One Day in Washington D.C. – Frugal and Awesome

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This month, I spent ten days in the United States for my company. Since it was not far, I and one colleague decided to go visit Washington D.C. while we had the chance.  We only went there for a day but we already were able to see quite a lot of things.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. It is just between the states of Maryland and Virginia. It is interesting to know that they in no real state. In fact, Washington D.C. is in the district of Columbia (hence D.C.). And its inhabitants do not get a vote in Congress. It is not a huge city, having less than one million people. But it contains many very iconic buildings such as the Capitol, the White House or the Lincoln Memorial. It is really a nice place to visit.

The day was quite cloudy during our visit. Unfortunately, some of my pictures are not very clear as a result. But we did not get any rain and the trip was very good. And very frugal. I managed to not spend anything in D.C. :)

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Our Honeymoon in Hurghada, Egypt

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One week after our lake wedding, we left for our sea honeymoon! We chose to go to Hurghada in Egypt in an all-inclusive hotel. We wanted to do very little for a few days and wanted to rest. Finally, we also wanted to get something relatively cheap and convenient, hence the all-inclusive. Neither of us had an all-inclusive experience before, so it was about time we tried :)

We used Migros Travel agency to book the entire trip. They booked the plane, the hotel and the transfers between airport and hotel. We compared between booking the trip ourselves and using this agency. It was a bit cheaper for the agency. And we did not have to book everything independently. From what we read about Egypt, it is also much better to be part of some tour. This is especially true for the Visa and the shuttle to and from the airport.

Overall, it was a great honeymoon. We had a lot of fun, were able to rest and saw some great things! Find out all the details below!

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Mid Year Review of My 2018 Goals

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This year, I wanted to review my goals after 6 months. But I am really late ;) At first, I forgot about it. And then, there were too many posts I wanted to write so I delayed this review for too long.

Last year, I set goals for the year 2018. Setting goals is a very important thing. But it is also important to review them. If after six months the goals are going bad, it is important to take actions to improve the chances to meet the goals. Also, sometimes, the goals are not set correctly.

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11 Awesome Tips to Save Money on Your Memorable Wedding

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Everybody will agree with me that A Wedding is a Special Day! But most people will also agree that Weddings can be very expensive. For our wedding, we managed to make a nice wedding ceremony while keeping it at a reasonable price tag. Let’s see how we did that!

In 2018, we celebrated our wedding! We had very good feedback from our guests and we both enjoyed it very much. It was a very nice and happy day. And we managed to keep under a reasonable budget. We did not go cheap though.

In this post, I am going to talk about some 11 Great Ways that you can use to make your wedding cheaper but not less nice! You want your wedding to be memorable, but you do not want it to hinder your entire finances. It is possible to organize a very nice wedding and still keep a tight budget!

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Our Wedding Ceremony in Switzerland on a Budget!

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No, I am not writing the same post twice! You may remember, that we got married in Switzerland in May. At that time, we did a small civil wedding with my close family, followed by a small party at our places, joined by some of my friends. We did not have much time, so we decided on doing something really simple.

However, many of our friends and family could not come. So we decided to throw a bigger party to have more people join us. In this post, I am going to share what we did for our wedding. It was a great time for us and our guests! I am also going to discuss the costs, personal finance blog obligation!

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Who is Warren Buffett ? The Man and His Investments

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If you are following personal finance blogs or podcasts, you probably have heard the name of Warren Buffett. He is very famous in the community. Warren Buffett is a very successful investor.

He made a fortune from nothing. Being one of the wealthiest persons in the world also helps to make him a very well-known figure. It is the first reason he is famous in the community.

The second reason is that he advised his fortune to be invested in index funds once he passes away. It is one of the few big investors who are supporting index funds. Finally, he also beat the market for many years, which is something complicated.

In this article, we are going to look at the history of Warren Buffett first. Some numbers may not seem much in the early years. You need to take into account inflation. One thousand dollars 70 years ago are worth around 10’000 dollars now. We are primarily going to focus on the most significant investment he did. Then, I am going to talk about some essential traits of this great man. It is going to be a long article!

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June 2018 – Insurance month!

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Fewer things happened in June 2018 than the crazy previous month!

Although it is a good month for savings, it is not as good as I planned. This month is the first month I received my new salary :) But it was a very expensive month :( We had to pay many insurance fees. And several other relatively big expenses. But it is still not too bad :)

Read on if you want to know what happened to use in June 2018!

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TCS Travel Mastercard Gold Credit Card with 1% cashback!

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In the past, I already compared the credit cards in Switzerland. At this point, I concluded that the best credit card is the Cumulus Mastercard. I compared several credit cards to arrive at that conclusion. However, even though I have found a good credit card for my situation, it is a bad idea not to consider new options.

However, there is a card I have not considered in my first comparison. The Touring Club Suisse (TCS) is offering two new credit cards for its members.

What is very interesting is the TCS Travel MasterCard Gold. This card will cost you 100 CHF per year, although it is free in its first year. But they will give you 1% cashback. This cash back makes it an exciting card for Switzerland.

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How To Build a DIY Bookshelf for 65$

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I always liked to build things myself. I had always wanted to buy a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) furniture myself. At first, I wanted to do it principally for fun. But I also wanted to save money on buying new furniture. Since we needed a new bookshelf for our living room, we decided to build a bookshelf ourselves.

We did it with Mrs. The Poor Swiss. None of us is an expert and it is our first DIY furniture. I am reasonably handy in general. And I built a few things with wood when I was a kid. But that was a long time ago. For this project, I watched a lot of DIY videos on Youtube and it taught me a lot. But that is all the experience I have. If you have advice for us, do not hesitate to let us know! In the end, we still managed to build something quite nice for our experience!

In this post, I am going to go over all the steps necessary to build this project. And since it is a finance blog, I am also going to go over the costs of building the wood bookshelf by ourselves.

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The basics of investing – Why and How to invest?

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Investing is something that not enough people do. It is something that I started to do too late myself. For some people, it can be intimidating to begin investing.

But investing is not as complicated as people think. While it can be intimidating, this is something that everybody can do. But people should not start investing without doing their research.

This post is the first in a series of posts on Investing. This series of posts is to be an Investing Guide For Beginners.

It is the first post I am going to write about Investing. I am going to try to cover as much as possible on the different forms of investing. In this first post of the series, we are going to see what is investing in a broad sense.

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