Should You Contribute to Your Second Pillar in 2021?

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In Switzerland, you can make a voluntary contribution to your second pillar. These contributions come with some tax advantages since you can deduct that from your income. Therefore, you have a return equal to your marginal tax rate. And this return is almost instant.

However, the money is then blocked into the second pillar. And the returns on that blocked money have been very low in recent years. Finally, you can only withdraw the money from your second pillar if you retire, buy a house, or start a company.

Many people ask whether they should contribute money to their second pillar or continue investing in stocks.

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VIAC Review 2021 – Excellent third pillar in Switzerland

Investing, Retirement, Switzerland

There are many third pillar providers in Switzerland. Some of them are good, but most of them are too expensive. You do not want to waste your retirement bank on fees. Therefore, you need to choose the best third pillar provider.

In 2018, VIAC started on the market of third pillars. VIAC is the first mobile third pillar. And they are really interesting! VIAC has very low fees and lets you invest up to 97% exposure in stocks. It is significantly better than what I have found before in other third-pillar providers.

In this post, I am going to do an in-depth review of VIAC! Among other things, we will look at the investing strategies and the fees of this service.

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Your Marginal Tax Rate and all you need to know about it

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Your marginal tax rate is an important metric. But it is also a complex and misunderstood concept. Many beliefs about the marginal tax rates are wrong.

So, in this article, I want to clear out as much as possible regarding the subject. By the end, you will know how to estimate your marginal tax rate and what it means.

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VIAC vs Finpension 3a – Which is the best third pillar for 2021?

Retirement, Switzerland

Until the end of 2020, VIAC was pretty much unchallenged as the best third pillar in Switzerland. And then came Finpension 3a, another great third pillar offer.

I have already made reviews of these two great services. But we also need to compare VIAC vs Finpension 3a in detail to see which is the best third pillar in Switzerland?

In this article, I am going to compare VIAC vs Finpension 3a in detail. We will see their investing strategies, fees, and everything you need to know to choose!

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The Best Websites For Online Shopping In Switzerland

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These days, a lot of shopping is done online. It is so practical to shop for something online. It can save you a lot of time. And it allows you to compare many different websites to get the best deals easily. Shopping online can also save you some money.

Of course, online shopping also has its dark side. Since it is convenient to shop online, some people are buying many more things than they should. It is so easy to press a button and get things delivered at home. I am sure it happened to many of you. At least, it happened to me!

If you are only buying things you need, online shopping can be a great thing. But you still need to know where to shop online. Even in our small Swiss country, there are hundreds of websites where to shop. And let’s not forget that sometimes online shopping is not cheaper than shopping in a normal shop!

In this post, I am going to list the best online shopping websites in Switzerland. This list should allow you to shop for the best prices!

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Free by 40 in Switzerland – Book Review

Switzerland, Investing

I just finished reading Free by 40 in Switzerland, a book about financial independence, in Switzerland, by fellow blogger Mr. Mustachian Post, alias Marc Pittet. Mr. MP was kind enough to send me a version that I could review before the release date. So I can have this review ready now that the book is available!

Free by 40 in Switzerland will go over how to retire by the age of 40 in Switzerland. It covers how to reduce your expenses, increase your income, and invest your savings. And all this is directly tied to Switzerland.

It should not matter much, but I have to say that I have read the French version. But the English version should be similar, and both are available for sale now (the German version will arrive later).

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What is The Best Credit card in Switzerland for 2021?

Save, Switzerland

A credit card is a powerful personal finance tool. But it is only a good tool if used correctly. And unfortunately, many people are not using credit cards correctly.

The first important thing is to choose a card with no annual fee. Contrary to what credit card companies want you to believe, it is often better to get a credit card with no fee and smaller cashback than an expensive card with a lot of cashback. The important thing is to do your research and compare it with your actual credit card spending.

But there are many options, making it difficult to find the best credit card in Switzerland. So, this article will explore the different credit card options that are available in Switzerland.

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Swiss Deposit Insurance – When a Bank Bankrupts

Retirement, Switzerland

We have talked a lot about Swiss Banks on this blog. But we have not yet talked in detail as to what happens to your money if one Swiss Bank defaults (bankrupts).

In that case, there is a special deposit insurance for the customers of the failed bank. Even though Swiss banks are reputed very safe, they are not infallible. It is essential for customers what would happen to their bank account balance if their bank goes bankrupt.

In this article, we will cover this deposit insurance in all its details and see what people can do about that.

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12 Things I Love about Switzerland – Beautiful Country


Even though there are some things I dislike about Switzerland, I love living in Switzerland. In this post, I list the things I love about Switzerland.

There are 12 things on my love list! And there are not the only things I love about Switzerland. I have many more things I like about it than things I do not like.

Before you read what I love about Switzerland, you should be aware of my situation! You have to remember that I live in the Swiss countryside. I live in a tiny village. And I do not like cities. Some people like cities more than villages. But I would hate living in a town. I also enjoy hiking a lot, and I like being outside. This situation will be reflected in some things I like the most about Switzerland.

Below, you will find 12 things I love about Switzerland. They have almost nothing to do with money. And they are in no particular order.

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Finpension 3a Review: An excellent new third pillar

Investing, Switzerland

Finpension just started their third pillar offer: Finpension 3a. And it is extremely interesting.

Finpension is already behind valuepension, the best vested benefits (second pillar) account available in Switzerland. So, it is great that they now start to offer a third pillar account.

So, let’s review Finpension 3a in detail.

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