Should you buy or rent a house in Switzerland?

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Last year, we bought a house. Since I shared this fact on the blog, I have been asked several times whether people should buy or rent in Switzerland.

So, I wanted to share my thoughts on the buy or rent subject. I am going to go over the different considerations about buying and renting houses in Switzerland.

While I am going to speak specifically about houses, it also applies to apartments. But since we bought a house, I am more familiar with the market for houses.

There are some differences between the markets for houses and apartments. But most of the same points will also apply to the question of buy or rent an apartment in Switzerland.

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Frugal Living in Switzerland Interview 5: The DoubleDutch Family

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It is time for another installment in our Frugal Living in Switzerland series of interviews!

And today, I was able to interview a non-blogger family for this series. And compared to the other interviewees, we now have a couple of expats that answered together.

Mr. and Mrs. DoubleDutch are able to save a large portion of their income in Switzerland and live with a very reasonable amount of money!

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My Working from Home Experience and Tips


I have now been working from home for more than four months. And overall, I like it a lot! For me, there are many advantages to working from home when compared to going to the office.

But, it takes some time and organization to get used to working from home. So, I wanted to share my experience with you in the hope that it will help some people with working from home.

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Zak Review 2021: Free Bank Account from Bank Cler

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Zak is a free digital Swiss bank account from Bank Cler. It is the first fully digital bank account from Switzerland. It was launched in 2018. As a digital bank account, you can use Zak from anywhere with your smartphone.

The main feature of Zak is that it is free! For all your operations in Switzerland, you will not pay anything. Being free makes Zak very attractive.

Some people dislike digital banks because they are afraid of not having a big bank behind them. But Zak is a bank account from Bank Cler. So you have the advantages of a big bank with the free price of digital banks.

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Investing Fees could cost you your early retirement!

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When you are investing, you want to minimize your investing fees. It is something most people already realize. But what most people do not realize is how expensive fees can be in the long-term.

In this article, we are going to see precisely how much investing fees are hurting you! Not only will we see that they are more expensive than they seem. We will also see that investing fees have a significant impact on your retirement!

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Transferwise vs Revolut: Which Is Best in 2021?


TransferWise and Revolut offer services that are quite similar. They are both offering cheap money transfers in many different currencies. How can you decide between both services?

I have both cards. But, I am mostly using my Revolut card. Many of my readers asked me why I was mainly using my Revolut card, where I could have only used my TransferWise card. Today, I am going to answer the question: Which is better between TransferWise and Revolut?

Both companies will help you save money on foreign currency exchanges. However, they are still different in their fees and their offers. They both have some pros and cons. And that is precisely what we are going to go over in this post.

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Neon vs Revolut: Which is best for you?


Neon and Revolut are both digital banks. Neon is a Swiss company, while Revolut is an international company.

Neon also offers free payments abroad with their cards. This feature makes them a direct concurrent of Revolut, which everybody uses to save on currency exchange fees.

So, it is interesting to compare the two. Do you need Revolut now if you have a Neon account?

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Revolut Review: Never pay any currency exchange fee again!


One big problem with most payment cards is that they charge hefty fees for transactions in foreign currencies. If your base currency is Swiss Francs and you are paying something in dollars, you will have to pay a percentage of the transaction fee. It is not uncommon for credit card companies to charge more than 2% fees on such transactions. That is where the Revolut travel card comes into play!

As we will see, Revolut can help you save a lot of money on foreign transaction fees. Moreover, where banks generally give bad exchange rates between currencies, Revolut usually gives you the best exchange rates available. If you purchase things in other currencies or even from other countries, such a travel card is essential to saving you money!

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