July 2018 – Getting back up to speed

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After a disappointing June 2018 month, we managed to get back up to speed in July 2018. We had some strong savings this month. Nothing extraordinary, but pretty good still. We were able to increase our net worth significantly.

Since today is Swiss national day, Happy National Day to all my Swiss readers.

We went to Orléans one week this month. I also spent one week in the army. It was my last five days to serve in the army! Other than that, nothing special happened. It was a good month overall. Let’s go into the details now :)

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My monthly personal finance routine – 11 things I do each month

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Each month, I am following the same personal finance routine for my budget. You can see most of the results in my monthly finance reports. In this post, I am going to describe the steps I am doing every month.

I think it is great to have a routine. This helps to get more efficient and like this, you do not forget to do everything. You do not need to have the same steps as me of course. Every people can have different things to do based on the way they are investing or based on their situation.

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My new job at Pied Piper – Opportunity and benefits

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At the beginning of this month, I started my new job. For the sake of anonymity, let’s say I am working for Pied Piper. I hope there are some Silicon Valley fans in my readers ;) Since I am just starting working at this company, I do not want to disclose it on this blog. And since I am still anonymous, I am going to try to stay like this.

This is going to be a shorter post than usual. In this post, I will describe all the financial aspects of my new job. I am really happy about my new job. Working at Pied Piper is an incredible opportunity. In my field, this is a great company. And in the region where I live, they offer really good conditions. This will help me a lot in my path towards Financial Independence (FI). As you will see, there are many advantages when working at Pied Piper.

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Why (and how) I went paperless

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Last year, I decided to go paperless with my administrative documents. It was a long work. But now I am finally done. All my documents are available as electronic documents now. I have been able to throw away five big document binders.

I have used my phone as a scanner and uploaded all my documents to the cloud. Now my documents are accessible from anywhere. And they are safely stored in the cloud. Find out how I became paperless for free in this post.

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My Investor Policy Statement – You need one too!

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It has been a long time now since I wanted to write my Investor Policy Statement (IPS). I just took some time over the last week to write it down completely. It took me about one hour. It was a really good exercise for me.

So, what is an IPS? Basically, it is a set of guidelines for your investing. It will state how you are going to invest and why. It should also state how you will react to some events.

Why would you need an IPS? The reason is to keep you on the right path when a situation trigger. If you already thought of the problem and the solution to it, you know how to react. You do not need to be emotional about it. And emotions in investing are generally a bad thing.

I did not invent the concept! It is a well-known thing. It was at first used between a portfolio manager and the client. This was helping the manager invest in the way the client wanted. Since I am my portfolio manager, I am doing this statement only between me and me. I was motivated to write my IPS after I read this post by Mr. Retire In Progress. He was himself motivated by another post by Physician On Fire. I would also recommend you read these two posts if you want more information on the subject.

If you want an example, you will find my Investor Policy Statement just below. Keep in mind that every IPS is different and should be made for your own situation and goals. You should not copy another IPS. However, you can get some inspiration from other’s IPS. So let’s delve into my own IPS.

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First six months of blogging – Lessons learned

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I just realized that this blog has been already been alive for more than six months already! Happy blogging anniversary The Poor Swiss!

The first post on this blog is from October 10. At that point, I hosted it directly on wordpress.com. It has only been self-hosted since March 2 with bluehost.

I started blogging here to motivate me to save more each month. In the beginning, my finances were in really bad shape. I had to reduce a lot my expenses and I was also lucky to increase my income. Since the beginning, my savings rate have increased. March 2018 was my best month with more than 46% savings rate! I am starting to get more confident about my finances. Of course, it is still not perfect, but it is better. I want to improve them progressively over time. I do not think there is a perfect budget. One can always improve his budget.

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How to integrate second pillar in your net worth

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I have monitored my net worth since October 2017. But until now I have not considered my second pillar into it. Why? Because I do not get a monthly report on my second pillar. However, I do not really need this monthly report since I can extrapolate from the yearly results. I just was too lazy before to do it.

So, I decided to stop being lazy and do it. In this post, we are going to see why you should integrate your second pillar into your net worth. And we are going to see how to integrate it. It is very simple. And it will make your net worth calculation much more accurate. I believe it is very important to have an accurate view of your net worth.

If you do not know your net worth, first take a look at how to calculate your net worth. I strongly encourage everybody to compute his net worth. It is an important indicator, especially if you want to become financially independent.

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March 2018 Update – Excellent month

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It is now time to make the point about March 2018. Compared to the very poor February month, March 2018 is a great month :)

Not a lot of things happened this month. But that is not bad. I like quiet months. And I was able to save a large part of my income this month. This is great after a bad month.

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How to calculate your Financial Independence (FI) Ratio

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For the first time, I have computed my Financial Independence (FI) ratio. In this post, I am going to explain to you what is FI and how to compute your FI ratio.

First, what is Financial Independence (FI)?

It is when you have enough money to sustain your lifestyle without working. For this, your wealth must generate income. And this income must be greater than your expenses. The main way to generate income from your wealth is simply to withdraw from it. However, you need to withdraw little enough to sustain your wealth for the longest time. This is only one of the ways to reach Financial Independence. This is the most used way. Some people prefer to focus on passive income. And some people focus entirely on real estate to become financially independent.

There are many reasons to become Financially Independent. It is currently very popular on the internet. Especially with the Financial Independence and Retire Early (FIRE) philosophy. The idea is to become Financially Independent as soon as possible and retire early.

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February 2018 Update – Vacation and wedding

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Update: I changed the way I am accounting for my life insurance, this gives me a savings rate of 4.2% now. It is still a very bad month.

February is now done, it is time for another monthly update! This was not a good month at all for the financial side. But we had a lot of fun in China. And I was happy to see my fiancee again!

I have not posted on this blog since the last update, I was on vacation in China for more than half the month. I hope to post more in March.

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