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Welcome to The Poor Swiss blog :)

This is the first post on the blog The Poor Swiss. I hope this will be the start of a long series of blog posts. I am planning to talk about finances and investing.

This year, 2017, has been quite disastrous for my savings. This is due to many big expenses such as plane tickets and unexpected health care. But this made me realize that I am not saving enough at all. Although I have a good salary and live quite well, I have a tendency to spend too much. Last year, my savings rate was around 18%. This is not really bad. But still lower than I would have liked. But this year, my savings rate is down to around 7%. This is way too low and made me realize that my expenses are way too high. Moreover, the last two months have been negative months although not by a long shot. This month is also likely to end up being negative. Given my salary, I should easily be able to save at least 25% of my income each month.

Since this point, I started reading many personal finance blogs and websites. I have learned a lot of things about investments and spending. In the coming months, I plan to put theses lessons to work. My main change now will be to reduce my spending. I will then continue to learn about investments and I will try to put my money to work. For now, I did not start investing at all. But I plan to fix this. I believe it is important to start improving the budget first before starting to focus on investment.

For some context, I am a 29 years old software programmer. I just finished my Ph.D in Computer Science and I am still working in my school. I live in a small village in the countryside area of the Fribourg state, in Switzerland. Currently, I plan to stay in that area for many years. But I am hoping to find a better job next year once my contract with my school is finished.

My main goal with this blog is to motivate myself to improve my finances. But I am also going to write personal finance tips and in-depth analysis of some important investing topics. I am hoping that you will learn from my mistakes and improve your finances with me :)

And do not forget I am not very good with my money, so do not follow everything I do, but you may try to learn from my mistakes. I am not a financial advisor. You should only take financial decisions after having consulted many point of view on the subject.

4 thoughts on “Birth of this blog”

  1. Nice blog Mr Poor Swiss.
    Good that you are starting relatively young to think about saving and passive income, I started much later. It will take many years to achieve FI, good luck, take it easy, and stay the course.

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