealth 3a is a third pillar Robo-advisior. This review analyzes the True Wealth 3a offer: its fees, investment strategies, and pros and cons.

October 2022 – A weird month

October 2022 was mixed month, with many days being sick, large expenses, short nights, a nice trips, few nice events, ...