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Update: I’ve migrated away from bluehost to SiteGround. I don’t recommend you to use bluehost anymore.

I took some time today to migrate the site out of wordpress.com to bluehost. The free hosting at wordpress.com is not bad, but miss the full capabilities of full WordPress. Now, I can install all the plugins I want, do any custom change and improve the site to be exactly what I want. This is only possible with self-hosted WordPress. I also wanted a real domain for visibility reasons :) Another advantage of a self-hosted is that it will greatly improve your  Search Engine Optimization (SEO).

The new URL of this website is now: https://thepoorswiss.com/

This was one of my Goals for 2018, so I can consider this one done :)

Today, WordPress is easy to set up and many hosting providers have automated installation mode. This should very easy to do whatever computer skills you have. I think that WordPress is the most easy of the content system today. As for my hosting plan, I decided to go with bluehost.

Why ? There are several reasons why I choose bluehost over other hosting providers. First, it’s cheap :) You can host your website for as low as 3.95 USD per month. Moreover, they offer you the domain your choice, that is also a small benefit. bluehost is an official partner of WordPress. Their WordPress support is very good. They also have tutorials for WordPress on bluehost. This makes it a very good candidate for hosting WordPress sites. Many bloggers recommend them, including some finance bloggers that I follow :)

The installation of WordPress on bluehost could not be easier. A simple click and your site is ready to go :) You can also login to WordPress from bluehost, no need to go through the site itself.

Since I already had a WordPress site, I used the Export and Import features of WordPress to transfer all the data. Everything worked as a charm. I switched the theme for now, but I’m not sure I’ll keep it. I only recreated the blog roll. It is nothing very difficult, it is just weird that WordPress does not do it. That is all I had to do to transfer my website. I have tried to use bluehost caching to improve the performance of the website. But I was not convinced with the performance. Thus, I used W3 Total Cache to perform the caching and improve the performance. I may use Cloudflare as CDN to improve performance even further. I added Yoast SEO plugin to check for SEO and improve the referencing of the site.

I’m also going to start building some more audience of the site. I’ve already registered with Google Analytics and Google Search Console for simple monitoring. This well help me track the audience over time. I’ve added a mailing list if you want to get informed when I publish a new post. I have also created a Twitter account if you want to follow this blog.

If you find any problem with the new website, please let me know by adding a comment to this blog. In the coming days, I will check over the blog and check all the pages again. I may make some changes, but I don’t expect a lot of changes.

What do you think of WordPress ? And what of bluehost ?

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