How to Sell Things Online in Switzerland in 2019?

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How to sell things online in Switzerland

When you have a lot of things at home, there are probably many of these things that are not necessary. A good way to get rid of some of these things is to sell them. You will save space and earn some money! There are many ways to sell things. But in today’s age, selling online is often the way to go.

For instance, recently, I did some ordering in my technology closet (yes, I am the kind of guy that has a technology closet…). And I realized that I had way too many things stored at home. I also realized that I had way too many servers. So I decided to sell online a few things. I also decided I was being crazy and started to dismount two of my servers to sell the pieces.

I am mostly using online websites to sell things. To be honest, I am far from being a minimalist. This is easily seen by my technology that is still too full after this first purge. But I am trying to reduce a bit the amount of burden I own. And if I can get some money in the process, it is a nice bonus!

In this post, I am going to talk about what am I selling online in Switzerland. And how am I selling them!

What am I selling?

Computer items waiting to be sold
Computer items waiting to be sold

Over the last few years, I have sold many things. There are some things that are easy to sell. But there are some things that are quite difficult to sell.

The things I sold the most is technology stuff. I mostly sell computer pieces. I have sold hard disks, graphics card, processors, RAM, and even network appliances. But, I have also sold a few other things than technology. For instance, I have also sold a fridge, a coffee machine, and a game console.

Almost all the things I have tried to sell were sold in the end. For some things, I did not get as much as I would have wanted. But overall, I was quite happy with my selling. I am not a huge seller. I may have sold maybe 70 or 80 items in the last 10 years. Nothing fancy. If you have any advice on how to improve my strategy, please enlighten me in the comments section ;)

What am I not selling?

There are a few things I am not selling when I need to get rid of them. Sometimes they are too hard to sell for the money you can get. And sometimes, it is just not worth it to sell some things.

First of all, I do not sell books. In fact, I have a hard time getting rid of books. I am buying mostly second-hand books (and cheap Kindle books). So when I want to get rid of one book, I give them away. Either I give them away to charity (EmmaĆ¼s). Or I use an exchange service to give them. At the university where I worked, they were organizing a book exchange each year. I took a lot of books and gave away a few of mine.

If you really want to sell books, you can of course. But it is difficult and I think it is not worth the time. Most books will sell for very little, at least in Switzerland. If you have a really nice collection of a series of book, you have much more chance to sell it.

I am also not selling clothes. Over the years, I found out several times that I had many clothes that I did not wear anymore. And they were still in good shape. It is not easy to sell used clothes by yourself and you often do not get a lot of money back. Since I know a lot of people may need them, I always give away my extra clothes to charity (Red Cross).

Finally, DVDs and Blurays. They used to get a fair price out of a second-hand shop in Fribourg. But now, they give you 10 cents for each of them. This is ridiculous. At this price, I would rather give them away either to people I know or to Charity again. In fact, I would rather throw them in the trash than sell to them.

How to sell online in Switzerland?

Online offer on Ricardo
Online offer on Ricardo

Let’s go the main part of the article, how to sell these things! My preferred way to sell things is to sell online. There are other ways of course, but I prefer using online selling. Some people prefer things like a garage sale. But there are much less popular in Switzerland than in America. And a lot of people are not going to flea markets anymore. So online selling is pretty great!

I am using two websites for selling stuff online. I am using both Ricardo and Anibis.

Sell things online with Ricardo

The first service I am using to sell things online is Ricardo. It is a popular auction-based website. You have two choices for sale. Either you use auctions where you set a base price and people can bid higher on it. Or you set a definite price and people do not have any choice. You can also set an auction with an instant buyout price if you want.

Unfortunately, this a commercial offer, so you will have to pay some fees when you sell. The basic fee is 9% of the final value when you sell. If you do not sell your item, you do not have to pay anything. This is a great thing. However, 9% can be a lot of money if you sell a lot of things!

There are also many options you can use to promote your offers. There are options from 2 CHF to 40 CHF to make sure that more people see your offer. Personally, I have never used any of them. I think it is really too expensive. If you sell really expensive things, you may want to consider it. But generally, I have found out that enough people find my listings to not need additional promotion.

