How to migrate Email Followers from Jetpack to MailerLite

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How to migrate Email Followers from Jetpack to MailerLite

I think that all bloggers will agree that a good email list is an essential part of blogging. Nobody wants users to be unable to register to the email list. That is just what happened to me with my Jetpack Subscriptions. Some users have told me they were not able to register to my email list. Therefore, I decided to migrate away and I selected MailerLite as the replacement.kondo

In this blog, I am going to go over the problems with Jetpack for email marketing. I will go over a few alternatives for email marketing and go into more details of MailerLite, the service I have chosen. You will also find information on how to migrate followers from Jetpack to MailerLite.

If you read this article but did not receive an email, you may have been part of the non-email followers before. Unfortunately, I was not able to migrate these followers to MailerLite. I hope you will take the time to subscribe once again. The form is available in the sidebar on the right of this post.

Problems with Jetpack Subscriptions

Jetpack Logo
Jetpack Logo

The biggest issue I have with Jetpack Subscriptions is that it does not seem to work for some users. I have had several users telling me that they could not subscribe no matter how many times they tried. In all cases, the error message was cryptic at best and not helpful. And this is only the people who contacted me. There are probably others who simply gave up after not being able to subscribe.

This first issue is definitely a bug for me. However, there are also many limitations with Jetpack Subscriptions. The biggest limitation is that it is impossible to send an email to subscribers. I wanted to send an email to my subscribers but it is not possible. Jetpack Subscriptions is not an email marketing service. It is just a simple way to send automated emails to subscribers on new posts. Only automated mail on new posts can be sent. It is a very big limitation of Jetpack.

Another problem for me is that Jetpack mixes email followers and WordPress followers. That means it is impossible to get the emails from the second group. And hence it is impossible to migrate to another platform without losing these followers. You cannot even contact WordPress users. I think it is a pretty bad system. They are just trying to lock users in.

These two big limitations are nothing new. You may wonder why I started using it with these two limitations? To be honest, I underestimated the impact of email marketing. When I started, I did not want to focus on that so I chose the simplest solution.

Given the big issue and all the limitations, I decided it was time I moved away from Jetpack subscriptions. So I needed to find an alternative to Jetpack Subscriptions.

Alternatives to Jetpack Subscriptions

Now, there are tons of alternatives to Jetpack Subscriptions. Here are the most popular email marketing tools among WordPress bloggers:

All of these services have much more features than I am planning to use. I have very simple needs. First, I simply want to have a list of emails to which I can send and schedule emails. Also, I need simple signup forms and simple statistics. Therefore, my main point when choosing a service is the price.

Since I have very few subscribers, I wanted something that I could use for a while for free. And then I wanted something that could stay cheap if I had more than 2000 subscribers.

Out of these four, only MailChimp and MailerLite have free plans based on the number of subscribers. MailChimp allows for 2000 subscribers for free and MailerLite has 1000 subscribers for free.

I then checked the price for these four services for two numbers of subscribers:

Email Service 2000 Subscribers 4000 Subscribers
MailChimp 30 USD / month 50 USD / month
AWeber 20 USD / month 49 USD / month
ConvertKit 49 USD / month 79 USD / month
MailerLite 15 USD / month 30 USD / month

Since MailerLite has a free plan and is at a reasonable price for more subscribers, I decided to go with it!


MailerLite Team
MailerLite Team

MailerLite is a young company compared to the other alternatives. It has been founded in 2005. But it only started recently to make more and more adepts. It is being developed by a team of young people. Since it was introduced, it has been growing quite fast. Their biggest advantages are their prices and the very user-friendly editors for forms.

MailerLite offers a free plan for up to 1000 subscribers. You can send up to 12’000 emails per month with this plan. This will be more than enough for me for quite some time.


MailerLite provides an excellent service for mailing lists for websites. And the service is free for less than 1000 subscribers!

MailerLite has all the features I need for this blog. And it should be more than enough for most small and medium blogs.

First, you can create several groups of subscribers. Then, you can create several forms in order to capture subscribers. You can see one example in the sidebar on the right of this post. You can create Embedded Forms, Popup Forms, and Landing Pages. So far, I have only used Embedded Forms. It is very easy to do and you do not need any HTML or coding knowledge.

Once you have some subscribers, you can send emails to them with Campaigns. You create your email message directly in a visual editor. It is really easy to do and you have many elements you can add to your messages. Once you are ready, you can send a test mail to yourself to make sure it looks like you want. Finally, you can send the mail right now or schedule it for later.

I have not been using it for long. But I really like it so far. It is very easy, even though it is the first time I am using a true email marketing service.

Create a Mailerlite account

MailerLite Logo
MailerLite Logo

After I had chosen to switch to MailerLite, I had to create an account at MailerLite.

Opening an account is very easy. You can go to MailerLite and click on the Sign-Up button. They will ask you for some information about you and some information about your business. One thing that they asked that I did not have was an email with domain. So I opened an email with that address and used it. This is a good thing since this is something I should have done a long time ago.

Once you have entered all the information, you will have to wait for them to approve your account. It was really fast for me. It took only a few hours to get approved.

Migrating Followers from Jetpack to MailerLite

Now that I had an account at MailerLite, I had to migrate away from Jetpack.

Transferring your email followers from Jetpack is really simple. You can go to, log in with your site information and then select your site. On the left menu, you can go into Manage > People:

Jetpack Manage People
Jetpack Manage People

Then, you can go to your Email Followers tab:

Jetpack Email Followers
Jetpack Email Followers

From here, you will have an option to export all your email followers to a CSV file. Download and save this file. You can then go to MailerLite and go to your Subscribers. From there you have a big import button.

Import jetpack Subscribers into MailerLite
Import jetpack Subscribers into MailerLite

You can then choose your CSV file and click Import. And voila! All your previous Email Followers will be imported into your new MailerLite account.

If you are a Jetpack user, you will have noticed that I specifically talked about Email Followers and not the other Followers. Unfortunately, I have not found a way to extract these people’s emails. That means I cannot even contact them to inform them. This is pretty bad!

If you know a way to migrate these followers or at least contact them, I would love to hear about it!



MailerLite provides an excellent service for mailing lists for websites. And the service is free for less than 1000 subscribers!

All my Email Followers are now on MailerLite. So far, I am very happy with MailerLite. Creating an account and migrating my followers has been very easy. I have also created a simple Embedded Form to replace the widget from Jetpack. I have only sent two emails so far but everything seems great! I do not plan on doing something fancy for now. But now I have a solid platform for my email list.

Since I was only using Jetpack for three things after this migration, I decided to get rid of it. I had already greatly reduced the number of activated modules. It was time for this plugin to go. I replace one module with an online service and the other two modules by two plugins.

Overall, Jetpack is not a bad plugin. The main problem with Jetpack is that it tries to do too many things. And for none of these things, it is the best plugin available. No single plugin can do everything correctly. I would rather have 3 or 4 very good plugins doing better things than Jetpack rather than have a bloated Jetpack plugin.

If you are a blogger yourself, which email marketing tool do you use?

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