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Investing is an essential part to building wealth. If you invest your savings in stock market or in another form of investment, you will greatly increase the speed at which your net worth increases. Below, you can find all the articles from this blog about investing. Find out about Cash, Bonds and Stocks. There are also many articles about index funds which is the instrument I am using to invest! Find out why index funds are the best way to invest right now. And also why Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) are great investments.


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Recent Content

Index Replication in Details – ETFs and Mutual Funds

Index Replication is the technique used by an index fund to replicate the performance of the market. There are several variants.

Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) – Best for passive investors

Use Exchange Traded Funds (ETFs) to have a simple access to a large variety of stocks and financial instruments, on the stock market.

Mutual Funds and Index Investing

Now that we talked about stocks and bonds, it is time to talk about Mutual Funds. Find out about active funds and passive funds.

Investing Instruments: Cash, Bonds and Stocks

Discover the details of the main financial investing instruments: Cash, bonds and Stocks. Find out which you should invest in and why.

Why do we need to invest?

Investing is making your money work for you! But it is a big subject and many people do not invest. I will guide you through the world of investing.

How To Buy an ETF on DEGIRO

Learn how to buy an ETF on DEGIRO, on the web application, and on the mobile application. This works for shares of any ETFs!

My Investor Policy Statement – You Need One Too!

Find out about my Investor Policy Statement and why you need one too! This statement contains my investment strategy, my asset allocation and my drawdown.

The Millionaire Next Door – Book Review

My review of The Millionaire Next Door book. Learn how millionaires of the United States are living. They live below their means and plan a strict budget.

The Bogleheads Guide to Investing – Book Review

My review of the The bogleheads guide to investing book, by Taylor Larimore et al. This book teaches you the principle of investing through index funds.

The Little Book of Common Sense Investing – Book Review

My review of the The little book of common sense investing, by John Bogle. This book shows you the power of passive index investing.

How to Open a DEGIRO account and start trading

Find out how to open a DEGIRO account and start trading in stocks with this broker! Be sure to open the correct account type!