2 Great Free Newsletters to become a Financial Expert

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2 Great Free Newsletters to become a Financial Expert

Generally, you should not base your investing decisions on financial news. It is usually bad advice. Following the crowd will not help your returns. You need to stay the course.

However, that does not mean financial news and stock market news are necessarily not interesting. On the contrary, I think knowing what is going on is interesting.

I like learning about what is going on in the market. Sometimes, it will give you some insights as to why the stock market is up or down, for instance. But most sources of information are pretty bad. I do not want to spend one hour going through a ton of information.

So I went looking for interesting sources of information about finances and especially the stock market. Of course, being frugal, I wanted some free sources of information!

I tried several newsletters, but in the end, I found only two that were really what I wanted: Finimize and Morning Brew. I am going to present these two newsletters and also my arguments for finding them!

Financial newsletters

There are tons of ways to receive information about finance, investing, and the stock market. I am using RSS to follow tons of blogs. However, this is not curated and often not posted regularly.

Recently, I came across a few financial newsletters, and I decided to give them a try. I wanted something that was:

  1. Free. I am not going to pay for financial news!
  2. Short. I do not have an hour each day to read financial news.
  3. Well curated. I do not want to read about any single piece of news. I want to read about important financial news.
  4. Daily. I want to read my news at the same time every day.
  5. Light. I prefer a light style for this kind of newsletter.
  6. Well Written. I do not want to read something poorly written every morning.

Based on my requirements, the best two newsletters I have been able to find are:

  1. Finimize
  2. The Morning Brew

The others I have tested are either too verbose or devoid of value. These two newsletters have value in them and contain a lot of interesting information.

The Finimize Newsletter


Keep informed about financial events with the free Finimize Newsletter! Never miss any important news!

Finimize is a daily Financial Newsletter. It is very concise and full of great information. What is good with this newsletter is that it gets to the point.

Finimize Newsletter start
Finimize Newsletter start

Every daily newsletter is structured in the same way:

  1. Keep It Brief. It explains both news in one sentence each.
  2. Two pieces of news.
    • Each piece of news is well written and short
    • Each piece finishes by a section about why you should care about this news. I think this is important.
  3. Quote of the day. It is pretty much self-explanatory.
  4. One Question and Answer from the community.
  5. One sponsored block.
  6. A What We Are Reading section. It could give you some ideas as to what you could continue reading on.

With only two pieces of news, they keep it short and to the point. On average, it should take you about three to four minutes to read the entire newsletter.

It is really good that the structure of each mail is the same every time. Like this, you know exactly which part of the email you want to look and directly get the information you are interested in.

The goal of Finimize is to let everybody understand finances much better. This would allow people to take much better financial decisions and take control of their future.

Finimize very quickly built over 100’000 subscribers! So I am not the only one liking their newsletter.

My review

Finimize newsletter second piece
Finimize newsletter second piece

I have been receiving this newsletter for about a month now. I like how brief it is. And I also really enjoy the two pieces of news that they chose. The fact that there are only two pieces of news is also a great thing for me.

One thing where Finimize shines is that they are explaining each piece of news in a very simple. There are no complicated finance or investing terms in any part of the newsletter. Even if you have no knowledge of finance and investing, you can still understand every news that Finimize will give you.

Of course, I am not reading every piece of news every day. On average, I think that I read entirely 60% of the pieces. But I always open the newsletter and always check the quick summary.

On the other hand, I do not care about the quote of the day and the Q/A section. And I do not care about the sponsored content either, but this is what makes this newsletter free. So I will not complain too much about that!

If you prefer, they also have a mobile application that recently came out. You can find a lot of personal finance information on this application. I did not try it since I do not like mobile phones. But feel free to give it a try as well!

Since you can unsubscribe at any time and it is free, I would recommend you give a try to Finimize.

Morning Brew Newsletter

The Morning Brew

Keep up-to-date with the financial world with The Morning Brew newsletter.

The Morning Brew is a very famous daily financial newsletter. It is significantly more well-known than Finimize. Over one million persons currently use it!

As its name indicates,  it is meant to be read with your coffee in the morning. If you do not drink coffee, I am sure it goes well with any other drink as well!

The newsletter is designed for young people, millennials mostly. It was founded by two students that were looking for something like this. But of course, if you are older, nothing prevents you from reading it! The main focus is young business-minded people.

These last few years, it has been incredibly successful. Currently, it has over one million subscribers. And it claims about three million USD in revenue. It is really good for a young newsletter company to be so profitable!

The Morning Brew Newsletter
The Morning Brew Newsletter

Every day, the newsletter is structured something like this:

  • The newsletter starts with
  • Five pieces of news. This is all related to finance, of course. But it more varied than Finimize.
  • One sponsored piece of content. Generally, they have a different sponsor for every newsletter. Once again, this is the reason why the newsletter is free!
  • What Else is Brewing? This section contains five more pieces of news. This is very quickly summarized, and you can click on them to get more information if you want.
  • Breakroom. Some lighter content, still related to finance.

The order of the sections is not the same each day. It is a bit disturbing and makes it a bit slower to read sometimes. Overall, it should take you about five minutes to go through the entire newsletter. Of course, that is if you read all the news. You can, of course, choose to skip a few of them.

My review

Overall, it is much longer than Finimize. There are five pieces of content instead of two. If you want more information, this would be great. I would prefer if they cut it down to two or three. And I think it is less interesting than Finimize content. On average, I would say I read about 25% of their pieces of news entirely. I think it should be more curated.

My favorite part of the newsletter is the beginning. I like that they include the stock market trends. There is the very important S&P500 index, for instance. Some people do not care, but I like it.

Moreover, I do not care about some of the news they are covering. For instance, there were a few sports news that I quickly discarded. But I guess this will be the same for each newsletter. It is impossible to satisfy everybody.

I also do not care about the other news they are offering or the Breakroom kind of content. But that is only my point of view!

I still enjoy this newsletter even though I think it is inferior to Finimize. Every morning, I go through it after going through the other one. I believe there is value in both. And they complete each other nicely. If you want more information than what Finimize offers, you should get The Morning Brew.

Since you can unsubscribe at any time and it is also free, I would recommend you give a try to The Morning Brew.



Keep informed about financial events with the free Finimize Newsletter! Never miss any important news!

If you follow these two newsletters and read them day after day, you will learn a lot about personal finance and investing. You can also choose only one of them, of course! But I would recommend you try both.

I plan to continue reading both Finimize and The Morning Brew. I have already learned a lot of things with these two sources of information.

Now, I do this more for personal knowledge than for investment purpose. It is essential to be serious about these pieces of news. It is not because you learned that Snapchat just went up 50% that you should hurry to buy some. Anyway, it would probably be too late.

You should never base your investment decisions on financial news!

What about you? What source of information do you follow? Do you read any of these two newsletters?

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