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The Best Internet Plans in Switzerland for 2023

Baptiste Wicht | Updated: |

(Disclosure: Some of the links below may be affiliate links)

These days, everybody needs an internet connection. And we can agree that we all want to pay as little as possible for our connection to the web. Although your internet plan may have been the cheapest when you started using it, it may not be the case anymore. New deals may have appeared.

To keep saving money on your internet plan, you need to compare offers and keep updated with the latest offerings.

In Switzerland, there are many internet providers. And each of them has many different subscriptions.

In this article, I compare all the ways to access the Internet in Switzerland.

Maybe you do not need an internet plan?

Have you ever wondered if you could get rid of your internet subscription at home?

I am not saying that you do not need access to the web at home. Most people need access to the Internet at home.

But many people have access to unlimited and fast Internet on their smartphones. And smartphone can share their access by becoming a WiFI hotspot. This feature is a feature that every recent smartphone has (at least in the last five years).

Like this, you can connect any other appliances through your smartphone. This tip will, of course, only work if you have unlimited access from your phone. If your access is limited to some bandwidth, you should avoid doing that.

If you do not use the Internet on your other appliances a lot, this could be a great option. And of course, this will only work once your smartphone is at home. Some people, like me, have servers at home that require online access all day. In that case, you will need a proper internet connection.

Using your smartphone as a hotspot is not much different than the WiFI access from your web provider. That way, you can save a lot of money since you only have to pay for your phone plan, not your internet subscription.

For more information on phone plans, find out about the best phone subscriptions in Switzerland.

Drop the landline phone

To save money on your subscription, you can drop the support for a landline phone. Many subscriptions still include a home line phone.

The chances are that you have a mobile phone yourself. And the chances are that you do not even use your landline. Do you need both?

You will not save much money by doing so, maybe 5 CHF or 10 CHF a month. But this is already much better than paying for something you do not need.

Be careful with activation costs.

You must be cautious about activation costs when you change your internet subscription.

Many providers will charge you some amount of money to change their plans. Several providers will not charge you anymore. But for those that charge you, you will pay anything between 50 CHF and 100 CHF for the first year. Paying that can make a difference in your budget if you do not account for it.

Make sure you consider this activation fee when you choose a new subscription.

Be careful with one-year offers

If you change to a new internet provider, you will ideally keep the same plan for several years. Therefore, you need to consider long-term savings when you compare different subscriptions.

For this, you should be careful about offers that offer a discount in the first year. Some providers will offer up to 50% in the first year. But then, after that, they can be costly.

So, when you compare different offers, you should only consider the monthly costs, excluding the first-year offer. If you only need a plan for one or two years, it may be worth considering one-year offers. But otherwise, be careful about them.

Do not fall for speed?

Over the last decade, internet speed has increased very significantly. These days, it is straightforward to get a connection of 100Mbps. And with fiber optic, you can get a much faster connection.

But have you ever wondered whether you need these speeds? Likely, you do not need very fast internet speed.

Of course, providers and sellers will tell you that a higher speed is always better. But past a certain point, this is not true anymore. If you browse the Internet, you will not see any difference between 50Mbps and 500Mbps.

I lived with 50Mbps for two years. And I have had zero problems. And I consider myself a heavy user. I watch and download videos a lot. And I have five computers at home. Most individuals will never need anything faster than 50Mbps. Swisscom now upgraded us freely to 100Mbps, and we have mostly not seen any difference.

There could be some exceptions:

Ultimately, it is only up to you to decide which speed you want. You can choose between different subscriptions once you know how much you want.

If you feel your Internet is too fast for your needs, you could change to a slower speed and save some money every month!

And be careful about high-speed offers. With fibers, operators have started offering 10Gbps internet. The problem with these offers is that the bandwidth is shared with many people (not only your household). So, if you have many neighbors, you will not be able to get the full bandwidth. And sometimes, even without neighbors, operators will not be able to reach that speed.

