9 Great Reasons to Live in a Small Countryside Village

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9 Reasons to live in a small countryside village

I have lived in a small village all my life. Actually, I have lived all my life inside the same village. And I do not really want to change this. A lot of people find this very surprising. Today, we are going to discuss why anyone would want to live in a small country village.

For me, there are too many advantages of living in the countryside and especially in a small villages. Of course, there are also disadvantages and some people may not like it. But for me, it is great :) In this post, we are going to focus on the main reasons why I love living in our small village.

1. Villages are quiet

A lot of people will not agree with me, but I love the quietness of small villages. It is really great. You can rest on your balcony and only hear the bells of the cows and a few other animals. There is almost no traffic and no people shouting in the street. This is really something I like.

In a city, there is the noise of the traffic.And you do not get the illegal parking either. There is the noise of all the people in the streets. And of course, there is also the noise of the restaurants and pubs that are open late. There is also quite often some construction work. Even though construction also happens in the villages, there is much less of it and it often last shorter.

And most of the time, you do not get unwanted guests. There is very rarely anyone coming to my apartment that I have not invited before.Of course, there are exceptions. But it’s really rare. There may be the occasional visit of the Jehovah’s witnesses ;)

2. You can get more space

If you live in a village, it is easier to get a larger apartment or even a house. Of course, you can also find big apartments in cities, but the prices are not comparable. I say that, but our current is not big at all. We have around 70 square meters. This is not big by village standard. But so far, it has been enough.

Space in the apartment is great, but space around the apartment is much better! We have about 150 square meters of lawn around my apartment. This is really enjoyable. I need to have a terrace on the ground floor. This is just something I cannot live without. Nothing better than to go outside after work, have a coffee and read a great book. And we can also receive guests for a lunch or a dinner outside on our lawn.

Our garden starting to look good
Our garden starting to look good

In our case, it is actually big enough that we can have a vegetable garden just outside our apartment. This is really awesome. It is very rare to be able to have a vegetable garden in the city. Some people are renting some spaces in city gardens. But it is much more convenient when the garden is just outside of your apartment.

3. Villages are cheaper

For a frugal person, this is very important. Apartment in the countryside are cheaper than apartment in cities. This is when we are comparing same size apartment. For the same price, you can get bigger apartments or houses. This is especially true if you want some space around your apartment or house. The price is land is more affordable as well. And restaurants in the countryside are also sometimes cheaper. However, most restaurants in Switzerland are not really cheap ;)

Of course, some villages are much more expensive than others. For instance, some village next to lakes have been actually quite expensive. But in general, in Switzerland, villages are quite cheaper than cities.

4. Villages are nicer

Nice village view
Nice village view

Even though there may be some exceptions, cities are quite ugly. Buildings are most of the time not nice looking. It is all the same thing. Shops, buildings, roads, … Nothing really nice. Of course, there are some exceptions. There are some parks and some city centers are quite nice. And some special buildings can be quite beautiful, especially in historic city. But the overall average city is not great. Even if some city centers are great, most people do not live in the nicest part of cities. It is either too expensive or simply too full. Some most people actually live in the worst parts of the cities.

Villages are almost always nicer. There are much more houses in a village than in a city. Cities are full of big buildings full of apartments. I think that most people will agree that a small set of houses looks much nicer than an ugly big building. As ever with niceness, this is highly subjective of course. I may be wrong on that one. But that is at least my point of view.

5. Villages are more green

A nice green village
A nice green village

You may have some parks in your city, but overall, villages have much more of it than cities. There are some very large fields in the countryside. Some fields have animals and some fields are growing vegetables. For instance, most of the space in my village is covered by fields.

Not only is there fields, but there are also forests and even sometimes rivers. For instance, just next to my house is a big field with cows and sheep. I can walk in less than five minutes to the next river. Also, there is a forest just a few minutes away as well. I can go hiking from my home to a small mountain. Finally, having a big lawn makes our place much more green. This is really nicer and more peaceful.

6. Villages are cleaner

Even though most of Switzerland is quite clean, villages are definitely cleaner. There are several reasons for this. First of all, there are fewer people. This directly translates into less trash. Also, in villages, people are not putting their garbage on the street for the garbage disposal. There are places to dispose of garbage. This is something I have always disliked about the city. There is nothing less enjoyable than walking in a city where there are garbage bags on the sidewalks. This is so much better.

It is also less polluted. A reason for that is the smaller number of cars. Fewer cars means less pollution. You can definitely feel the difference in air quality between big cities and the countryside villages. Especially if your village is higher in altitude the city.

7. People are nicer

I have always found that people are nicer to each other in small villages. You always know your neighbors and you help each other. People meet in small villages party. Every time there is an event, there are many people you know. You get to know the people who work in the shops and the organizations. The people I know that are living in the city all said that this was not the case in cities. Sometimes, there are some exceptions in small parts of the cities where it is different.

In cities, there are too many people to know each other. Most people do not even know their same-floor neighbors. This is not something I want. I like having only a few neighbors and knowing them. I regularly talk to my neighbors and we had several parties with them. If I need something, I can ask them. This feels great.

8. Villages are safer

There are much fewer crimes in villages than in big cities. We are very lucky in Switzerland with a generally low crime rate. But it is even better in the countryside. That is not to say there is no risk. I do not know of any place in the world when there is zero chance of crime.

But nobody will argue that fewer crimes, attacks and burglaries is a bad thing. I never heard any of my acquaintances have any problem with crime in the countryside. I know many people who are confident enough to let their doors open at home. Many bicycles are left unattended. And nothing happens. Isn’t this awesome :)

9. It is better for children

I believe it is better to raise children in the countryside than in cities. This is related to most of the reasons that I have mentioned before. But there are other reasons that I think it is better to raise them in a countryside village.

They will have much more room to play. I remember playing in many places when I was growing in our village. We went playing in the fields, in the forest and even in the rivers. And they will probably do something better than just stay in front of a TV or computer. I am not the best example of that since I spent a lot of time playing video games. But there were a lot of opportunities to go play outside. This is much more healthy. We very often went walking with my family.


For me, there are many advantages to living in a village and not in a city. The quality of life is better in my opinion. It is nicer, more peaceful, safer, greener and cleaner. Great, right? Of course, there are some disadvantages. For instance, there are only a few shops and you often have to take the car if you need something. But that is a small price to pay to have such a high quality of life.

For now, I do not see myself moving out of our village. I see myself moving into a house in the coming years though. However, I know that Mrs. The Poor Swiss does not like isolation as much as I do. So I may have to compromise on this and maybe move halfway from our village to the city. But, this is future’s talk.

Watch this video about one village from Switzerland, Gimmelwald, to be convinced about the beautiful small villages of this country:

What about you? Do you prefer to live in a city or a village? And why?

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  1. I love villages. Every time I moved the next village was smaller than the previous one. As we have public transport until 8 pm a car is not completely necessary but makes errands easier.

    1. Hi Erma,

      Glad to see that I am not the only one to enjoy very small village :)
      I would also like to move into an even smaller village next. But I will have to convince Mrs. The Poor Swiss who would like a bit more life in the village.
      We also have a few buses until 9pm. But the problem is the frequency. There are too few of them to not waste time waiting for them at the bus station once the errands are finished.

      Thanks for stopping by :)

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