If you are not ready to pay some fees, you should avoid Ricardo at all cost. You can set several options for paying and several options for sending the item or letting the buyer pick the item. Generally, it works much better if you offer to send the item by mail. But for very large items, you can sometimes require the buyer to come to take it.

One tip I have for Ricardo is to translate your auction in German and French. Most Ricardo users are from the German part of Switzerland. By publishing in both languages, you will have a much larger audience and a better chance to sell!

Selling things online with Anibis

The second website I am using is Anibis. It is a simple classified advertisement website. It is like craigslist, but much smaller! You simply publish your ad and wait for people to contact you. You can set a price or simply wait for offers. In most of the cases, people will pick the items up.

Overall, I have had much more success with Ricardo than with Anibis. That is the reason I am willing to pay Ricardo fees. One of the reason is that the Swiss market is quite fragmented. While Ricardo is dominating the auctions, two main websites are sharing the advertisement market. There is Anibis. But there is also Tutti. Before there also was OLX, but they merged with Tutti.

I have started with Anibis and I have not really tried the other one. But if you use them, you will be limited in the market you can reach. I do not think any of the two is really better than the other now. You should choose the one that you like the most after a short inspection. I should probably try Tutti again since I never tried it since they merged with OLX.

While it is free to publish a listing on Anibis, you also have access to promotion options to make your offer seen by more people. Once again, I have never used that. If you are ready to spend some money, you are probably better off using Ricardo in the first place.

My online selling strategy

My online selling strategy is very simple. If I think it is possible to sell it for at least 10 CHF, I am starting with Ricardo. I put the offer up. I found out that there are several important things when selling:

  1. Try to sell with original packing. I always keep original packing so this is not an issue for me. It sells better with original packing and accessories.
  2. Write in two languages. I always write in German and French. You can even use Google Translate. In Ricardo, there are more Swiss German users than Swiss French.
  3. Always offer to send the packet by mail
  4. Use good and large images
  5. Always explain the state of the item
  6. Give as most information as you can about the item.

The most difficult thing to set is the price. I generally always look for similar auctions to see how much they usually go for. I generally set a low price for the auction. And a bit more than what I would think for the instance price. You do not have to set an instant price of course. But some buyers much prefer an instant buyout.

The risk with the instant price is that you put it lower than what is worth. It will get sold in less than 30 minutes in those cases. I got this case when I sold an accessory for a Swisscom TV. In this case, I put an instant price of 100 CHF and it got sold after 5 minutes. I did not check that the price for this item brand new on Swisscom was 150 CHF. I could have put my instant price at 125 CHF at least. But I was still very happy to get 100 CHF and get it fast.

You do not have to use auctions of course. You can simply set a definite price and see if it will sell. I like auctions, a bit for the thrill of it! I got several cases where auctions got several times higher than I would have thought. But I also had cases when the start price did not move at all and I ended up selling below market price.

There is something very important to not forget. When you set an auction with a low base price, you should be ready to sell for this low base price. I had a few items that sold for 1 CHF. Probably, I should have set the base price lower.

I always set the maximum duration for auctions, 10 days. Sometimes the item did not sell in 10 days. If this is the case, I put it back to sell for 10 more days. For this second auction, sometimes I set the price lower. It could simply be that you are competing with too many people. And it will sell one week later. If it still did not sell in 20 days, I put it for sale on Anibis. I do not want to use more money for the sale, so I use a free advertisement website. Even if you set the price to 10 CHF, some people will still try to lowball you. It is up to you to decide what to do!


There are two main websites for selling things online in Switzerland. You can use Ricardo, an auction-based website. Or you can use Anibis. The first one has some fees while the second is free. But I have been much more successful with Ricardo than with Anibis.

So, I am generally going with Ricardo even if I have to pay a small fee. I would rather have something getting sold for a small fee rather than having to wait for several weeks before anybody buys it. But in the end, both strategies will work and the best one will depend on what you want!

This is it for my strategy for online selling things. In my best month, I sold for about 300 CHF of computer stuff online. And I still have a lot of items waiting to be sold. It takes some time to prepare a good offer online if you want to do it right. But I think it is worth it. It saves you a lot of room and gives you some side hustle money!

Now that you learn how to sell things on internet, you may want to learn how to buy things online in Switzerland.

What about you? What do you sell online? How do you sell it?

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