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Money lessons from Animated Sitcoms

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I am a big fan of animated TV shows. In fact, I have watched all the episodes of South Park, Family Guy, American Dad, and The Simpsons. I have wasted spent a lot of time watching these sitcoms. I even watched many of these episodes several times. Since I started this blog, I started wondering if we could learn some money lessons from these sitcoms. And it turns out sitcoms can teach money lessons! In this series of posts, I am trying to find episodes of animated sitcoms from which we can learn important money lessons.

You could probably be surprised to know you could learn money lessons from animated sitcoms. Especially since I am going to focus on some very dumb animated sitcoms such as South Park and The Simpsons. Nevertheless, some of the episodes can teach you a lot about investing and managing your money.

On this page, I list all the money lessons I have been able to find in sitcom episodes.

Note: All the images from episodes are the property of their respective showrunners.

The Simpsons

The Simpsons Logo
The Simpsons Logo

The Simpsons is a very popular animated sitcom. It tells the story of the Simpsons family. The entire family is present in the show: Homer Simpsons, the dumb father, Marge Simpsons, the nice wife, Bart Simpsons the terrible son to Lisa, the smart daughter fan of Jazz. Of course, there are many other characters in their adventures in the city of Springfield.

Episodes are generally centered on Homer adventures. But many episodes are about other members of the family. It is by far the sitcom I watch with the most episodes, with more than 600 episodes and counting. It is also the most realistic of the sitcoms I am talking about here. Generally, the episodes are fairly probable.

Five Money Lessons from The Simpsons #1

The Simpsons - Old Money
The Simpsons – Old Money

In this first edition for The Simpsons, we find out about five very different money lessons from The Simpsons. For instance, we can learn that businesses are often seasonal and that snow plowing in Summar is rarely very profitable. More importantly, we can learn that we should always study in details what we buy before buying. Another example is that you should probably not work two full-time jobs. If you want to learn more, you can read about these five money lessons from The Simpsons.

Family Guy

Family Guy Television
The Family Guy Television Logo

Family Guy is a very funny sitcom about the Griffins family, by Seth MacFarlane. It follows the adventure of the entire family: Peter Griffin, the obese and insanely dumb father, Lois Griffin, the reasonably normal wife, Chris, the overweight son and dumb as his father, Meg Griffin, the depressive daughter, Stewie, the genius baby with a gay tendency and Brian, the talking dog with a large ego.

As you can see, only the description of the family is funny enough. Also, the sitcom mostly does not make any sense. But is really great at not making any sense! For instance, Stewie, the baby, invented the machine to visit other multiverses. And he went on exploring it with the dog. In the end, they even explore a world dominated by dogs. Honestly, it is incredibly funny to follow the crazy adventures of the father never worrying about the consequences of anything.

Five Money Lessons From Family Guy #1

Golden house after winning the lottery
Golden house after winning the lottery

In the first edition of money lessons from Family Guy, we learn many small money lessons from five episodes of Family Guy. For instance, we can learn that managing a large windfall such as lottery win is not as easy as it seems and you can end up broke. We can also learn that gambling is always risky or that we should never cash money that we own. If you want to learn more lessons, you can read five money lessons from Family Guy.

Five Money Lessons From Family Guy #2

Family Guy - Follow The Money
Family Guy – Follow The Money

In our second edition of money lessons from Family Guy, we learn five more things about money from this dumb family.

For instance, we are following a dollar note from a drug bust to strip club. We also learn that managing a company is not that easy. And you should probably prepare a successor if you have a company. If you want to learn all these lessons and more, read about money in Family Guy.

South Park

South Park Sign
The South Park Sign

South Park is definitely my favorite animated sitcoms. It follows the adventures of four boys in the city of South Park: Eric Cartman, Kyle Broflovski, Stan Marsh and Kenny McCormick.

They are having crazy adventures in their city. And a lot of time, their adventures are taking them in other cities and countries. Once, they even ended up in Peru fighting giant guinea pigs. Their adventures are incredibly funny and improbable.

It is probably the craziest of the shows I present here. Many of their episodes are depicting impossible things. It is a highly satirical show. They often include many celebrities in their shows and make fun of them. Some people consider this sitcom highly offensive. But I personally find it hilarious. It just needs to be taken on the second degree. Children should probably avoid this show! Oh, and Kenny dies in almost every episode!

Five Money Lessons from South Park #1

Go fund yourself - South Park
Go fund yourself – South Park

In this first installment, we learn many important things about money. For instance, there is no endless stream of money. And if you find something profitable it is unlikely that you will be alone in this business. If you achieve a good financial achievement, you should not spend it on a huge celebration. But a small celebration is always ok! Finally, you should probably not make a deal with the Canadian devil! Or more seriously, do not think that anything is really free, even freemium games! If you want to learn more from this sitcom, you can learn about money lessons from five South Park Episodes.