Early retiree in Switzerland – Dror’s Story

Retirement, Switzerland

Most of the time, when we hear stories of early retirees, they are all living in countries where the cost of living is much lower than in Switzerland. But recently, I have had the chance to interview an early retiree in Switzerland!

Dror has retired in Switzerland in 2021 at the age of 46. His story is very interesting, in that he is one of the first early retirees I have had the chance to talk with.

Without further ado, here is the story of Dror Allouche, an early retiree in Switzerland!

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When is Mobility cheaper than owning a car?

Save, Switzerland

I have talked about car costs a few times already on this blog. However, I have never written about Mobility.

Mobility is a Swiss car-sharing cooperative. Mobility has a large fleet of cars in Switzerland. Mobility users can then use these cars when they need them and do not need to own a car.

Is Mobility actually cheaper than owning your car? Let’s find out!

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The costs of daycare in Switzerland

Switzerland, Save

Daycare is a large portion of the budget for many people in Switzerland. Indeed, daycare can become quite expensive quickly, especially if you have several children.

So far, we have not put our son in daycare, but we think we may do it next year. So, I wanted to delve into the costs of daycare in Switzerland.

I only talk about daycare facilities, not about day moms, nannies, or other ways to ensure people are taking care of your child. I may speak of these in another article if people are interested.

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Household and Personal Liability Insurance


I have covered several types of insurance on this blog before. But there is one type of insurance that I did not cover: household and personal liability insurance.

Household insurance will cover your items in case of fire, damage, or theft. And personal liability insurance will cover damage that you will do to other persons’ items.

I talk about these together because they are generally offered together by insurance providers.

So, let’s see what these two types of insurance are.

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Freya 3a Review (Discontinued)- Pros & Cons

Retirement, Investing, Switzerland

Update: Freya will be discontinued at the end of 2021!

Using the third pillar in Switzerland is a great way to save money on your taxes. However, it is not always easy to choose a third pillar provider since there are many of them, and new ones are regularly coming.

Freya 3a is a new third pillar available in Switzerland. They aim to provide sustainable investments for the third pillar, and they claim that they are doing differently than the existing third pillars and at a reasonable price.

This Freya 3a Review will show what Freya 3a is, its fees and strategies, and how it compares with other third pillars. At the end of the article, you will know whether you should use Freya 3a for your retirement money.

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True Wealth Review 2022 – Cheapest Robo-Advisor

Investing, Switzerland

Are you looking for a low-cost and reliable Robo-advisor?

True Wealth is a leading Swiss Robo-Advisor. They are the first  Robo-Advisor, started already eight years ago. And they are also the cheapest Robo-Advisor available in Switzerland.

In this in-depth review of True Wealth, I look in detail at their investment models, their fees, and their security.

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Is inflation in Switzerland really that low?


In 2020, inflation in Switzerland was negative, at -0.7%. It means that, on average, consumer prices have decreased in the year 2020. So, life has become cheaper in Switzerland.

But is life in Switzerland really cheaper? And if so, is it cheaper for everybody? Today, I want to delve into inflation numbers for Switzerland and what they exactly mean. As we will see, inflation is not a perfect indicator of the cost of living in Switzerland.

So, this article will talk in detail about inflation in Switzerland.

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The role of the Swiss National Bank (SNB)


What the Swiss National Bank (SNB) does is not very clear for many people in Switzerland. So, I thought it would be interesting to research this subject and write about my findings.

The Swiss National Bank is quite famous, even abroad, but what does it really do? It is because of it that we do not have any interest rate in our bank accounts?

Let’s see in detail what this central bank is doing. We will also see that the Swiss National Bank has several unique characteristics.

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