How to transfer a WordPress blog from Bluehost to SiteGround

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After all the problems I had with Bluehost, I decided to migrate my blog from Bluehost to SiteGround. I still have some months of hosting at Bluehost. But I don’t want to deal with them anymore. Thus, I decided to do the transfer as soon as possible. As you read this post now, the website is now hosted at SiteGround.

It took me a bit longer than I thought for the transfer. And I didn’t have as much time as I needed. So I’m a bit late on my blogging schedule. In this post, I’m going to show how I did the transfer to SiteGround.

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Why I will never recommend Bluehost again!

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As you may have seen, my blogs was pretty much not working between last Thursday and Saturday. I had many issues with Bluehost and it took them an unreasonable amount of time to fix the issue. I already had issues before and this last one was a really bad outage. So, I decided I will never trust them again. Since I don’t trust them as hosting provider, I’m not going to recommend them anymore.

I’ve only started using Bluehost a few months ago. But I have had several issues in these months. And these last issues with the website being down for more than a day. They are really doing a bad job… I plan to migrate to another hosting provider soon. In this post, you’ll find the story behind this!

I’m going to start with a question: How many Bluehost support guys do you need to fix a SSL certificate ? You’ll find the answer below 😉

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May 2018 – Wedding and 100K net worth milestone

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A lot of things happened in May 2018! The most important event of this month is of course that we got married! We had a nice and simple wedding with close family and friends.

And as you’ll see, I reached the 100K CHF milestone in my net worth!

Even considering the wedding expenses, this month has some good savings rate. This is mostly due to the extensive gifts we received. This month is the month with my largest income yet. We should have been able to turn it down. Let’s hope we can keep expenses to a low next month.

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Redesign of the blog and Pinterest

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You may have noticed that I did some changes to the design of the blog. There is now more room for the content itself. And the content is the most important part there is, right ? I also created a Pinterest account and added nice images to all the posts! I hope you’ll like these changes.

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First six months of blogging – Lessons learned

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I just realized that this blog has been already been alive for more than six months already! Happy blogging anniversary The Poor Swiss!

The first post on this blog is from October 10. At that point, I hosted it directly on It’s only been self-hosted since March 2 with bluehost.

I started blogging  here to motivate me to save more each month. At the beginning, my finances were in really bad shape. I had to reduce a lot my expenses and I was also lucky to increase my income. Since the beginning, my savings rate have been increasing. March 2018 was my best month with more than 46% savings rate! I’m starting to get more confident about my finances. Of course, it’s still not perfect, but it is better.

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Migrated the blog from to BlueHost

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I took some time today to migrate the site out of to bluehost. The free hosting at is not bad, but miss the full capabilities of full WordPress. Now, I can install all the plugins I want, do any custom modification and improve the site to be exactly what I want. This is only possible with self-hosted WordPress. I also wanted a real domain for visibility reasons 🙂

The new URL of this website is now:

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Birth of this blog

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Welcome to this new blog 🙂

This year has been quite disastrous for my savings. This is due to many big expenses such as plane tickets and unexpected health care. But this made me realize that I’m not saving enough at all. Although I have a good a salary and live quite well, I’ve a tendency to spend too much. Last year, my savings rate was around 18%. This is not really bad, but still lower than I would have liked. But this year, my savings rate is down to around 7%. This is way too low and made me realize that my expenses are way too high. Moreover, the last two months have been negative months although not by a long shot. This month is also likely to end up being negative.

Since this point, I started reading many personal finance blogs and websites. I’ve learned a lot of things about investments and spending. In the coming months, I plan to put theses lessons to work. My main change now will be to reduce my spending. I’ll then continue to learn about investments and I’ll try to put my money to work.

For some context, I’m a 29 years old computer scientist. I just finished my Ph.D in Computer Science and I’m still working in my school. I live in the rural area of the Fribourg state, in Switzerland.

I’ll mostly be writing this blog to motivate myself. I’ll try to share some monthly reports and some information I’ve found.

And don’t forget I’m not very good with my money, so don’t follow everything I do, but you may try to learn from my mistakes.