Furthermore, even if you get 10Gbps internet, the link up to the websites is unlikely to be 10G. If there is a  single 1G link between you and the website you use, you have already lost 90% of your speed. High-Speed Fiber Internet is mostly marketing.

Finally, you need to know how much speed is available at home. Providers generally have a tool to let you know the speed available at your home address.

At our home, I can get access to up to 475Mbps. This speed is almost ten times more than what I am using. And this is also significantly more than a few years. Operators have been increasing their capacity a lot these last few years.

So make sure you pay for a speed you can reach in your home.

Internet Plans

Let’s compare the available plans for different internet speeds.

Note that some of these offers will have activation fees. But these fees do not matter in the long term.

10 Mbps Internet

Let’s start with a low-speed internet connection.

It may be slow for some users of the Internet. But if you only surf the web, it will be fine. It will not be enough to watch high-quality movies online. But most Youtube videos will load fine. This speed will not be as bad as people think.

Here are the cheapest offers for this speed:

  1. iWay Internet Economy DSL 20Mbps Download, 20Mbps Upload): 29 CHF per month
  2. Monzoon Prepaid DSL (20 Mbps, 4 Mbps): 29 CHF per month
  3. Teleboy Internet (25Mbps, 5Mbps): 35CHF per month

You can get a subscription for a very low price with low-speed Internet. For only 29 CHF per month, you can access the Internet.

Such subscriptions are much cheaper than most people pay for their internet subscription.

Please note that I have never tried any of these providers. From what I have found online, iWay and Monzoon have mostly satisfied customers. But Teleboy has mostly negative reviews online. So, you may want to avoid it or try to find more information before you use them.

50 Mbps Internet

If you want a bit more speed, 50Mbps should work for almost everybody. 50Mbps is the speed I have, and it is perfectly fine.

Here are the cheapest offers for this speed:

  1. iWay Internet Economy DSL 100 (100Mbps, 100Mbps): 39 CHF per month
  2. Monzoon Prepaid DSL (50 Mbps, 10 Mbps): 39 CHF per month
  3. SolNet Expert Basic (50Mbps, 10Mbps): 41 CHF per month

For only 39 CHF per month, you can already get 50Mbps Internet at home. Going faster than 10 Mbps will only cost 10 CHF per month.

The cheapest offer is once again iWay. You even get 100Mbps with them.

Again, I have never used SolNet services. I have found almost no reviews online. The only one I have seen was positive. But this does not mean much.

100 Mbps Internet

If you need more speed, you could get 100Mbps Internet. Most homes in Switzerland will have access to these speeds.

Here are the cheapest offers for this speed:

  1. iWay Internet Economy DSL 100 (100Mbps, 100Mbps): 39 CHF per month
  2. Internet Flex 100 (100 Mbps, 20 Mbps): 39.90 CHF per month
  3. Monzoon Prepaid DSL Ultra (100 Mbps, 20 Mbps): 44 CHF per month

Even for 100 Mbps, you can find very affordable internet subscriptions. For 39 CHF per month, you can already get high-speed access to the web.

We find one new contender on the list this time. Reviews on are mixed.

1 Gbps Internet

Some people want 1 Gbps Internet. As I said, this is probably useless for 99% of people. And this is probably useless for most people who claim they need it. If people want such speed, they can still find affordable offers.

The problem with comparing these offers is that some fiber plans are only available in some places. For my comparison, I took Fribourg as the base address.

Here are the cheapest offers for this sped:

  1. iWay 1000 (1Gbps, 1Gbps): 49 CHF per month
  2. Salt Fiber (10Gbps, 10Gbps): 49.95 CHF per month
  3. Internet Flex Home (1Gbps, 1Gbps): 59 CHF per month
  4. SolNet HOME (1Gbps, 1Gbps): 59 CHF per month

I have to say that I am astonished by the prices of these offers. You can even get 10Gbps for less than 50 CHF per month. This price is much lower than I expected.

