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Update: I have migrated away from bluehost to SiteGround. I do not recommend you to use bluehost anymore. You can read the reasons why I do not recommend bluehost anymore.

I took some time today to migrate the site out of wordpress.com to bluehost. The free hosting at wordpress.com is not bad, but miss the full capabilities of full WordPress. Now, I can install all the plugins I want, do any custom change and improve the site to be exactly what I want. This is only possible with self-hosted WordPress. I also wanted a real domain for visibility reasons :) Another advantage of a self-hosted is that it will greatly improve your  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The new URL of this website is now: https://thepoorswiss.com/

Migration to bluehost

This was one of my Goals for 2018, so I can consider this one done :)

Today, WordPress is easy to set up and many hosting providers have automated installation mode. This should very easy to do whatever computer skills you have. I think that WordPress is the easiest of the various content systems today. As for my hosting plan, I decided to go with bluehost.

Why did I choose bluehost? There are several reasons why I choose bluehost over other hosting providers. First, it’s cheap :) You can host your website for as low as 3.95 USD per month. Moreover, they offer you the domain your choice, that is also a small benefit. bluehost is an official partner of WordPress. Their WordPress support is very good. They also have tutorials for WordPress on bluehost. This makes it a very good candidate for hosting WordPress sites. Many bloggers recommend them, including some finance bloggers that I follow :)

The installation of WordPress on bluehost could not be easier. A simple click, and your site is ready to go :) You can also login to WordPress from bluehost, no need to go through the site itself.

Since I already had a WordPress site, I used the Export and Import features of WordPress to transfer all the data. Everything worked like a charm. I switched the theme for now, but I am not sure I will keep it. I only recreated the blogroll. It is nothing very difficult, it is just weird that WordPress does not do it. That is all I had to do to transfer my website. I have tried to use bluehost caching to improve the performance of the website. But I was not convinced with the performance. Thus, I used W3 Total Cache to perform the caching and improve the performance. I may use Cloudflare as CDN to improve performance even further. I added Yoast SEO plugin to check for SEO and improve the referencing of the site.

Furthermore, I am also going to start building some more audience of the site. I have already registered with Google Analytics and Google Search Console for simple monitoring. This will help me track the audience over time. I have added a mailing list if you want to get informed when I publish a new post. I have also created a Twitter account if you want to follow this blog.


Update: I have migrated away from bluehost to SiteGround. I do not recommend you to use bluehost anymore. You can read the reasons why I do not recommend bluehost anymore.

If you find any problem with the new website, please let me know by adding a comment to this blog. In the coming days, I will check over the blog and check all the pages again. I may make some changes. But I do not expect a lot of changes.

What do you think of WordPress? And what of bluehost?

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