DEGIRO increased prices for securities, options and futures

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DEGIRO increased prices for securities, options and futures

I have been using DEGIRO for many months now. And I just got the news that DEGIRO will increase its fees for securities, options and futures. At first, I was afraid that this would increase my fees for investing. Fortunately, it turns out this is not the case. So far, I have been quite satisfied with my experience with DEGIRO.

The increase is due to new European Regulations (MIFID II). These regulations are here to better protect investors. And also to improve the efficiency of the stock market. These rules apply to investment firms and trading platforms, such as DEGIRO. They increase the requirements on the internal execution of client orders. This lead to increased costs for DEGIRO on the execution of orders. They decided to adjust their fees because of this.

Three products will become more expensive. Securities (except for US and Canadian markets) will see 0.018% extra fee. Futures and options will see a 0.15 EUR extra fee. That means that Swiss securities are now 5 CHF + 0.058%. And an option on Eurex is now 0.90 EUR per contract.

This is not a huge difference. But it is still noticeable for people using these products. Fortunately for me, I am only buying ETFs. And the price of ETFs did not change! For passive investor using only ETFs, this will not make any difference!

The new tariffs will be active from August 15th. However, DEGIRO is saying it is temporary. This should last at most 18 months. In fact, they are looking for options on how to make it back to the previous low. I think that shows that they are really committed to keeping the fees very low. While still keeping the same level of service. We will see how that goes. I will keep you informed anyway.


The most important fact is that the new increase in fees does not impact investors in ETFs. It only impacts investors that focus on buying stocks and bonds on the stock market. Since I do not plan to do that any time soon, I am not worried about this increase in fees.

What do you think of these new fees? Does that impact you?

6 thoughts on “DEGIRO increased prices for securities, options and futures”

  1. I have been using Degiro for a few years as well, but only to buy stocks. Do you know of any good low cost World Index Funds available through Degiro?

    1. Hi FinanciallyFree!

      Personally, I’m using VT (Vanguard Total World). The TER is only 0.10%. And it’s free in Degiro (at least in the Switzerland version). I think it’s a pretty good world fund.

      Thanks for stopping by and I hope that helps :)

    1. Hi FinanciallyFree,

      Which Degiro are you using ? I think there are differences between the different countries for Degiro. I’m using, the Swiss version.
      Maybe try to search for VT, the ticker symbol.

      1. I’m using I tried to access but it redirects me back to the .nl version. I tried searching for the VT ticker but it wasn’t available.

        Maybe it’s a sign, that I need to stick to my current strategy with crowd lending and rental properties :-)

        1. Haha, maybe it’s a sign indeed. You should contact Degiro and asks them why VT is not available in your version of degiro. You can only access the degiro from your country I think. And you can probably only use your account in one of their sites.

          Sorry about that!

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