Ricardo Increases Its Fees for Selling Things Online

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I am selling a lot of things online. For this, the main site I am using is Ricardo. This is an auction website. You set a start price and an optional instant price and people can bid on your item. The highest bidder will win after a set time for the auction. I have found out Ricardo to work quite well for my needs. I have made several hundreds of Swiss francs on this website.

However, Ricardo is not free. You pay some fees to sell your things online. Even though I would prefer using a free service, I found out that my things sell better on Ricardo than on free alternatives. Yesterday, Ricardo just announced that they updated their fees. The new fee model will be active from September 13th. In this post, I am going to describe the changes and exactly what this means for you if you want to sell things online on Ricardo. We are going to look at when you are actually saving money compared to before and when you are losing money.

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Lessons Learned after 6 Months of Blogging

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I just realized that this blog has been already been alive for more than six months already! Happy blogging anniversary The Poor Swiss!

The first post on this blog is from October 10. At that point, I hosted it directly on wordpress.com. It has only been self-hosted since March 2 with bluehost.

I started blogging here to motivate me to save more each month. In the beginning, my finances were in really bad shape. I had to reduce a lot my expenses and I was also lucky to increase my income. Since the beginning, my savings rate have increased. March 2018 was my best month with more than 46% savings rate! I am starting to get more confident about my finances. Of course, it is still not perfect, but it is better. I want to improve them progressively over time. I do not think there is a perfect budget. One can always improve his budget.

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I made the Blog Faster and More Secure!

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These days, I have made many updates on the blog. Since the migration to self-hosted WordPress, I have improved the performance of the website, fixed the HTTPS version of the site and cleaned up my WordPress plugins. I am hoping that this will improve the experience of the readers of the blog.

In this post, I am going to describe the changes I have done recently. The goal is to improve the performance of the website as well as the Search Engine Optimization (SEO) of the website. This will be a blogging and hosting post, nothing really related to finance here :)

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No Billag: Swiss People Like Taxes

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Yesterday, the Swiss people were voting on several objects. The No-Billag initiative was one of them, as I mentioned earlier. This initiative wanted to remove the Billag tax. This tax supports the Swiss TV and Radio services. This tax is currently around 450 CHF. But the government will reduce the tax next year to 365 CHF. Unfortunately, the Swiss citizens strongly refused the initiative :(

I have to say that I am quite disappointed in my fellow citizens today. It seems like people like to pay inconsiderate taxes. Thus, we will still have to pay this tax. The only upside is that the tax will be less expensive next year. But that is still a tax paying for nothing I am using.

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