How to build a nice shoe rack for 35$

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I have finally been able to do my second Do-It-Yourself (DIY) furniture. I have built a nice shoe rack. And I managed to keep it on a nice budget! I wanted to do this project for a long time now. But either I did not find the time or our budget was too bad to afford this. It is not a big price. But I did not want to make some months even worse than they already were.

But finally, here it is! Four months after our DIY bookshelf project, I have been able to build my second DIY furniture. Since Mrs. The Poor Swiss joined me in Switzerland, the number of shoes in our apartment exploded. I have only three pairs of shoes for the entire year. But Mrs. The Poor Swiss already has about ten pairs ;) So we needed a new shoe rack. And I wanted to build it myself :)

I managed to build a nice enough shoe rack for about 35 dollars. For the size of it and the look of it, I think it’s a really nice price. But I will let you judge. Remember that I am no expert in wood or furniture making! I am just starting out. So if you have any advice for me, I would really appreciate!

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How to build a DIY bookshelf for 65$

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For a while now, I wanted to buy a Do-It-Yourself (DIY) furniture myself. I wanted to do it principally for fun. And also, I wanted to save money on buying new furniture. Since we needed a new bookshelf for our living room, we decided to build a bookshelf ourselves.

We did it with my wife. None of us is an expert and it is our first DIY furniture. I am reasonably handy. I watched a lot of DIY videos on Youtube and it taught me a lot. But that is all the experience I have. If you have advice for us, do not hesitate to let us know :) In the end, we still managed to build something quite nice for our experience :)

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We started a vegetable garden

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When I was young, I was gardening with my father in our house. And before that, my grandfather was often taking me to his big garden. I always enjoyed it. However, since I moved into my current apartment, I never took the time to start a vegetable garden. Now that my girlfriend moved in with me, we decided it was time to start a garden again.  The idea was to grow some of our own vegetables.

With our apartment, we have a large lawn, filled with grass and a few trees. We asked the owner if we could remove the grass to start a garden. Since she accepted, we started our garden.

I’m going to present all we did with our garden in this post. Neither of us are any gardening expert. We maybe did some mistakes, but we are having fun :) And I wanted to share this project. Also my English gardening vocabulary may not be great. So, gardening experts, don’t get offended ;) I’d be glad to hear all your tips!

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