How to side hustle legally in Switzerland?

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Having a side hustle is a great thing to increase your income. But you need to be careful about doing it legally. If your side hustle is getting serious, you need to make sure you are respecting the law.

If you are just selling a few things you do not need anymore, you probably will not have any problem. But if you have a side hustle that generating a more serious amount of money, you need to do it right.

Here, a serious amount of money is 2300 CHF per year. From that point, you will need to start thinking seriously about it. 2300 CHF per year is the amount from which you will need to pay social contributions.

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How to invest in foreign property from Switzerland – The Story of Iain

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Recently, I had the chance to discuss Real Estate investments with Iain. Iain came from the United Kingdom to Switzerland 14 years ago. He is now a Swiss citizen.

He has been investing heavily in several properties, especially in the United Kingdom. I thought it would make a very interesting story for this blog.

We are currently considering buying a house to live in, but not yet investing in property. But diversification being very important, this may be something we will do in the future.

So, let’s learn together how Iain build his extensive property portfolio.

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Grow Your Income or Spend Less to Reach FI in 2021?

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When you are trying to reach Financial Independence (FI), the best way to reach FI faster is to increase your savings rate. Your savings rate is the amount of your net income that you can save.

For increasing your savings rate, you have two options. You can either spend less or grow your income. These two options will directly increase your savings rate. And as a result, they will speed up your road to Financial Independence and make you reach FI faster.

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How to Sell Things Online in Switzerland in 2021?

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When you have a lot of things at home, there are probably many of these things that are not necessary. An excellent way to get rid of some of these things is to sell them.

You will save space and earn some money! There are many ways to sell items. But in today’s age, selling online is often the way to go.

For instance, recently, I did some ordering in my technology closet (yes, I am the kind of guy that has a technology closet). And I realized that I had way too many things stored at home. I also realized that I had way too many servers. So I decided to sell online a few things.

I am mostly using online websites to sell things. I am far from being a minimalist. It is easily seen by my technology closet that is still too full after a first purge. But I am trying to reduce a bit the amount of burden I own. And if I can get some money in the process, it is a nice bonus!

In this post, I am going to talk about what I am selling online in Switzerland. And how am I selling them!

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Swisscard Cashback Credit Card Review – Free and 1% Cashback

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Recently Swisscard announced a new offer for credit cards: Swisscard Cashback. They offer an American Express (Amex) and either a MasterCard or a Visa. They already offered several cards in the past. But these new Cashback cards are really interesting.

First of all, all these cards are free! This fact is essential because unless you spend a lot of money, a small fee will render your cashback useless. But these are not the only free cards in Switzerland! What is very interesting is that they are offering 5% cashback in the first three months. After that, the cashback bonus becomes 1% on the American Express card and 0.2% on the MasterCard and Visa cards.

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Financial Freedom – Book Review

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Financial Freedom is a book by Grant Sabatier. Financial Freedom is about reaching Financial Independence, or Financial Freedom as the author is calling it.

Financial Freedom follows mostly the story of Grant, who achieved FI in about five years. He was able to become more than a millionaire in less than five years, although he was unemployed at the beginning of his story. His story is really interesting and motivating. Oh, and by the way, Grant Sabatier is the blogger behind the successful Millenial Money blog.

However, the book is not only about the story of Grant Sabatier. It is mostly about the lessons that Grant learned during his journey. He will try to teach you all there is to know about how to become Financially Independent yourself.

In this post, I am going to go over the Financial Freedom book into details. The things I liked, the things I did not like, and what the book has to offer you!

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6 Different Reasons to Invest in Real Estate

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We have already discussed on this blog how to invest in real estate. But I have not really covered the reasons to invest in Real Estate in the first place. These reasons may make you want (or not) to invest in Real Estate. This is something I am still wondering whether I should invest in it or not. I know there are several reasons that make Real Estate interesting as an investment. But I have never gotten to the point of starting to invest in it.

Today, I am focusing on investing in real estate for income. This is not about owning your own house. If you live inside the house, you will not get income out of it.

In this post, we are going to see six different reasons to invest in Real Estate. There are many reasons that make Real Estate an interesting investment. But that does not mean it is necessary for everyone to invest in it. On the other hand, I believe it is important to know what the investment offers.

If you have other reasons to invest in Real Estate, please let me know!

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7 Best Ways to Grow Your Income Faster in 2021

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I am pretty sure you want to grow your income. A higher-income means more savings, more money to invest, and a better ability to spend. There are many advantages to having a higher income. Over the years, I have greatly improved my income. And I do not want to stop there.

There are two main ways to reach your financial goals faster. Either you reduce your expenses, or you grow your income. You should probably do both if you want to reach your financial goals. Most people are quickly reaching some limits when trying to reduce their expenses. On the other hand, your ability to grow your income is virtually limitless.

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Make money online with Kuaishou – Share videos

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Mrs. The Poor Swiss started a new side hustle recently. She started video streams on Kuaishou. It is a top-rated app in China. She managed to get some money out of it. I wanted to talk about this because I have not seen any other blogger mention it. It could be an exciting side hustle for some people. It is a bit like Twitch but not related to gaming at all.

Even though the application is mostly used by Chinese people, there are more and more foreigners that start using it. Almost every people speak Chinese on it. But you can run a show in any language. The problem is that there will not be a lot of people to understand you if you do not speak Chinese.

I am not sure I understand the success of Kuaishou. But this is something that is working in China. And it seems to be working for Mrs. The Poor Swiss as a side hustle. She helped me complete the facts for this article.

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5 Great Ways to Reach Financial Independence

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We have seen that there are many reasons to want to reach Financial Independence (FI). Once you reach FI, you can do what you want without having to worry about money. It is awesome! You only keep working if you wish to work. This state is something most people would want to achieve. For me, my ultimate goal is to reach FI.

There are several ways to achieve Financial Independence. Indeed, there is not a single path to go from where you are now to the point where you are financially independent. Of course, there are some similarities between some of these ways. But they are different enough. Most of the time, you will need to follow several of these ways to reach Financial Independence earlier.

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