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Top 10 posts from The Poor Swiss

(Disclosure: Some of the links below may be affiliate links)

Here is a list of the Top 10 articles at The Poor Swiss. This is a small selection over all the posts that the blog contains. I selected some of the most popular posts and some of the posts I really like. This list is not static, I may update it in the future to adapt to new posts.

Let me know what you think of this list. What would you add to the list? Or remove from the list?

1. 7 Reasons to want to be financially independent – I really liked this post because writing it made me realize that there are many more reasons to become Financially Independent (FI) than I thought. At first, I was only thinking it would be good to retire early. But it turns out there are a  lot of reasons to become FI!

2. My 9 biggest investing mistakes – How to avoid them! – I have made many investing mistakes over the years. Here, you will find the 9 biggest of these mistakes. This post was really popular and was featured on RockstarFinance. It is really important to recognize mistakes and learn from them.

3. Emergency Fund – Do you really need one? – Many people advocate for having a large emergency fund to cover several months of expense. But I believe that it does not have to be that big. You may be more insured against some emergencies than you think. Writing this post made me realized that I did not need such a large emergency fund.

4. Grow your income or spend less to reach FI? – Most people focus on reducing their expenses in order to reach Financial Independence faster. And this is great! But there are only so many expenses you can cut! Another way is to grow your income. There are limits and differences between these two methods. But both methods will help you to reach FI faster.

5. My 7 biggest budgeting mistakes – How I fixed them! – Not only did I make investing mistakes, but I also made mistakes in my budget. For instance, I did not correctly account for some recurring expenses or some holiday expenses. It is important to realize these mistakes, fix them and not do them again.

6. Revolut Credit Card – No more foreign exchanges fees – I spend several thousand dollars each year in foreign currencies. Until I discovered Revolut, I always paid about 1.5% fees on this money. Now, I can spend this money with zero fees! The Revolut card is really great if you spend often in foreign currencies.

7. My monthly personal finance routine – 11 things I do each month – I am a man of habit. I believe that routines help a lot to not miss anything. Each month, I do 11 things to manage my personal finances. I do the same steps every month and this helps me a lot managing my money. If you decide to start a money routine, you will find that it will save you a lot of hassle and time!

8. Our trip to Orléans, France – Beautiful city – I went to Orléans to present one of my paper to a conference. I did not think the city would be so nice. We also happened to be there the day France won the Soccer World Cup! Overall, it was a really nice trip and quite frugal as well! We really enjoyed the beautiful city of Orléans and actually preferred it to Paris.

9. How to build a DIY bookshelf for 65$ – When we needed a new bookshelf for the apartment, I decided to try to build my own bookshelf. This was my first DIY project and I had a lot of fun building this bookshelf. I learned many things about woodworking and so can you! It is not very difficult to build a nice bookshelf or any other simple furniture for that matter. And it turns out that it is quite cheap!

10. Money lessons from animated series – South Park #1 – Did you ever think you could learn money lessons from American animated series such as South Park? It turns out you can! In this post, I take five episodes from South Park and extract important money lessons! This was a very funny post to write! If you like this kind of post, there are money lessons in other animated sitcoms as well.

If you did not get enough articles to read with this list, you can also go through the entire Archives of all the articles from The Poor Swiss.

Which of these top 10 posts is your favorite post? Do you have a different post in mind?