One day in Washington D.C. – Frugal and Awesome

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This month, I spent 10 days in the United States for my company. Since it was not far, me and one colleague decided to go visit Washington D.C. while we had the chance.  We only went there for a day but we already were able to see quite a lot of things.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. It is just between the states of Maryland and Virginia. It is interesting to know that they in no real state. In fact, Washington D.C. is in the district of Columbia (hence the D.C.). And its inhabitants do not get a vote in Congress. It is not a huge city, having less than one million people. But it contains many very iconic buildings such as the Capitol, the White House or the Lincoln Memorial. It is really a nice place to visit.

The day was quite cloudy during our visit. Unfortunately, some of my pictures are not very clear as a result. But we did not get any rain and the trip was very good. And very frugal. I managed to not spend anything in D.C. :)

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How do we get around ?

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One thing I did not cover yet on this blog is how do we get around. You may be surprised to hear that we mostly use a car. If you follow several personal finance blogs, you may have heard that cars are almost evil. Most people will actually advocate you to ride a bike or take public transportation.

However, I do not think cars are evil. I do not really like driving, but I like the freedom that a car gives me. Moreover, where I live, it is almost mandatory to own a car. We use it to get around almost everywhere.

In this post, we are going to see how we get around with our car and how we are traveling abroad. I am also going to detail the cost related to my car. I am not going to advocate you to have a car. The choice is for everyone to do. I can totally understand people who do not want to drive. If you live in a city, for example, it is not as useful. But cars are not evil! You can become financially independent with a car ;)

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How to get Swiss Marriage Visa for a Chinese

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Before Mrs The Poor Swiss could join me in Switzerland, we had to go through the procedure to get her a visa. Since we knew that we wanted to get married in Switzerland, we used a visa for marriage. This kind of visa allowed her to come to Switzerland and to get married to me :)

The steps are not really intuitive and take a lot of time (and money). For us, it was a bit overwhelming. In this post, we are going to cover all the steps that we had to do. From the application in China to the reception of the residency permit in Switzerland. This should help any Chinese that wants to get married in Switzerland to get a Visa for this!

Before you do any procedure, there is one thing you need to decide together. The wife can take the name of the husband after the marriage. This is optional. This can surprising since people don’t change name after marriage in China. Even if the wife is from China, she can decide to change her name after the marriage. However, her name in China will not change. And you’ll also need to decide which name will the children take. In our case, Mrs. The Poor Swiss decided to take my name after the marriage and our future children will take the same name as well. This is an important decision of course for the couple.

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Our Honeymoon in Hurghada, Egypt

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One week after our lake wedding, we left for our sea honeymoon! We chose to go to Hurghada in Egypt in an all-inclusive hotel. We wanted to do very little for a few days and wanted to rest. Finally, we also wanted to get something relatively cheap and convenient, hence the all-inclusive. Neither of us had an all-inclusive experience before, so it was about time we tried :)

We used Migros Travel agency to book the entire trip. They booked the plane, the hotel and the transfers between airport and hotel. We compared between booking the trip ourselves and using this agency. It was a bit cheaper for the agency. And we didn’t have to book everything independently. From what we read about Egypt, it is also much better to be part of some tour. This is especially true for the Visa and the shuttle to and from airport.

Overall, it was a great honeymoon. We had a lot of fun, were able to rest and saw some great things! Find out all the details below :)

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Our trip to Orléans, France – Beautiful city

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Last week, we went to Orléans in France. I went there to present a paper for some work that I did at my previous company. The presentation was 5 days, but the first day was only starting late in the night. Friday was finished in the morning. And Thursday was social tours by the conference. So we had quite some time for us. That’s why Mrs The Poor Swiss decided to come around as a small vacation.

All around, it was a great trip in a really beautiful city. We had a great time. I wanted to share this travel for you. And also share some of the pictures we took :)

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November 2017 Update

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November 2017 is over, it is time for another monthly update. After a bad October 2017, I have seen some improvements.

November 2017 was not bad in terms of savings, but it was a bit lower than I was expecting. The savings rate for the month is 14.25%. It is not perfect, but still better than last month. My goal is to go to 25%, but probably will need a raise to go there (I’m still gonna try without the raise).

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