Money lessons from South Park #1

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Have you ever wondered if you could learn money lessons from animated sitcoms? If you have, this post is for you! Today, we are going to learn money lessons from five South Park episodes!

This post is going to be very different from my usual posts. We are going to learn money lessons from animated sitcoms. I do not know you about you. But I really like American animated sitcoms. I watched several of them in their entirety. I cannot count the times I laughed uncontrollably at some of their episodes. Yes, they are incredibly dumb. It is the point. But that is what makes them incredibly funny! I like dumb things ;) I have watched the entire collection of South Park, Family Guy, The Simpsons, American Dad, and Rick And Morty. And I have watched many episodes many times. I even know some of them almost by heart.

So let’s see if we can learn something from these dumb episodes. The lessons learned can be about investing, personal finance or anything money-related. The first post will be about South Park. For this, I chose five episodes who can teach us something about money. If this post ends up being popular, I am going to try to make several of these posts. I already have several ideas for the next episodes.

The pictures in this post are the property of Comedy Central.

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7 simple things to do to keep your food budget small

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Our food budget is something that we are managing to keep quite low. Last year, it was still too high. So I changed some of my habits and how we manage to keep our food budget around 400 CHF on average. For two people. This may seem high. But for Switzerland, I think it is quite reasonable. And several months we are quite lower than this. It is the months we are inviting many people over that are increasing the average.

To reach this low food budget, we are doing several things. And by following these simple tips, you can also keep your food budget low! Mainly, the idea is to compare several shops and only shop where you can get the best bargain. If you want to go all the way, you should compare each shop for each product. But who got the time? The idea is more to select one cheap shop as the main shop and then buy some cheaper things in other shops but less often.

So, in this post, I am going to list 7 simple things we do, and that you could do too, to keep our food budget low.

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Adopting the Minimalist Lifestyle Book Review

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I was thinking to buy a small book on minimalism recently. But actually, I bought a pack of several books about minimalism. To be honest, I was thinking I was buying a single book but ended up with a pack. Oh well. The first book  I have read is Adopting the Minimalist Lifestyle by Ariel Horowitz.

It’s a really tiny book. I was thinking the entire set of book was small already, but each book is tiny. It’s a minimalist book about minimalism ;) I have been able to find it for very cheap on Kindle once again. It is difficult to find this kind of books in my used book shop. But if you are patient, it is relatively easy to find them for cheap on Amazon.

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Grow your income or spend less to reach FI ?

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When you are trying to reach Financial Independence (FI), the best way to do it is to increase your savings rate. Your savings rate is the amount of your net income that you are able to save. For this, you have two options. You can either spend less or grow your income. These two options will directly increase your savings rate. And as result, they will speed up your road to Financial Independence and make you reach FI faster.

So which should you focus on if you want to reach Financial Independence ? There are some advantages and disadvantages to each of them. They do not accelerate your path to FI at the same rate. Find out what you should do to become financially independent.

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9 Reasons to live in a small countryside village

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I have lived in a small village all my life. Actually, I have lived all my life inside the same village. And I do not really want to change this. A lot of people find this very surprising. Today, we are going to discuss why anyone would want to live in a small country village.

For me, there are too many advantages of living in the countryside and especially in a small villages. Of course, there are also disadvantages and some people may not like it. But for me, it is great :) In this post, we are going to focus on the main reasons why I love living in our small village.

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One day in Washington D.C. – Frugal and Awesome

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This month, I spent ten days in the United States for my company. Since it was not far, I and one colleague decided to go visit Washington D.C. while we had the chance.  We only went there for a day but we already were able to see quite a lot of things.

Washington D.C. is the capital of the United States. It is just between the states of Maryland and Virginia. It is interesting to know that they in no real state. In fact, Washington D.C. is in the district of Columbia (hence D.C.). And its inhabitants do not get a vote in Congress. It is not a huge city, having less than one million people. But it contains many very iconic buildings such as the Capitol, the White House or the Lincoln Memorial. It is really a nice place to visit.

The day was quite cloudy during our visit. Unfortunately, some of my pictures are not very clear as a result. But we did not get any rain and the trip was very good. And very frugal. I managed to not spend anything in D.C. :)

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How do we get around ?

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One thing I did not cover yet on this blog is how do we get around. You may be surprised to hear that we mostly use a car. If you follow several personal finance blogs, you may have heard that cars are almost evil. Most people will actually advocate you to ride a bike or take public transportation.

However, I do not think cars are evil. I do not really like driving, but I like the freedom that a car gives me. Moreover, where I live, it is almost mandatory to own a car. We use it to get around almost everywhere.

In this post, we are going to see how we get around with our car and how we are traveling abroad. I am also going to detail the cost related to my car. I am not going to advocate you to have a car. The choice is for everyone to do. I can totally understand people who do not want to drive. If you live in a city, for example, it is not as useful. But cars are not evil! You can become financially independent with a car ;)

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7 reasons why I blog

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Some people wonder why bloggers blog. You may want to know the reasons why I blog? There are many reasons why I started this blog. I have started this blog as a simple way to keep track of my progress in improving my budget. This helped me stay motivated a lot.

Over time, I took more and more pleasure in writing posts. So I increased the scope of the blog. I have writing many more articles on this blog than I would have thought. In this post, I am going to give you the main reasons behind my blogging. I am not going to tell you that you need to start a blog. Contrary to most bloggers, I do not think blogging is for everybody. And not every blog is profitable, even after one year of work. But there are many reasons why it is interesting to blog! Continue reading “7 reasons why I blog”

Ricardo increases its fees for selling online

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I am selling a lot of things online. For this, the main site I am using is Ricardo. This is an auction website. You set a start price and an optional instant price and people can bid on your item. The highest bidder will win after a set time for the auction. I have found out Ricardo to work quite well for my needs. I have made several hundreds of Swiss francs on this website.

However, Ricardo is not free. You pay some fees to sell your things online. Even though I would prefer using a free service, I found out that my things sell better on Ricardo than on free alternatives. Yesterday, Ricardo just announced that they updated their fees. The new fee model will be active from September 13th. In this post, I am going to describe the changes and exactly what this means for you if you want to sell things online on Ricardo. We are going to look at when you are actually saving money compared to before and when you are losing money.

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7 Reasons to want to be financially independent

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A lot of this blog is about my path to Financial Independence (FI). But why would I want to be financially independent ? There are many reasons for wanting to be financially independent. And as you will see, retiring may not be the biggest reason.

In this post, I am going to list the main reasons I want to be Financially Independent. Of course, the reasons may not be the same for everybody. Some reasons will talk to you more than others. It is fine. Not everybody has the same motivations in trying to reach FI. And not even everybody wants to reach FI ;)

You may have some reasons to reach FI that I did not even think about! Please let me know in the comments if that is the case! I would like to know why you want to be Financially Independent.

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