In this scenario, the Salt Fiber offer looks great. And the iWay offer is also quite good.

I still think that this speed is not necessary. But it will not break your budget to get such an offer.

Wait for special offers

Another thing you can do to save money on your internet plan is to wait for special offers.

For instance, for its 2019 anniversary, Qoqa has run several attractive offers for Internet and phone subscriptions. You could get a 200Mbps Sunrise subscription for 29 CHF per month. This offer is quite incredible.

If you follow Qoqa, they may rerun this offer. Or you may find other offers with other providers.

If you need to change your internet subscription quickly, you will not have time to wait for an offer. But even if you have a good subscription, it is always good to keep track of these offers to save money in the future.

Comparators for Internet subscriptions

Moneyland Comparators

Moneyland offers independent comparators for many services: telecom, mortgages, insurances!

Find exactly what you need with Moneyland!

Try now!

To search for more profiles, here are two comparators for Internet subscriptions in Switzerland.

The first good one I have found is the Internet comparator from moneyland. It is complete and can even do some searches based on your address. You can combine it with a Television subscription and/or a landline phone.

The other good one is the Internet plans comparator from besteabos. It is simpler than moneyland, and you will easily find the best plan for the most common profiles. However, there are fewer results.

Sometimes cheaper is not better

For many people, their home internet is essential. I am one of them. I have several servers running all the time at home. And I rely on a good internet connection for my job and most of my hobbies. Therefore, for me, it is essential always to have a good internet connection at home.

For this, I have been using Swisscom for almost ten years. And I have never had any issues with it. I am using the 65 CHF per month plan with 100Mbps. I plan to continue on that plan. I could save about 30 CHF per month by changing. But I much prefer the quality of Swisscom over some small savings.

If you are not too worried about it, you can probably save money by staying away from Swisscom. But if you want something reliable, staying with them may be very interesting.

Again, I am using the Internet all day, and so is my wife, and 100Mbps is more than enough. We have used 50Mbps for several years before that without any issues.


As we saw, there are many possible options for Internet plans in Switzerland. Which internet plan you will choose will depend on the speed you need. Be careful that you do not fall into the trap of speed. Most people will never need more than 50Mbps.

Overall, I would recommend testing the iWay Internet Economy DSL 100 offer. You will get 100Mbps for only 39 CH per month. This offer looks excellent and at a very reasonable price.

If you pay a significant amount for your Internet subscription each month, you may want to change your subscription and save money each month! Recurring expenses are an excellent way to reduce your budget. You will save money each month for years to come by doing the change once.

One thing you may have never thought of is to lower your internet speed. The chances are high that you do not need a high connection speed.

Another thing you can do is cancel your phone line if you are paying for one and not using it. And maybe you can even cancel your TV subscription if you do not use it much.

After saving money on your internet subscription, you may want to save money on your Television bill.

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Photo of Baptiste Wicht

Baptiste Wicht started in 2017. He realized that he was falling into the trap of lifestyle inflation. He decided to cut his expenses and increase his income. This blog is relating his story and findings. In 2019, he is saving more than 50% of his income. He made it a goal to reach Financial Independence. You can send Mr. The Poor Swiss a message here.

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23 thoughts on “The Best Internet Plans in Switzerland for 2023”

  1. Great Article! Are all of those with min. 1 year contract? Looking for no contract internet for a couple of months, any thoughts on 4G internet box like from Twifi at 29CHF/month, up to 300mbit/s, without minimum duration? thanks!

    1. Hi,

      I believe they are indeed with a yearly contract.
      I don’t have any thoughts on these boxes, never used one myself. But for a few months, could you use your phone as hotspot simply?

  2. I checked many providers and, at my address, no fiber or high speed internet. I am on Sunrise since QoQa Phone offer, and realized with my unused old phone and the free second SIM I use it as hotspot and the speed is similar to the best speed I can get with an internet provider.

