Financial Freedom – Book Review

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Financial Freedom is a book by Grant Sabatier. Financial Freedom is about reaching Financial Independence, or Financial Freedom as the author is calling it. The book is set to be released on February 5th. Grant was nice enough to offer me access to a pre-release Kindle version.

It follows mostly the story of Grant who achieved FI in about five years. He was able to become more than a millionaire in less than five years although he was unemployed at the beginning of his story. His story is really interesting and motivating. Oh, and by the way, Grant Sabatier is the successful blogger behind the Millenial Money blog.

However, the book is not only about the story of Grant Sabatier. It is mostly about the lessons that Grant learned during his journey. He will try to teach you all there is to know about how to become Financially Independent yourself.

In this post, I am going to go over the Financial Freedom book into details. The things I liked, the things I did not like and what the book has to offer you!

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7 Proven Ways to Grow Your Income in 2019

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Everybody will agree with me when I say people want to grow their income. A bigger income means more savings, more money to invest and a better ability to spend. Over the years, I have greatly improved my income. And I do not want to stop there.

There are two main ways to reach Financial Independence (FI) faster. Either you reduce your expenses or you grow your income. We have already seen that you should do both if you want to reach FI faster. Most people are quickly reaching some limits when trying to reduce their expenses. On the other hand, growing your income is virtually limitless.

A lot of people do not focus enough on increasing their income. Even in the personal finance community, a lot of people are focusing on reducing small expenses. Whereas it is sometimes easier to get more money!

In this post, I am going to detail The 7 Best Ways that you can use to grow your income. And of course, you are not limited to one of these ways. If you want to increase your income as much possible, you need to work on several fronts. There are other ways as well. If you know a good way to increase your income, please let me know!

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Kuaishou – The Weird Chinese Side Hustle of Mrs. The Poor Swiss

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Mrs. The Poor Swiss started a new side hustle recently. She started video streams on Kuaishou. It is a very popular app in China. She actually managed to get some money out of it. I wanted to talk about this because I have not seen any other blogger mention it. It could be an interesting side hustle for some people. It is a bit like Twitch but not related to gaming at all.

Even though the application is mostly used by Chinese people, there are more and more foreigners that start using it. Almost every people speak Chinese on it. But you can run a show in any language. The problem is that there will not be a lot of people to understand you if you do not speak Chinese.

I am not sure I understand the success of Kuaishou. But this is something that is really working in China. And it seems to be working for Mrs. The Poor Swiss as a side hustle. She actually helped me complete the facts on this article.

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How To Save Money with a Vegetable Garden

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This year was our first year with a vegetable garden. There were several goals in growing our own vegetable garden. The first was because we wanted to have fresh vegetables. The second was that we actually like gardening. And finally, we also wanted to see if it was possible to actually make a profit with a garden.

Since it is now the end of the gardening season, I am going to summarize the results of our garden. It is pretty empty right now since we only have a few winter vegetables. During this season, we kept a precise list of what we got out of our garden. And we of course also kept the list of our expenses. With this, we should be able to know if our garden was profitable or not ;)

Regardless of its profitability, it was a great experience for us. It is so good to be able to enjoy healthy and home-grown vegetables in our dishes! In this post, we are going to show what we got from our vegetable garden. I am also going to share what we learned and the mistakes we did for our garden.

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5 Great Ways to Reach Financial Independence

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We have seen that there are many reasons to want to reach Financial Independence (FI). Once you reach FI, you can do what you want without having to worry about money. This is awesome! You only keep working if you want to. This is something most people would want to achieve. For me, my ultimate goal is to reach FI.

There are several ways to achieve Financial Independence. Indeed, there is not a single path to go from where are you now to the point where you are financially independent. Of course, there are some similarities between some of these ways. But they are different enough. Most of the time, you will need to follow several of these ways to reach Financial Independence earlier.

In this post, we are going to see the different paths you can take to become financially independent. There are surely other ways to reach Financial Independence. But these are the main ways and the ones I know. If you know of another sure way to become financially independent, I would be glad to hear about it.

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5 Money Lessons from South Park #1

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Have you ever wondered if you could learn money lessons from animated sitcoms? If you have, this post is for you! Today, we are going to learn money lessons from five South Park episodes!

This post is going to be very different from my usual posts. We are going to learn money lessons from animated sitcoms. I do not know you about you. But I really like American animated sitcoms. I watched several of them in their entirety. I cannot count the times I laughed uncontrollably at some of their episodes. Yes, they are incredibly dumb. It is the point. But that is what makes them incredibly funny! I like dumb things ;) I have watched the entire collection of South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, and Rick And Morty. And I have watched many episodes many times. I even know some of them almost by heart.

So let’s see if we can learn something from these dumb episodes. The lessons learned can be about investing, personal finance or anything money-related. The first post will be about South Park. For this, I chose five episodes who can teach us something about money. If this post ends up being popular, I am going to try to make several of these posts. I already have several ideas for the next episodes.

The pictures in this post are the property of Comedy Central.

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How I Blog – How I Write Blog Posts

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It has now been over one year that I have started blogging. I have already talked about why I am blogging. Now I want to talk about how I am blogging. I am going to cover most of the things I do when I blog. I am not going to cover things I do that are not related to blog posts. But I am going to go through everything I do while writing new blog posts.

From writing new blog posts to finding images for them and share them on social networks, I am going to try to cover all the aspects of blogging. You will see that even for a small blog like mine, it is a considerate amount of work to write blog posts.

I am hoping that this will be interesting for people interested in blogging and beginner bloggers like me. Do not forget that this blog is still quite young and I should be considered a beginner!

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Grow Your Income or Spend Less to Reach FI in 2019?

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When you are trying to reach Financial Independence (FI), the best way to reach FI faster is to increase your savings rate. Your savings rate is the amount of your net income that you are able to save. For this, you have two options. You can either spend less or grow your income. These two options will directly increase your savings rate. And as a result, they will speed up your road to Financial Independence and make you reach FI faster.

So which should you focus on if you want to reach Financial Independence? There are some advantages and disadvantages to each of them. They do not accelerate your path to FI at the same rate. Find out what you should do to become financially independent.

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7 Reasons to Blog

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Some people wonder why bloggers blog. You may want to know the reasons to blog? There are many reasons why I started this blog. I have started this blog as a simple way to keep track of my progress in improving my budget. This helped me stay motivated a lot.

Over time, I took more and more pleasure in writing posts. So I increased the scope of the blog. I have written many more articles on this blog than I would have thought. In this post, I am going to give you the main reasons to blog that motivate me.

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Ricardo Increases Its Fees for Selling Things Online

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I am selling a lot of things online. For this, the main site I am using is Ricardo. This is an auction website. You set a start price and an optional instant price and people can bid on your item. The highest bidder will win after a set time for the auction. I have found out Ricardo to work quite well for my needs. I have made several hundreds of Swiss francs on this website.

However, Ricardo is not free. You pay some fees to sell your things online. Even though I would prefer using a free service, I found out that my things sell better on Ricardo than on free alternatives. Yesterday, Ricardo just announced that they updated their fees. The new fee model will be active from September 13th. In this post, I am going to describe the changes and exactly what this means for you if you want to sell things online on Ricardo. We are going to look at when you are actually saving money compared to before and when you are losing money.

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