My 7 biggest budgeting mistakes – How I fixed them

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Over the years, I’ve made many budgeting mistakes. In this post, I’ll try to list a few of the big mistakes I’ve made. I’m talking here about mistakes in the way I did my budget. And also spending mistakes. Some of the mistakes are not a big deal but some of the others made me spend too much. Overall, I would be better off if I had known this a few years ago.

Find out how I fixed my budgeting mistakes. I’ve learned a lot from my budgeting mistakes and I hope you can learn a lot from them too! The idea is of course to avoid them now that you of them ;)

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We started a vegetable garden

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When I was young, I was gardening with my father in our house. And before that, my grandfather was often taking me to his big garden. I always enjoyed it. However, since I moved into my current apartment, I never took the time to start a vegetable garden. Now that my girlfriend moved in with me, we decided it was time to start a garden again.  The idea was to grow some of our own vegetables.

With our apartment, we have a large lawn, filled with grass and a few trees. We asked the owner if we could remove the grass to start a garden. Since she accepted, we started our garden.

I’m going to present all we did with our garden in this post. Neither of us are any gardening expert. We maybe did some mistakes, but we are having fun :) And I wanted to share this project. Also my English gardening vocabulary may not be great. So, gardening experts, don’t get offended ;) I’d be glad to hear all your tips!

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April 2018 – Birthday and new savings record

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After a record-breaking March 2018, April 2018 is even better :) In fact, in terms of savings rate, it is the best month ever! I am really glad I achieved that good result.

Although I had some significant expenses this month, the savings were great. This is partly thanks to the gifts I received this month for my 30 years birthday! I also managed to keep my expenses quite low. And my net worth made a very nice jump. Overall, a great month :)

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7 easy tips to find cheaper Kindle ebooks

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I bought my Amazon Kindle more than 6 years ago. First I bought the original Kindle. A few years later, I bought the Kindle Paperwhite. I’ve been very happy with both. It is such a fantastic thing to travel with all my ebooks in my pocket and not have five, or more, heavy books in my luggage.

Over the years, I bought and read over 120 books on my Kindle. At the time, I was thinking it was very cheap. And indeed, I was saving money compared to print books. I realize now that this may not have been the case.

For frugal people, there is one big issue with Kindle books: You cannot buy used books. In the last two years, I almost have not bought any Kindle ebook. Instead, I bought many used books. There is a second-hand shop, near my current job. I probably bought over 40 books in this time. I bought them for less than 2 CHF each on average. And I only bought books in very good state. The problem is the room they take! My bookshelf is full and books are piling up! I am going to build a new one. But after some time, the new one will be full too. The other problem is traveling. If I need several books, it is a pain to carry them.

So I only bought Kindle ebooks for travelling. But there are still so many advantages to my Kindle. Therefore, I have been looking for ways to find cheap Kindle books. Here are 7 simple tricks to find really cheap ebooks for Kindle.

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You need a budget and how I budget

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Everybody manages its budget in its own way. There is no one single way of doing it. But, everybody need a budget. This is very important. There are many reasons why it’s important.

In this post, I’m going to go over the reasons why you need a budget. I’m also going to talk about the way I’m managing my own. It’s only one of them, but if it works for me, it may work for you!

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No Billag: Swiss people like to pay taxes

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Yesterday, the Swiss people were voting on several objects. The No-Billag initiative was one of them, as I mentioned earlier. This initiative wanted to remove the Billag tax. This tax supports the Swiss TV and Radio services. This tax is currently around 450 CHF. But the government will reduce the tax next year to 365 CHF. Unfortunately, the Swiss citizens strongly refused the initiative :( I have to say that I’m quite disappointed in my fellow citizens today. It seems like people like to pay inconsiderate taxes. Thus, we’ll still have to pay this tax.

There is a BIG problem with this tax. There are two parts to the tax, one part for the radio and one part for the television. If you have a car, you need to pay the radio tax even if you never listen to radio. I never listen to the radio. If you have a television or internet, you need to pay the TV tax even if you never watch TV. Again, I never watch TV. Moreover, this tax is only to pay for Swiss radio and TV services. So if you have a TV and only watch foreign TV network, you still have to pay the tax to finance Swiss TV networks. This makes no sense at all and the Swiss should have refused the initiative yesterday. Now, we need to pay this tax for a long time again with no reason.

To sum up, I will have to pay 365 CHF each year for Radio and TV services that I never use.

There is one slight possibility that I recently came across. When I first registered to this terrible tax, they told me that having internet was enough to need to pay the tax. But, looking at the official conditions, you need to have an account on an online TV service to pay the tax. Thus, I’m going to ask them to remove me from the TV tax and pay only for the radio tax. This should at least save me some money. I’m even inclined to remove my radio from my car to not pay anymore, but that’s a bit extreme.

What do you think about this ? What did you vote ?

How I saved 10 CHF by changing my mobile plan

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After saving on my car insurance and reducing my rent, I decided to see if I could save money on my phone plan.

Before I started searching, I already had a very cheap mobile plan for my mobile phone. I was using M-Budget Maxi One with 2GB of data per month for 29 CHF per month. This is pretty cheap as Switzerland goes. However, I am very rarely using mobile data on my phone. I have WiFi at work, WiFi at home and WiFi at the gym. Moreover, I do not use my phone a lot. To be honest, I do not really like smartphones. Even though they are sometimes practical, they are mostly a burden and are destroying social life for a lot of people.

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Save 53CHF per month by asking for a reduction of rent!

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I just got confirmation from my building manager that they accepted the reduction of rent that I asked for. Although I’m quite satisfied by the answer, they have been incredibly slow in answering me. They answered more than two months after my request… My base rent goes from 1175 to 1122. This will only start at the next term of my lease, on April 1st. But this means that next year, I’ll save 53 CHF * 9 = 477 CHF. And I’ll save even more the following year since all months will be lower :)

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