Capital Gains and Taxes in Switzerland – All you need to know

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Capital gains are something that many people do not understand correctly in Switzerland. And this is especially when it comes to Capital Gains Taxes. I have received many questions on this blog regarding how capital gains are taxed in Switzerland. I am specifically talking about capital gains and the stock market.

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Geo Arbitrage in Switzerland – Improve your finances by moving

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In Switzerland, there are many differences between the different states (or cantons). Can you take advantage of these differences and do geo arbitrage inside Switzerland? We are talking about arbitrage for money advantages.

Most people using geo arbitrage are doing it in different countries. For instance, several people work in Switzerland but then plan to retire in a cheaper country. But I think there are opportunities within Switzerland.

So, we are going to explore the different opportunities for geo arbitrage within Switzerland. Let’s see if people can get more money or reduce their taxes by moving within Switzerland.

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The best Television plans in Switzerland for 2020

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I think we can agree that everybody wants to pay as little as possible for their television bills. Even though you may think your current television plan is the cheapest available, there could be new deals since you started using your plan. It is always important to keep up to date with the latest offers.

There are many Television offerings in Switzerland. Some are expensive, while some can be cheaper than you thought.

In this article, I am going to compare different ways to get Television in Switzerland.

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Renting in Switzerland – All you need to know

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In Switzerland, most people rent their apartment or house. The reason is that access to real estate is quite complicated. But renting is not much simpler. If you want to rent in Switzerland, there are many things you need to know. You will be better prepared and better protected if you learn about this subject.

For instance, did you know that rent prices are indexed on a reference interest rate? If the rate goes up, so does your rent. But if the price goes down, you are entitled to a reduction.

Other subtleties are important when you are renting in Switzerland. For instance, there are many things you need to know about giving back your apartment. I am going to cover them in detail.

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The 4% Rule for Swiss Stocks – Can you retire early?

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Today, we are going to see if the 4% Rule works in Switzerland, with Swiss Stocks, or not. I have wanted to do this experiment for a very long time. Now, I got all the data I need for a full simulation!

I have been able to obtain data up to 1924 for Swiss Stocks and Swiss Inflation. It was not easy since not many people are interested in the data. But now, it is done! So I could finally do the simulation!

I know that many of my readers are waiting for this. And I was also waiting for these results.

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What does the U.S. Estate Tax mean for Swiss Investors?

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Many people think that investing in the United States Exchanged Traded Funds (ETFs) is dangerous. They believe that because of the U.S. Estate Tax. This tax will heavily tax the assets of a decedent.

This tax means that your beneficiary will only get a portion of your estate when you decease. Because of that, many people recommend not to invest in American ETFs (or even stocks).

But is that even true? Many people forget about the U.S. Switzerland double taxation estate tax treaty.

In this article, we are going to study in detail the U.S. Estate Tax and the U.S. Estate Tax Treaty with Switzerland. And we are going to see what this means for Swiss investors.

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How to Sell Things Online in Switzerland in 2020?

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When you have a lot of things at home, there are probably many of these things that are not necessary. An excellent way to get rid of some of these things is to sell them.

You will save space and earn some money! There are many ways to sell items. But in today’s age, selling online is often the way to go.

For instance, recently, I did some ordering in my technology closet (yes, I am the kind of guy that has a technology closet). And I realized that I had way too many things stored at home. I also realized that I had way too many servers. So I decided to sell online a few things.

I am mostly using online websites to sell things. I am far from being a minimalist. It is easily seen by my technology closet that is still too full after a first purge. But I am trying to reduce a bit the amount of burden I own. And if I can get some money in the process, it is a nice bonus!

In this post, I am going to talk about what I am selling online in Switzerland. And how am I selling them!

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25 Personal Finance Statistics about Switzerland

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I know you like personal finance. But I hope you like statistics and numbers! Because today I am bringing you a bunch of them!

For this article, I have collected many personal finance statistics about Switzerland. I have only gathered the most interesting statistics for you!

At the end of the article, you will also find my sources. There are many more statistics available if you want to do some extra research. Each of my statistics can be traced back to these sources. And for each personal finance statistic, I have also noted the year of the statistic.

If you think I missed an important statistic, let me know in the comments below. And I will try to add it to the list!

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Frugal Living in Switzerland Interview 3 – Thomas Sparkojote

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Recently, I have started a series where I interview people living frugally. People have really well received these articles. So I am going to try to keep them going!

Today, I am interview another frugal person living in Switzerland, Thomas “Sparkojote”. He is a young, 23 years old, blogger, living in Zurich, one of the most expensive cities in the world. And he is actually saving more than 80% of his income! This makes him the most frugal of the persons I have interviewed so far! It is incredible how little he is spending.

So here are the answers of Thomas to my frugal interview questions!

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All you need to know about The Third Pillar to retire in Switzerland

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In our Three Pillars of Retirement of Switzerland series, we already talked about the first and second pillar. We now have to cover the most important of the three pillars: The Third Pillar.

The third pillar is the only one that is not mandatory. Everybody is free to choose to invest in the third pillar or not. It is simpler than the second pillar. But there are many more choices than you can make. You can optimize a lot of things for your third pillar.

I believe it is essential to optimize the investment of the third pillar as much as possible. Once you reach retirement, your second pillar should still be larger than your third pillar. But there is not a lot of things you can do with your second pillar.

In this post, you will find all the details you need to invest in a third pillar. And also, what you can do to optimize your use of this last pillar.

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