    So for 39 buck a month, I have a phone subscription 5G unlimited, with roaming for free + a hotspot for Home internet with a speed that will increase when I get 5G at home (so far it is 4G+)

    Qoqa is great with deals as u mentioned

    1. Hi Lucas,

      Yes, using a single mobile internet for both computers and phones is the cheapest options. It may not be the most reliable, but it can be a great tip to save money!

      And the Sunrise offers on Qoqa are great if you like Sunrise indeed!

      Thanks for sharing :)

  3. At the end of the day everyone, its all about what is available to you in your area, what your needs are, and what your expectations are.

    I want a super low ping high speed symmetrical isolated ftth 1G contension free line.

    Im probably never going to get it unless i build it into my area my self.

    and John Doe over here just looks at once a week, so that 5Mbps line from some terrible cellular service provider for a few francs a month, is perfect for him.

    I think we should be comparing ISPs BS.
    highlighing their marking trickery
    showing and praising who is doing it right.

    Know the difference between Bytes and Bits.
    My 65MB D 6.25MB U line is the industry standard in most built up areas around switzerland.
    and that was the was it was advertised to me.
    Now we being shown bigger numbers because adding more 0s seems more attractive.
    ps the above is a 500Mb D 50 Mb U line.
    Why stop there, why not sow our connections in KB or Bytes?? seems all so silly.
    when we should be looking at the top of the chain. MB or GB
    and latency, packet loss average %, the percentage of down time, the reliablity to maintain the purchased speed.
    the connection type, ie isolated, dedicated shared, shared how and from what point.
    one dude says ive a FTTH connection. not realising its shared with his entire estate.

    I want an honest hard working ISP and not one with marketing trickery.

    if you pay Salt for an 80000Mb line you should get at least 9.5GB and anything less is a problem or a scam

  4. Wingo provides unlimited 4G phone + gigabit home internet for 50CHF total a month. Yes, total. If they don’t have this promotion going on at the time of applying call them and ask for it and they will give it to you, like I did.

    Despite all the good internet offers the truth is ONLY Init7 and Swisscom provide proper internet services. All the rest are piggy back carriers that rent a VLAN space from Swisscom to sell to you. Most door even offer you your own real public IP address and extremely limited ability to do port forwarding. No problem if you’re a non tech person. But if you host apps / home server you can forget about it. It’s for this reason I’m going to cancel my Wingo internet at home for 25 a month and likely switch it for init7 which costs 777CHF/year.

    Also when you call Init, you speak directly to a competent engineer who actually knows things. Unlike every other service where some someone runs through a script and tells you to try resetting the power.

    1. Hi Ho,

      That’s good to know. I did not know you could have both for 50 CHF, this is really fair price.

      It’s also for this reason that I am keeping my Swisscom subscription. My internet connection is very important for my work and my hobbies, so I do not want to sacrifice quality there!

      Thanks for sharing your experience!

  5. Last year we wanted to move from UPC after being their customer for about 2 years and they throw us an offer that beat the competition by far.
    We got 100Mbit/s Internet + TV boxset + fix line + mobile abo with unlimited calls in Swiss and 2 GB of data for only 69chf/mo.

    I think sites like Comparis or Dschungelkompass should be used with caution and you better dig dipper or pick up the phone and negotiate with the company directly a if you want better quotes..

  6. Sunrise has sometimes the 1Gbps Fiber on sale for 35 CHF / mt. (life-time).

    Absolutly, the best deal.

  7. It’s not always about the “Speed”, latency is a big factor for “some” people, like gamers.

    “*DSL Internet”, depending on technology and distance will have really bad latency

    “Cable Internet”, will have better latency than DSL

    Fiber on the other hand, well has really low latency.

