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Save taxes with staggered withdrawals in 2024

Because of the tax system for retirement withdrawals, staggering the withdrawals over multiple years can save taxes. How does it work exactly?

October 2023 – New heat pump boiler

In October 2023, we spent more reasonably than during previous months. Here is all that happened to us during this month.

Frankly Vested Benefits Review 2024: Pros & Cons

Frankly Vested Benefits is a new vested benefits account, by Frankly. We review its advantages and disadvantages in depth.

Can you retire early with Swiss Stocks and Bonds?

Can we retire early with only Swiss stocks and bonds? We find out with Trinity Study simulations with historical Swiss stocks and bonds data.

Sixth year of blogging – Summary

The blog is now six years old. Read about everything that happened during this sixth year of blogging.

Building Insurance in Switzerland

Homeowners often protect their house with building insurance. Here is all you need to know about this insurance in Switzerland.

September 2023 – Finally colder but more expensive

September 2023 was finally a colder month (a great thing!). We spent too much on food and "only" saved 29% of our income as a result.

Yuh 3a Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Yuh 3a is a new third pillar from Yuh. I examine their pros and cons in details to see whether we should use Yuh 3a!

The truth about 3b pillar accounts

3b products have nothing in common with the 3a and are terrible products most of the time! Here is why you should not use a 3b!

Swissquote Invest Easy Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Swissquote started a new Robo-advisor: Invest Easy. Should we use? We find out in this in-depth review, with its fees, strategy and pros and cons.

August 2023 – Too hot

The worst part about August 2023 was the extreme heat, I am glad it is over! Here is all that happened to us during this hot month!

Radicant Review 2024 – Pros & Cons

Radicant is a new digital bank account focusing on sustainability. We review it in detail to see its pros and cons and whether you should use it!