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(Disclosure: Some of the links below may be affiliate links)

I believe that every blogger owes as much transparency as possible to its readers. And this is incredibly important for personal finance blogs such as mine.

I have already talked about the current lack of transparency in the personal finance community.  And this is something I plan to talk about even more in the future.

We are currently trying to become financially independent before we are turning 50. We plan to stay in Switzerland. We do not know if this will be possible. But we are going to try.

Talking about transparency, you may wonder why I blog semi-anonymously. I say semi-anonymously because there are pictures of me on the blog. And several people have already me. But I would still like to keep this semi-anonymity for one reason: my company. Currently, my company does like not their employees to discuss their salaries. I do not want to stir some trouble with that blog. But I do not plan to blog anonymously forever!

How we are doing?

We are currently very far from being Financially Independent. In fact, we are about 10% in our way to Financial Freedom.

There are some things that play in our favor:

  • I have a somehow high salary. I currently earn about 140’000 gross CHF per year.
  • We never had any debts.
  • We both had a good education.
  • We currently do not have children. But we plan to have children which may change our plans.

If your situation is different, you may not achieve the same results as we do. But even if your salary is lower, it may just take you longer to reach Financial Independence. And every journey to Financial Independence is a different journey!

Our numbers

Since I am all about transparency, it is important for me to share actual numbers. I personally dislike blogs that do not share actual numbers.

On this blog you can find:

  • Our savings rate, month after month
  • Our goals, month after month
  • Our progress towards financial independence

This is all available in our monthly updates, month after month.

We try to be as open as possible with all the numbers and I hope you appreciate it!

We also try to be as fair as possible when computing our numbers. We are not inflating our numbers with some tricks just for showing off!

Money on the blog

I also want to be transparent about the blog and money.

Currently, the blog does not even break even. Hosting is costing me more than the little returns I get. Nevertheless, this blog is monetized using affiliate links. Read my Disclosure about that for more information. If you click on an affiliate and make a purchase, I will receive a small bonus at no cost to you. This is the way I am using for trying to break even.

However, I would never use an affiliate link for a platform I do not recommend. For instance, I started advising Bluehost, but then I realized it was a really bad company and I removed all my affiliate links. Now, I only recommend SiteGround. This is the host I am using.

I am not currently trying to make a significant amount of money on this blog. I am just trying to get something for a large amount of time I invest.

Any other questions?

If you feel like some information is missing from this blog, please let me know in the comments below or use our Contact Information.

Or if you have another question regarding transparency (or anything else for that matter), please do not hesitate to comment below!