Path to Independence – A Swiss Book about FIRE

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I recently learned about Path To Independence, a book about FIRE, from Switzerland! There are very few interesting books from Switzerland, so when I saw a book about FIRE from Switzerland, I had to read it!

This book is about saving more money, either by spending less or by earning more. And then, the book recommends you invest the money you can save for long-term returns.

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The Best Phone Plans in Switzerland in 2020

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Update: Fully updated as of August 2020! Plans have become even cheaper than before!

We can agree that everybody wants to pay as little as possible for their phone bills. Even though you may think your current phone plan is the cheapest available, there could be new deals since you started using your plan. It is always essential to keep up to date with the latest offers.

The Swiss Phone plan market is quite diverse these days. Fifteen years ago, it was almost only Swisscom, and everybody was content with it. Now, many other providers are using one of the three major networks.

In this post, I am going to compare the phone plans and prepaid cards for seven standard phone usages. For each of them, I will show the cheapest options available. Keep reading if you want to save money on your phone bill!

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Frankly 3a Review: A good new third pillar from ZKB

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Frankly is a third pillar account offered by Zurcher Kantonal Bank (ZKB). It is an interesting third pillar because it allows you to invest heavily in stocks. And on top of that, the fees are quite low.

It is good to see that there are more and more alternatives for good third pillar accounts in Switzerland.

So, let’s see what exactly is Frankly and how good it is!

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12 Tips to Protect Your Online Personal Finances in 2020

Categories Financial Independence

These days, most of your personal finances are probably online. You probably have access to your bank through an online banking platform. Also, you are likely to access your broker through your browser or your phone. If someone is getting access to your online personal finances, he can do a lot of harm! You need to protect yourself!

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You should start investing early! Here’s why!

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There are many advantages to start investing early. However, many people do not start investing until late in their careers. If you start investing early, you will see many more benefits to investing.

Investing is a long-term game. The average returns are good. But you will not see instant results. You could see a few bad years as well. If you do not give it time, you will not be able to reap all the benefits of investing.

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July 2020 – We are buying a house!

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We have now crossed into the second part of 2020. July 2020 went fast very quickly on our side. Life in Switzerland is starting to get back to normal for most things.

The most significant event that happened to us this month is that we signed the contract for buying a house! We finally found a house that we liked, and we were able to get it! We are delighted with that.

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The Complete Guide to Mortgages in Switzerland

Categories Real Estate, Switzerland

In Switzerland, mortgages are not as simple as they should be! So, in this complete guide, I will share all there is to know about mortgages in Switzerland and how they work.

For instance, did you know that most people keep their mortgages forever in Switzerland? And did you know you could use your retirement money to buy a house?

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True Wealth Review 2020 – Cheapest Robo-Advisor

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Robo-Advisors are a good way to invest when you do not want to invest directly through a broker. They will manage your money for a fee. While more expensive than DIY investing, Robo-Advisors are significantly cheaper than an advisor from a bank.

True Wealth is a leading Robo-Advisor in Switzerland. They are the firstĀ  Robo-Advisor, started already seven years. And they are also the cheapest available in Switzerland.

I have reviewed other Robo-Advisors in the past. Now is the time to review True Wealth. I will take a look in detail at their investment models, their fees, and their security.

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Should you buy or rent a house in Switzerland?

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We are currently in theĀ process of buying a house. Since I shared this fact on the blog, I have been asked several times whether people should buy or rent in Switzerland.

So, I wanted to share my thoughts on the buy or rent subject. I am going to go over the different considerations about buying and renting houses in Switzerland.

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