What is The Best Credit card in Switzerland for 2021?

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A credit card is a powerful personal finance tool. But it is only a good tool if used correctly. And unfortunately, many people are not using credit cards correctly.

The first important thing is to choose a card with no annual fee. You should focus on that first. Contrary to what credit card companies want you to believe, it is often better to get a credit card with no fee and smaller cashback than an expensive card with a lot of cashback. The important thing is to do your research and compare it with your actual credit card spending.

I am going to assume that you carry no credit card debt and always your balance in full. Otherwise, it is an entirely different issue!

Let’s explore the different credit card options that are available in Switzerland.

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Interview of Beat Bühlmann – CEO of finpension

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Recently, I had the pleasure of interviewing Beat Bühlmann, the CEO of finpension. I hope you will like this interview as much as the other interviews I have made in the past on this blog.

finpension is the company behind the best vested benefits account in Switzerland: valuepension. And they recently launched their third pillar offer: finpension 3a. And finpension 3a looks amazing.

All these products are fully digital and are focusing on low costs and high investment in stocks. This is exactly what I recommend on this blog. So I quite like their offers!

Several of my readers asked that I interview the CEO of finpension to learn more from him. So, let’s hear what Beat Bühlmann, CEO of finpension, has to say!

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CSX Review 2021 – Digital Bank account by Credit Suisse

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CSX is a new digital bank account by Credit Suisse. They have just started this new offer in 2020. And this account is much cheaper than the standard Credit Suisse accounts. The CSX bank account can even be free if used correctly.

Interestingly, even large Swiss banks are jumping on the digital bank account wagon. This is a good trend if that allows people to pay lower fees for their bank accounts.

In this article, I will review the CSX bank account in-depth and compare CSX with other digital bank accounts.

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Broker Bankruptcy: What happens to your investments?

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When you plan on living on your investments, you need to consider the safety of these investments. Some of them will be in your retirement accounts. But the bulk of your investments will be in your broker account.

So, what happens if your broker goes bankrupt? Are we going to lose everything?

In this article, we will see in detail what happens to our securities if a broker goes bankrupt.

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Diversification is important – Free lunch in Investing

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Diversification is often called the only free lunch in investing. It is a great way to reduce the volatility of a portfolio and sometimes increase its returns. You want to avoid having all your eggs in one basket. So, instead, you are going to use many baskets.

The idea of diversification is mostly to invest in many companies and many countries. But there are other forms of diversification that we are going to see in this article. And we are also going to discuss the limits of diversification.

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7 Things To do in Lockdown To Improve Your Finances

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The second wave is now well established in Europe. Several countries are back in lockdown. And several states of Switzerland are now in lockdown as well. Some states are only in semi-lockdown, but new measures are taken daily. I would not be surprised if we went into a nation-wide lockdown very soon.

In this context, many people have less to do than usual. So, why not dedicate some of this extra time to improve your finances?

In this article, I want to talk about 7 things you can do in lockdown to improve your personal finances.

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October 2020 – More COVID and quarantine

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October 2020 was a weird month. The month started well with a return to almost normal in Switzerland. And we had found a new tenant for our apartment. But then, with the cold weather came a new big wave of COVID cases in Switzerland.

With this second wave, one of my family members found out he was infected a few days after we saw him. So, we had to do a 10-day quarantine again, and we actually were both infected as well. And we missed a few important social events that were planned. And the next tenant decided not to go further, so we had to start looking again.

So, it was not a great month overall.

Let’s find in detail what happened to us in October 2020.

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Swiss Deposit Insurance – When a Bank Bankrupts

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We have talked a lot about Swiss Banks on this blog. But we have not yet talked in detail as to what happens to your money if one Swiss Bank defaults (bankrupts).

In that case, there is a special deposit insurance for the customers of the failed bank. Even though Swiss banks are reputed very safe, they are not infallible. It is essential for customers what would happen to their bank account balance if their bank goes bankrupt.

In this article, we will cover this deposit insurance in all its details and see what people can do about that.

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12 Things I Love about Switzerland – Beautiful Country

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Even though there are some things I dislike about Switzerland, I love living in Switzerland. In this post, I list the things I love about Switzerland.

There are 12 things on my love list! And there are not the only things I love about Switzerland. I have many more things I like about it than things I do not like.

Before you read what I love about Switzerland, you should be aware of my situation! You have to remember that I live in the Swiss countryside. I live in a tiny village. And I do not like cities. Some people like cities more than villages. But I would hate living in a town. I also enjoy hiking a lot, and I like being outside. This situation will be reflected in some things I like the most about Switzerland.

Below, you will find 12 things I love about Switzerland. They have almost nothing to do with money. And they are in no particular order.

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Finpension 3a Review: Is it the new best third pillar?

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Finpension just started their third pillar offer: Finpension 3a. And it is extremely interesting.

Finpension is already behind valuepension, the best vested benefits (second pillar) account available in Switzerland. So, it is great that they now start to offer a third pillar account.

So, let’s review Finpension 3a in detail.

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