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In order to reduce my monthly expenses, I am trying to optimize each of my recurring expenses. After saving on my car insurance and reducing my rent, I decided to see if I could save money on my mobile plan. And it turned out I could save a lot as well!

Before I started searching, I already had a very cheap mobile plan for my mobile phone. I was using M-Budget Maxi One with 2GB of data per month for 29 CHF per month. This is pretty cheap as Switzerland goes. However, I am very rarely using mobile data on my phone. I have WiFi at work, WiFi at home and WiFi at the gym.

Moreover, I do not use my phone a lot. To be honest, I do not really like smartphones. Even though they are sometimes practical, they are mostly a burden and are destroying social life for a lot of people.

Moreover, some public places such as restaurants are starting to offer free WiFi for their guests. However, there is not that many public WiFi access in Switzerland. Especially when you compare with countries such as China and the United States where you can find free WiFi almost anywhere.

Changing mobile plan

Since I did not need so much data every month, I checked if there were cheaper options for a smaller amount of data per month. The cheapest plan I found was still with M-Budget by cutting in half the amount of data.

So I decided to switch to the M-Budget Mini One plan with 600 MB of data per month for 19 CHF per month. This will save me 10 CHF per month (120 CHF per year). It is not a big saving. But it is already a good enough one. However, it is a 35% improvement compared to the original 29 CHF per month. And it is a very easy change. I will have to be a bit careful about using my phone when going out. But it should be fine.

It is even a good occasion to cut even further the use of my phone. I really think that people should use their phones less. I do not like how the usage of phones is increasing so quickly.

Since there are no delays for changes of plan, I can also switch back to Maxi One if I cannot keep below the limit. But this should be fine. This month, I have used less than 60 MB on my phone. I am guessing that compared to most people, I am really not using a lot of data every month!


So, if you pay a lot for your phone plan, be sure to check if there are no alternatives that could be more frugal and try to save some money! Even if your mobile plan is a small part of your budget, you should still pay only for what you need! I think it is very important to often study all your recurring expenses. You need to make sure that you do not pay more than you need. This is some money that you can save every month. You can even invest this small amount every month.

A lot of people are paying for Unlimited Data plans. However, I am sure that a lot of these people actually can live perfectly with a few GBs of data per month. However, not everybody knows, or care, about these offers. If you are serious about improving your finances, you should definitely try to reduce your data usage.

Spending less each month is very important if you want to reach Financial Independence. It has two impacts. First, it helps you save more during the accumulation phase. And then it helps also by reducing the amount you need during retirement.

What about you? How are you saving money? Do you have a better option for a mobile plan?

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Mr. The Poor Swiss is the main author behind In 2017, he realized that he was spending more and more every year, falling into the trap of lifestyle inflation. He decided to cut on his expenses and increase his income. This blog is relating his story and findings. In 2018, he saved more than 40% of his income. He made it a goal to reach Financial Independence. You can send Mr. The Poor Swiss a message here.

4 thoughts on “Save Money by Changing Mobile Plan”

  1. Greetings from Geneva,

    On my end I used Lycamobile for data only when I arrived in Switzerland. It was 5 CHF/GB or so, I had a usage of 1.5 GBmonth usually. This amounted to 8 CHF/month or so.

    Then I had switched to Sunrise for unlimited SMS/MMS, calls to Sunrise and 3 favourite numbers and 1.5 GB/month for 18 CHF/month.

    Growing a bit frustrated with Sunrise, I jumped on a promotional offer from Salt: Calls, SMS/MMS and 4G unlimited in Switzerland for 19 CHF/month.
    I did have to sign up for 2 years, but Sunrise’s best efforts offer for a comparable plan without commitment was 36 CHF/month.


    I use public transportation to go to work (Geneva to Nyon and back) and I love to travel by train/bus/boat in Switzerland so having a lot of data is quite enjoyable for me.

    I get 100 Mbps on my phone at home in Geneva. I’ll stress test it a bit more and might switch from my 100/100 Sunrise fiber that costs me 50 CHF/month to a 4G modem + Salt at 19 CHF/month

    1. I have to admit that I’m a bit biased to Swisscom network. I’ve had so many issues with Sunrise network that I don’t want to deal with other networks than Swisscom now. Even if it means lower prices.

      I didn’t know Lycamobile has so cheap packs, that’s really great. I knew that Salt have some really great offers, but again Swisscom bias :P

      If I had to use public transportation, I would take unlimited I think too.

  2. Hey Mr.PoorSwiss I’ve been a long time lurker of your blog, log long before relocating to Switzerland to pursue FIRe.

    I did a little bit of research when I moved here and I found out that Mucho Mobile is probably the cheapest operator. Based on Swisscom network, with the plan called DUOMINI, for 17CHF you’ll get 4GB and 300min calls. (Yes no SMS but who does not use Whatsapp or iMessage😊)

    Keep up the good work. Your articles are truly informative.


    1. Hi MrBeardedGuy,

      Thanks for the kind words!

      And thanks a lot for letting me know about Mucho Mobile! It looks amazing. Their packs really look interesting. I am going to try to get more information on it but I am really thinking of switching. Especially since this is the Swiscom network.

      I have no idea how it is possible that I never heard of them before. Do you know how long they have been around?

      Thanks for stopping by!

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