August 2018 – Wedding and honeymoon

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From a personal point of view, August 2018 was a great month. We had our wedding ceremony with friends and family. Also, we went on honeymoon in Egypt. We really had a great time. We rested, swam, snorkeled and had a lot of fun. This was an awesome honeymoon :)

However, from a finance point of view, August 2018 was not a very good month. We spent a lot for our wedding and I had to take days off without pay. This means a very small savings rate. Fortunately, there was some extra income from the wedding and from the Swiss army. This helped us not being in negative this month. But at least, there was some savings ;)

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July 2018 – Getting back up to speed

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After a disappointing June 2018 month, we managed to get back up to speed in July 2018. We had some strong savings this month. Nothing extraordinary, but pretty good still. We were able to increase our net worth significantly.

Since today is Swiss national day, Happy National Day to all my Swiss readers.

We went to Orléans one week this month. I also spent one week in the army. It was my last five days to serve in the army! Other than that, nothing special happened. It was a good month overall. Let’s go into the details now :)

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How to Sell Things Online in Switzerland?

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When you have a lot of things at home, there are probably many of these things that are not necessary. A good way to get rid of some of these things is to sell them. You will save space and earn some money! There are many ways to sell things. But in today’s age, selling online is often the way to go.

For instance, recently, I did some ordering in my technology closet (yes, I am the kind of guy that has a technology closet…). And I realized that I had way too many things stored at home. I also realized that I had way too many servers. So I decided to sell online a few things. I also decided I was being crazy and started to dismount two of my servers to sell the pieces.

I am mostly using online websites to sell things. To be honest, I am far from being a minimalist. This is easily seen by my technology that is still too full after this first purge. But I am trying to reduce a bit the amount of burden I own. And if I can get some money in the process, it is a nice bonus!

In this post, I am going to talk about what am I selling online in Switzerland. And how am I selling them!

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