MBudget Mini and Maxi Promotion – Twice More Monthly Data

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MBudget Mini and Maxi Promotion – Double the monthly data

I have had Migros MBudget mobile plan for about a year now. And I have just seen that Migros started a very nice offer on their MBudget Mini and MBudget Maxi mobile plan. You can now get twice more mobile data each month for free. I think it is a great offer. So I wanted to share this offer with you! I hope many of you can profit from this awesome offer!

From July 1st to August 31st, you get twice more data for one year. For the same price! This is also working for current customers! My monthly data allowance just got doubled from 600Mo to 1.2Go :)

Here are the details of the two plans from Migros:

  • MBudget Mini is 19 CHF / month. You normally get 600Mo per month. Now you can get 1200Mo per month
  • MBudget Maxi is 29 CHF / month. You normally get 2Go per month. Now you will get 4Go per month.

If you are an existing customer, there is no downside to it. You can get double the data for one year. If you want to change your mobile plan, this is the perfect plan :)

I have been a customer of Migros mobile plans for more than 1 year now. Recently, I changed from the Maxi to the Mini plan to save 10 CHF per month. I have not had any issue with them so far. The plan is great and I have been able to keep below 600Mo. However, I have to be very careful. But with more data, I will be able to use my phone a bit more. Especially since I do not have WIFI at work anymore. So far, I really their offer. And the network is really good since they are using the Swisscom network which is the best in my region. For now, I do not have any reason to find a better plan. And it is, even more, the case with this offer.

You just need to be careful about something with this offer. It only lasts one year. Do not fall into the trap of getting trapped too much into using more data. Otherwise, you will end up needing more data the following year.  maybe they will extend the offer. But you need to be prepared to cut back on your mobile data usage in one year. Otherwise, you may have a bad surprise.

What mobile plan do you prefer?

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8 thoughts on “MBudget Mini and Maxi Promotion – Twice More Monthly Data”

  1. That seems expensive! I am paying 20 francs with Salt for 3gb a month. And u point use 500 mb max. But it’s a student plan.

    Do you have any suggestions for home Internet? Just moved to a new apartment and need to get Internet!

    Thanks :)

    1. That’s a great price! I’ve just checked the 3GB plan cost 39 for non-student. But they also have a 1.5Go plan for 19CHF per month. Seems great :)

      I’m personally with Swisscom inOne. It’s expensive (80CHF), but there are never problems and since I’m depending on it, I don’t mind paying the premium.
      Since you are already with Salt, you should take a look at their offers. It seems they have a 39CHF per month with very high speed.
      It also depends if you want TV or not ;)

      Thanks for stopping by :)

  2. I got mine last year on Black Friday, 19.- /month swiss-unlimited with 4GB data from Yallo… Huge improvement from my previous plan :-)
    It might be a useful tip to wait for that particular day, interesting offers may show up…

    1. Wow, 4G for 19/month is awesome! Congratulations for getting it. I rarely pay attention to Black Friday (except when I was in the U.S.), but it seems to be getting interesting in Switzerland as well.

      I will have to be careful on November 23rd this year to check for offers!

      Thanks for the tip!

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