    1. Hi Vik,

      That’s a really good point. For some things like downloading big and watching videos, latency is not really important. But for gaming, it’s very important. I am expecting some very big differences in latency between providers. The problem is that this data will depend on each home, so it’s not really easy to make a proper comparison.

      But as you said, the latency can already vary a lot based on the technology that is being used. I am expecting SIM routers to have higher latency, especially depending on how far you are from the nearest antenna.

      Thanks for stopping by!

    2. Now we are talking.
      This is my ballpark, I am all about lateny.
      There is a sweet spot in Goldau Sonneggstrasse.
      with a complex directly on top of a regional fiber terminal.
      My mate literally has a near 0 ping when gaming in europe.

      This is what ISPs dont talk about. there is no mention of contenion, how many people your sharing with, the gaurentee of the connection your paying for.

      If you are like me, and you have a few servers that demain a high speed low ping capable uplink and your not a business. good luck. I have found from 10 years a WWZ “now QuickLine” customer that these guys are great. little to no downtime, low consistant pings with in swiss terminals. excellen speeds at very good costs. I am now moving to Siebnen which is in a fiber connected region and im am stuck with Fiberwave upc salt swisscom, all whome are crap. maybe not fiberwave but they are so small you know they are dominated by the lines they are renting. This monoply Swisscom has on switzerland is just aweful.

    1. Wow, that’s weird, on moneyland it was (and still is) written as being 44 CHF per month. I will have to update my comparison with this.

      I do not use websites that are only available in German (their French version is laughable, almost nothing is translated). But it’s good to know that there are some up to date comparators out there.

      Thanks for sharing!

  8. One thing I am missing from your comparison are 4G subscriptions.
    Salt is currently offering an unlimited subscription at 17.50 CHF/month. There is a fixed cost to get a good router, but it is less than 200 CHF for 300 Mbps.

    The great advantage of a 4G subscription is that you can move out and in hassle-free. You can also take the router with you if you have a secondary house.

    Network coverage may be an issue in some regions (but overall the 4G network is quite extensive and it can be checked with the online tools of the providers). Note that in some regions, including my home place, the 4G network offers far better speeds than my landline.

    1. Hi Jean,

      You are right, I should have talked about this. I just do not like the idea of a 4G router for myself. But this could be a great value for a lot of people indeed!
      I a more of a network cable guy :)

      I will mention this in the article once I get the chance of updating it.

      Thanks for sharing this great tip :)

    2. No.

      You cannot realistically compare the two.
      Cellular and Ground lines are separate matters.

      The majority of people will use cable/Fiber over cellular as a home connection.

      I do feel cellular is the future and that we will see a death to OTOs and Coax, but not today.

      I too want more info on which ISPs are covering what regions.

      Your situation is one of a few.
      there is no ROI so financially it is pointless to give your area a fast internet connection.

      your areas population is acceptable but is not enough to deem the work, there for “Fiber will be with you in the near future” is the line your getting from all your ISPs

      I am in Cham, our population cap for 2025 is 20k
      were just over 16k at the moment, and only now are we accepted as “big enough” for fiber terminals.

      That said, go get some investors, collect some cash, dig up the streets from the nearest fiber terminal and bring fiber to your area. rent your terminals to the nearest ISPs
      and collect the profits long term.
      a lot easier said then done, but not impossible, and you would be the owner of the lines. score.

  9. I just installed SALT 10GB optic fibre in a flat in Zürich and we get 400Mbps. Interesting that SALT also covered the 2 months notice charge to switch from UPC.

    1. Hi Captain,

      400Mbps is already faster than you will ever need. Is this limitation because of your line? Do you really need something so fast?
      Yes, sometimes, they can make nice gesture to get a new client. This shows that most operators have a nice margin on their services.

      Thanks for sharing!

      1. “400Mbps is already faster than you will ever need.”

        Who are you to tell people what they will “ever need”?

    2. If your paying for a 10G line and your getting 400Mb, that is really bad.

      You should get the speed your paying for.

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