Kuaishou – The weird Chinese side hustle of Mrs. The Poor Swiss

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Mrs. The Poor Swiss started a new side hustle recently. She started video streams on Kuaishou. It is a very popular app in China. She actually managed to get some money out of it. I wanted to talk about this because I have not seen any other blogger mention it. It is a bit like Twitch but not related to gaming at all.

Even though the application is mostly used by Chinese, there are more foreigners that start using it. Almost every people speak Chinese on it. But you can run a show in any language. The problem is that there will not be a lot of people to understand you if you do not speak Chinese.

I am not sure I understand the success of Kuaishou. But this is something that is really working in China. And it seems to be working for Mrs. The Poor Swiss as a side hustle. She actually helped me complete the facts on this article.

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Quickly learn Mandarin Chinese online with FluentU

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Since I have met Mrs. The Poor Swiss, I have tried to learn some Chinese. For now, it is pretty laughable. But I think I am making progress. Between Mrs. The Poor Swiss arrival in Switzerland and our wedding, I was not very astute to this. However, since September, I have decided to start again harder. I am now practicing every day for at least twenty minutes.

At first, I was thinking to enroll in a real course with a teacher. I checked the courses offered in my region. But I did not find some good options at a fair price. Most were either too expensive or too far away. I tried to enroll in a Migros course. But the course was canceled for lack of students and I did not want to wait several more months for the next course to start.

So I started looking at online solutions. Online solutions have the immense advantage that you can learn how long you want and at the time you want. There are many solutions that can be used for this. I have compared several of them and tried a few as well. In the end, I decided to go with FluentU. I am greatly satisfied with their offer. In this post, I am going to explain how I am using FluentU to learn Mandarin. Since they have several languages, you can also use it, in the same way, to learn German for instance.

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September 2018 – Car repair and plane tickets

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After poor financial results in August 2018, it is time to review September 2018. Even though we had some big expenses this month, the results are better. We were able to save more money this month. It is still not perfect, but it is very slowly getting there.

Not a lot of things happened in September 2018. I spent about ten days in the United States for my company. This was not expensive since everything was paid by my company. I did some shopping though. However, we bought plane tickets to China for the next Chinese new year. And we had to pay the repair for the car accident of Mrs. The Poor Swiss. This made a very large dent into our budget.

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November 2017 Update

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November 2017 is over, it is time for another monthly update. After a bad October 2017, I have seen some improvements.

November 2017 was not bad in terms of savings, but it was a bit lower than I was expecting. The savings rate for the month is 14.25%. It is not perfect, but still better than last month. My goal is to go to 25%. But I probably will need a salary raise to go there (I am still gonna try without the raise).

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