How much of a raise can you spend?

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We all like getting raises at work! It always feels great to know your work is recognized, and you will get paid more.

But is a raise that important for your financial independence? And how much of a raise can you afford to spend?

In this article, I answer these questions through several examples. At the end of the article, you will know exactly how much of a save you should save!

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How to make money online in 2022 in Switzerland


Continuing in my series of articles about making some side money, I want to talk about the ways to make some money online.

I have hesitated a while about doing this article since there are so many articles online, and most of these are really bad. So, I will start with a disclaimer: you will not get rich by doing any of these things. These techniques are intended to do on the side and will require some investment of your time, sometimes significant.

However, if you have time, doing something like that could be interesting to supplement your main income. In that case, keep reading to find the main ways to make money online.

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4 Ways to make money with your vehicle


Many people would like to get some extra income with a side hustle. One way to do this is to drive with your vehicle and deliver people or things to some destinations.

Many people have their own vehicle and do not mind driving it around. So a good way to make some extra money is to use your own vehicle to deliver people and things. And there are even ways to make money with your vehicle without driving it!

So, in this article, we will see a few ways to make money by driving your vehicle.

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Make money online with online surveys


Many people want to make a little extra money. Having a side hustle can help you bring some more money and improve your financial situation. I have not talked much about this on the blog. But I want to expand on the subject.

In this article, I want to talk about online surveys. These are surveys you can answer online, and you will get some money when you answer them. There are several interesting websites where you can do that in Switzerland.

In this article, I will talk about this side hustle and the best websites for online surveys in Switzerland.

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The Three Axes of Personal Finance

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There are three main axes of personal finance: your expenses, your income, and investing. These axes are the ones on which you can work to improve your personal finance.

In the end, you want to improve your wealth or improve your state of living. Whether you want to retire early or afford an expensive vacation to Hawaii, you can work on these three axes.

In this article, we will see what you can do to improve your financial situation by using the three axes of personal finance.

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Your Marginal Tax Rate and all you need to know about it

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Your marginal tax rate is an important metric. But it is also a complex and misunderstood concept. Many beliefs about the marginal tax rates are wrong.

So, in this article, I want to clear out as much as possible regarding the subject. By the end, you will know how to estimate your marginal tax rate and what it means.

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How to side hustle legally in Switzerland?

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Having a side hustle is a great thing to increase your income. But you need to be careful about doing it legally. If your side hustle is getting serious, you need to make sure you are respecting the law.

If you are just selling a few things you do not need anymore, you probably will not have any problem. But if you have a side hustle that generating a more serious amount of money, you need to do it right.

Here, a serious amount of money is 2300 CHF per year. From that point, you will need to start thinking seriously about it. 2300 CHF per year is the amount from which you will need to pay social contributions.

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How to invest in foreign property from Switzerland – The Story of Iain

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Recently, I had the chance to discuss Real Estate investments with Iain. Iain came from the United Kingdom to Switzerland 14 years ago. He is now a Swiss citizen.

He has been investing heavily in several properties, especially in the United Kingdom. I thought it would make a very interesting story for this blog.

We are currently considering buying a house to live in, but not yet investing in property. But diversification being very important, this may be something we will do in the future.

So, let’s learn together how Iain build his extensive property portfolio.

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Grow Your Income or Spend Less to Reach FI in 2022?

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When you are trying to reach Financial Independence (FI), the best way to reach FI faster is to increase your savings rate. Your savings rate is the amount of your net income that you can save.

For increasing your savings rate, you have two options. You can either spend less or grow your income. These two options will directly increase your savings rate. And as a result, they will speed up your road to Financial Independence and make you reach FI faster.

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How to Sell Things Online in Switzerland in 2022?

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When you have a lot of things at home, there are probably many things that are unnecessary. An excellent way to get rid of some of these things is to sell them.

There are many ways to sell items. You will save space and earn some money! But in today’s age, selling online is often the way to go.

For instance, I recently did some order in my technology closet (yes, I am the kind of guy with a technology closet). And I realized that I had way too many things stored at home. I also realized that I had way too many servers. So I decided to sell online a few things.

I mostly use online websites to sell things. I am far from being a minimalist. But I am trying to reduce a bit the amount of burden I own. And if I can get some money in the process, it is a nice bonus!

In this article, I talk about what I am selling online in Switzerland. And how am I selling them!

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